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    Microsoft Hololens $3000 At least they won't be sold out soon :)
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    Microsoft Hololens $3000[AllocadiaActivityID]_SEM_xrBWg1E7&ocid=Push_sem_pmc_pma_GOO_Push_microsoft hololens At least they won't be sold out anytime soon... oops prob should have put in VR :(
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    Aorus X299 pictured at If you like lights...
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    Call of Duty WWII - April 26 Live Feed 10am Haven't played a Call of Duty game in forever. Kinda interested.
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    Atmos in the Windows Store. 3-31

    Interesting at least. Headphone support coming soon. I wonder if this will give you Atmos headphone support like in Overwatch, but for Battlefront and Battlefield.