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    Corsair SP120 Fans randomly dimming

    All the firmware is up to date. I will try saving my static color to everything and unhooking my commanders and see what happens. Thank you for that idea.
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    Corsair SP120 Fans randomly dimming

    Bump. Any ideas?
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    Corsair SP120 Fans randomly dimming

    Hey guys. Odd issue here. I have 9 Corsair SP120 rgb fans. They are hooked up as follows. Corsair Commander 1 > 6 fans > 1 LED controller box for the 6 fans on lighting channel 1 > Plugged into USB header on the mobo...
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    I hear ya on that. With everything spread out like it is, there is only so much they can do I suppose, when in reality, if they all found a way to work together it most likely would boost all their own super hero movies viewership. I think fans would appreciate it and dive into other...
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    Wow why? Legit curious what turned you off of it, it was my favorite Iron Man flick.
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    Nvidia Driver problem...

    Have you fully updated the Windows install? I've had this happen and after I let it download all the updates it had queued everything worked fine.
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I loved my Air 540 but wanted tempered glass, I waited and waited for a refresh of it with glass and even though they made the 240, I don't know if it's coming so I ended up getting the LianLi PC-011 Dynamic. By far my favorite case of all of them I've owned. Probably about 10-15 cases in the...
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    Looking for case recommendations

    I would suggest the Lian Li PC 0-11 Dynamic. It was the first case my wife ever cared about for her rig. We bought 2 and they're fantastic. Sharp styling, can house 3x 3x120mm rads, easy to clean magnetic filters all around. Very impressive and roomy.
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    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    It's actually pronounced OOOOOOOMMMMMMbioonce. :)
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    Well, we're a month down the road, and they have finally shipped as of this past Friday. Supposed to arrive July 9th at the latest, we shall see. I hope they do because we pre-ordered April 27th ffs lol.
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    American or Canadian? Canadian Newegg wont give me any information except "we dont know" My friends local shop her supplier is saying 2nd week June.
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    I'd love to comment on this case, we ordered 2 as this is literally the first case my wife has EVER given a damn about because it's that attractive. We ordered them from, ship date was supposed to be April 15th, but they still have no stock arrival. We're totally bummed, I hope it's...
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    G-SynC question

    I'm not too sure to be honest, this is my first g-sync display and I'm not using a secondary. Id test it for you but I've already sold my last display.
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    G-SynC question

    Yep, says it right in the Nvidia control panel. The G-sync monitor has to be set as the primary. One of the first things I noticed when I picked up my x34.
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    Auto bootup, suspicious activity?

    Buy a cross, some garlic, and possibly a wooden stake. In all seriousness I dunno but the thought of waking up to that or walking into a room to see it on kinda gives me the heeby jeebies.
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    Gaming headset recommendations NON USB(Can be usb or 3.5 but not just USB)

    I will just throw in my 2 cents in case it helps you. I had the Turtle Beach 5.1 HPA2's since they released day 1 and I was looking for ages for something to replace them because I loved their sound so much, and nothing I tried topped it or was worth the money, I ended up getting a cheap...
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    3 Monitors, 2 Graphics Card SLI or No

    The way I ran my Surround set up was that it was always on (when you're using all 3 monitors in Nvidia Surround, you can't SLi, it's using both cards for the set up but not in SLi mode) I would run the games that ran well and supported the res across all 3, and then the ones that didn't I...
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    SLI plumbing??

    The dude with the white coolant is basically feeding both cards cooled coolant from the rad at the same time, left is IN top IN bottom, then both outs are feeding out the same line into the next rad. People do this to avoid feeding the bottom card warmer coolant from the previous card. I've...
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    360 controller killing Mario

    Honestly, I would suggest these. My wife ordered 2 for us and they're the most fun with emulators, I love it.
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    GTX 980 SLI + 3 Displays Boot issue

    I really wish I had more experience with display port, both time I've ran surround was with DVI/DVI-D. This isn't meant to come off as insulting at all, but in the nvidia control panel you have the cards set to surround rather than sli (maximize performance) yeah? Have you looked into bios...
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    GTX 980 SLI + 3 Displays Boot issue

    "as I connected my other monitors via Displayport to the primary video card, my woes began." That is the issue I believe. The lay outs for what ports to use change based on each sli config and connection type used...
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    PC350s - Need for an amp?

    Man, I was reading and asking and reading and asking for almost 2 years about headphones, and amps, and everything else. Some will tell you yes, some no. I ended up buying a pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros and a FiiO E09K amp that everyone liked, knowing that if I didn't think it was...
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    Problems with posting after re-seating CPU Cooler

    4990K, was it overclocked? The H60i isn't the greatest AiO around, that cpu is probably pushing that tiny radiator to it's limits. The few reviews I've read have them on a 3770k Oc'd max load between 80-90c
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    Onboard vs X-Fi Elite Pro? Is the pro's amp decent?

    I wouldn't say I've been "brainwashed" since I'm not LOOKING TO BUY a DAC, I wanted to know if the Headphone out in the XFi Elite Pro will work alright with the DT770s, but as you said, I will try them and go from there. Should of just done that, because no matter where you ask, you're either...
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    Onboard vs X-Fi Elite Pro? Is the pro's amp decent?

    I need help from the awesome minds of the audio forum. I have a Gigabyte x79-UD3, it has the Realtek ALC898 for it's on board audio. I'm looking to replace an old set of 5.1 Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA2's, they're finally dying on me, I've loved them, but it's time to get something better...
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    is this a scam?

    Item location: Herndon, Virginia, United States Yet they ship with Hong Kong post, I'd say scam/fakes, etc. I wouldn't touch it.
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    What is an alternative to Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 that isn't plastic?

    I agree. I've wanted to do that for a while now for an extra rad when I watercool the build I have planned for the summer. One thing I was thinking about is, I have a HAF 392 sitting in my closet, and they have room for 2x120mm fan mounts on the bottom, I was going to make a template from...
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    What is an alternative to Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 that isn't plastic?

    Everything in a side by side like that that I've seen is mostly plastic, Fractals is nice, but still plastic and I believe it's only mATX. Node 804 I believe it's called. I have the 540, and I've taken this thing to lan after lan, it really isn't a fragile case, it's actually quite solid, it was...
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    347.09 drivers

    This driver KILLED my fps on my 980sli in The Crew, as this was the only game I tried before rolling back I can't really say which else. MGSV runs just fine on 344.75 for me though, so I'm just leaving it as is. You're not the only one though.
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    New mouse to replace logitech g5

    I used to have a G5 a while back, I moved onto the SteelSeries Xai then the Sensei, I really love these mice, they feel perfect in my hand and hold up really well, give them a look.
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    Have a vanilla Titan , considering going to SLI 980

    I'm currently running 980 sli, nothing is overclocked, on a Dell 3011, and I'm running everything from The Crew, BF4, Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3, Alien Isolation to WoW in 4k with DSR, and still using at least FXAA or better depending on the game, with every setting maxed out, and the only thing...
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    anybody getting shuttering in bf4?

    I too booted up BF4 to see how it looked with my 980's and there is massive stutter for me as well, both single card and sli. Shame really.
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC high idle temps?

    Cool dude. I hope you feel loads better about yourself, keep up the good fight of correcting everyone on the internet! You're doin' good...
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC high idle temps?

    Cool, you win, all the other people with the same situations are all wrong too. Maybe they run DOWNCLOCKED for YOU? How about that?
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC high idle temps?

    I'm saying this from 100% experience and owner ship. The cards do not down clock from their stock clocks on 3 monitors. I have 3x24" and a u3011 I tested this with both the 680 sli and 780sli, I did not have the u3011 when I had my 580s, but when i ran 1 monitor for games that did not...
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC high idle temps?

    When running 3 monitors in surround or not, Nvidia cards do not down clock on idle, they stay full tilt. It was like this on my 680s, my 780s, and now my 980s. It's been like this for a while now.
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    Looking for 30' or 32 monitor IPS

    I picked up an almost new Dell u3011 for 700$ and it's absolutely fantastic for gaming and everything else. I'm still blown away by the colors.
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    [H].com rendering left justified...

    It was definitely centered, started to render left a few days ago.