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    r9 290 CF vs SINGLE NVIDIA 980

    Hello, I have 2x r9 290 in my system atm. Have a friend who wants to make a change with me - give him 2 x r9 290 for a single NVIDIA 980 (MSI GAMING) Would this be a wise choice? Currently gaming @ 2K resolution, and probably gonna stick with it for couple more years. Thanks
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    32" 2k Monitor

    Hey guys, What would be good alternative to BL3200PT ? (I tried 2-3 different BL3200PT and all of them had issues with flickering) I really like how 2k looks on 32" inch, so, i am thinking of giving it a try. What else would be good? I work from home, i do a lot of gaming as well ...
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    Proper cable for 4K (BL3201PH)

    Hello guys, ( I did post this as well in another community, but, since other community is not as active as this one regarding Displays, i think its better to ask here - with some additional questions\concerns - anyway :) ) BL3201PH came with one Mini DisplayPort Cable. Manu reports its...