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    111 one star reviews on new egg for 990fXA-UD3

    I've been a gigabyte for a long time. I am not exclusive to them, but I've used them probably more than any manufacturer. In fact I think one of my first boards back on socket 7 with a k62 CPU was them, and plenty of socket a builds were done with them. I've actually had more trouble with...
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    Any FM2+ ITX boards out yet?

    Very true my bad for missing the +. I just ordered components for my first mini itx build ever with a FM2 gigabyte board. I'm looking forward to building something so small. I am a little disappointed in not finding any that fit the thin standard for ultra compacts, but still this system...
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    Any FM2+ ITX boards out yet?

    Newegg has a couple now. This gigabyte one looks nice. The built in wifi is nice IMO too. Jason
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    troubleshooting assistance needee

    Woohoo this was fixed! For some reason an old SATA hard drive plugged into the board was causing all of the problems sine receiving the RMA'ed motherboard. Now with that old hard drive unplugged, it is running like a champ. Jason
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    Finally upgraded - Windows 8 to Windows 7, a gamers point of view

    I had some similar experiences. I didn't mind using Windows 8 but I had two main problems. The first was hibernate didn't work for me. The second was gaming performance. I even upgraded to a new video card thinking that my old 4850 just couldn't drive the new 1080P monitor that I had picked...
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    CS:GO pug players

    Steam name jcook64 here (under account if you are still looking for players. Jason
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    Can I reuse this processor?

    I'm still using this CPU in my gaming PC and it has been a champ for me for years. And yea it should work nicely with that board.
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    Advice: Can I use this CPU with this ex-HP mobo?

    Yea I would bet that it would work just fine. And wow that is a tiny AMD board. It isn't too common to see Mini ITX AMD boards. Good luck with your build! Jason
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    Blazing [H]ot: FFVII and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced $5 each on Steam

    I actually have the old original PC version of FF VII (and VIII) I think for Windows 95 or 98. Too bad I can't just activate that on steam and get the steam version compatible with 7. Jason
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    Best Budget 955 X4 Motherboard

    I really like my Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H motherboard. I use it for a different application though. I know that it has core unlocker support (not sure if your CPU is a candidate for that) and plenty of overclocking capabilities, but due to my CPU not having an unlocked multiplier I haven't...
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    troubleshooting assistance needee

    Alright guys I am at my wits end and am looking for troubleshooting recommendations for a build I'm working on. Here are the components: AMD A8 5600K MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 8GB DDR3 No matter what I've done I'm receiving memory errors in memtest86+. I have three different brands and speeds...
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    Phenom II a cpu bottleneck starting where?

    Lots of good information. I read an article lately (I think over at that talks about gaming with older CPUs to see where the limiting factor would be. I cannot remember if there were any Phenom II's on the list, but it seemed back then that it was better to spend the $ on...
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    Phenom II a cpu bottleneck starting where?

    I am in a similar boat. I have a Phenom II X6 that has been running pretty nice for some time. I haven't been able to get myself to part with it yet. Its been a curiosity of mine though, but I think it is still good enough lately. Jason
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    eVGA 131-K8-NF44-AX NF4 SLi mATX Mobo Thread

    I have one of these boards with bad caps. I might have the I/O panel for it too. Let me know if interested still. I'm not on here much often anymore but I just noticed this and thought that I'd pass the information. Jason
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    Should I go with Vista 64 or XP pro with my new Phenom build?

    It more than likely wouldn't make much of a difference unless you are planning on doing any DX10 gaming in my opinion. I currently run XP64 and I am going to move to Vista x64 soon, mainly because of stupid Photoshop CS4. It will use GPU rendering on Vista x64 but not XP64. Before that I had...
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    Mozilla Releases Fennec Alpha 1

    If it was available for WM, I'd be all over it...
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    Problems with GIGABYTE GA-MA770-DS3

    I was going to ask the same thing about the Phenom...
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    I really like my GB board, however the DFI board wasn't available to me back when I was building. I probably would have gone with it though. Crossfire is an interest as a possible upgrade, but otherwise the SB750 enhanced OC'ing abilities make me like it more too. Really the only negative...
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    GTX 260 Core 216 SC Edition - $119 @ 'Zon

    This is like a story that I've heard about at a gas station, instead of putting in 3.79 the operator accidentally typed in .37. People came from all over for it. I'd sure as hell try to capitalize on that deal; I'm tired of $100 fill ups. I didn't get in on this, but I thought about it and if...
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    Windows Mobile On The iPhone

    <3 my tilt with a custom WM 6.1 OS on it. Very fast and the battery life isn't bad. The HTC Touch Pro is very tempting and should be coming to AT&T soon :) And for one I am actually pretty satisfied with AT&T. Tons of people don't like 'em, and I will admit I liked them more before Cingular...
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    Phenom 9950 BE 140W $139.99

    Its dead now :-/ and today was going to be the day to order it. Jason
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    Phenom 9950 BE 140W $139.99

    According to Giga-byte's website, my 780G board supports 140W! I might be all over this here real soon! Jason
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    Great Deal from KFA2/Galaxy

    I'm all for registering for a long warranty, but I do believe that it should be transferable. And cheaper instant rebates > larger MIRs by far (and this is someone who religiously sends in MIRs) I've been burned a couple of times. Sometimes it just takes so long I forget about it and...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    Count me in! Jason
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    There is a 790GX Biostar Mobo on the Egg for only $99 btw guys. Jason
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    Ratpadz - shipping is still FREE!

    I bought both a long time ago. The XT had a real nice surface, however the rubber feet on the bottom started slipping all over the place. Then the GS that I ordered has a surface that has started wearing down. I'm still happy with it and I am pretty happy with ratpadz game pads overall, and I...
  27. M Deals 10/06

    The memory was just ordered :) Hopefully I can sweet talk it into running at 1066. No Rebate = FTW either way. Jason
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    [Deal of the century, HOT] Opteron 8346 HE pair: $150 - 30% cash back = $105 + ship!

    One is registered, the other is typical unbuffered memory...
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    ATI All-In-Wonder HD $139 @ Circuit City

    I love how on the same page there is a link for an ATI 3650 w/ 1GB of ram for $140 and an ATI 4850 w/ 512MB of ram for $170. How many people shopping at Circuit city would see those and decide that the 3650 must be better because of the 1GB :) Jason
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    Palit Radeon HD 3870 $89.99 after MIR @ Newegg

    I know some 3870's can get sound to go through HDMI, however I am unsure if this is one of those or not. I don't have anything to use the connection with anyways, but it'd be nice to have 4 cables consolidated into 1 I admit it. Jason
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    Palit Radeon HD 3870 $89.99 after MIR @ Newegg

    :( No more free shipping
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    [H]otness - Phenom 9950 AND Antec 300 = $177 combo

    When I click the link, it just takes me to my shopping cart (without the 9950 inside of it) :(
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    AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition 2.5GHz $146 Shipped

    Oh noes! Went to purchase and sold out :( Dangit!
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    Palit Radeon HD 3870 $89.99 after MIR @ Newegg

    I think I'm all over this one. Being short will fit my HTPC better, and it is a nice little speed boost, enough to make some games playable in native resolution on my LCD. Good find.
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    AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition 2.5GHz $146 Shipped

    I'm gonna snatch one of these up tomorrow I'm pretty sure, as I think I found a buyer for my 9600 for the same price. Jason
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    Yahoo Mash Gets Smashed, Bashed, Quashed

    Same here, I came to the forum to see if anyone knew what it was before I googled it.
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    Which is a better chipset for a microatx am2+ mobod?

    The newer AMD SB's are very competitive with transfer rates, and eSata and Firewire are found on plenty of AMD boards. Thats up to the board manufacturer to implement, not the chipset. Giga-byte's 780G motherboard is very nice! Are you going to use the onboard video? What other system...
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    install driver for opteron 165 on xp sp2?

    Not completely neccesary, but it will let you enable Cool n Quiet at least.
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    Microsoft’s Mystery Mouse Is Coming

    eh I have to say my M$ mice have been my fav for gaming for a long time. It is really tough for me to get used to anything besides my MS Intelli Explorer (various versions). I don't even think that the MS Razer Habu can take on my Intelli (I own them both, and the Habu frustrates me compared...
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    is my MoBo dead?

    The main reason why I take it out of the case is that it is easier to swap components and it removes the possibility of a grounding issue with the case. Keep us updated on how everything turns out. Jason