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    Netra x1 error loop

    I have an old Netra X1, that's getting stuck in a loop that I can't figure out. If I do a boot diag, it goes through all the steps, then I get a PSTATE error continous loop. I can't get it to an ok prompt at all. I have to #. back to lom> then do a poweroff to shut it down. I've switched...
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    1 month free Netflix x4

    Go to Here are the codes. Just reply with wich one you used so others know what's left.
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    goodbye-microsoft site

    Has anyone tried this?
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    Laptop - Easy fix or trash?

    I've got a Dell Latitude D500 given to me that doesn't work. The battery is dead, and I noticed that when I plug in the power adaptor to the laptop it's (The power adaptor's) little green light turns off. I've tested it with a known working power adaptor and it does the same thing. So I...
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    OSX Unix? I always knew it was based on Unix, but I found this interesting. Edit - Damn, I meant for this to be in *nix section.
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    Flashing Cisco IOS

    Is taking for damn ever. Is this normal? This is the first time I've ever flashed one.
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    2 coupons for 1 free month with Netflix

    I got these in the mail. They should be good for 1 month free each so here ya go. Priority code 1: M97040942195 Priority code 2: M2260342045 Expires June 30, 2007
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    Linux is greener?

    I thought it was interesting. Most of our server are *nix based ;)
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    I'm not sure that this goes here, but I don't know where else to put it. Anyway, I've got a Postfix/Cyrus mail server running SLES10. I need to start keeping a copy of in and outbound emails, but I'm not sure where in postfix to tell it that.
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    Secure login with apache

    Can I make a secure login that checks LDAP users for specific rights? I only want a certian selection of my LDAP users to be able to login to a specifig page. I'm running SLES 10 using apache2.
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    Gigabyte AMD t-shirt With a serial # from an S series AM2 mobo.
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    Gameport on pcie 1x?

    Does anyone know where I can get either a sound card with a gameport or just a card with a gameport (if they make one) for a pcie 1x slot? I'm working on a computer in limited space, so the 1x is my only option. USB might also work.
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    Free Solaris 10 media kit

    SPARC & x86
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    Cisco switches - Heat issue?

    How hot do they really get? It's the loudest thing around me right now, so I pulled the plug to the fan,(like 20mm or something) and damn it's sweet to be rid of that whine. I can barely hear the router, but the switch fan is horrible. So, anyone ever have a heat issue with Cisco switches?
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    Windows license question

    I haven't called MS yet but to make a long story short my boss needs to have 2 XP partitions on his laptop. (Two cities, two networks, two data sets, and he's a complete noob.) My question is, can I legally install the same version of XP Pro twice on the same laptop using 2 different...
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    How much power for SLI?

    Just wondering if I'm going to need a new psu when I add another card. Or what the average is to run 2 cards. It's gonna be another 7600GT, and I've got a 430W ThermalTake right now. System specs in sig.