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    Overscan Hell

    I made the mistake of installing CCC 11.4 this weekend (up from 11.2). Since doing so, both of my HP 2710m's (connected with DVI-HDMI cables) are putting a constant black border around the edge of the display. I went into CCC to adjust the overscan from 8% to 0%, but it resets after every power...
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    Detachable Cable/Mic for AD-700

    Does anyone know the contact information for the guy who does the detachable cables such as this: I've seen pics of this in a few forums and even found an email address (tommybwoy@headphonemicmods) but haven't gotten a response in almost...
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    Google + Sprint: Nexus S 4G and Google Voice/Sprint Integration

    Interesting announcements from Sprint today - integration with Google Voice is coming soon: Also the Nexus S 4G is coming to Sprint...finally a phone with a stock Android experience instead of extra Sprint/HTC...
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    mATX Server Build

    I've been wanting to replace the large, warm Pentium 4-based machine I had under my desk for a while. I use it as a testing box for website stuff and host a few sites on it that I want easy access to from work or other locations. Having been working from home more, the noise and heat of a...
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    Evo owners...a question

    Hey guys, wondering how many of you plug your phone into your PC to charge. I've noticed something weird and can't figure out what's happening - I always select USB Charge Only when I plug the phone into my computer, however, Windows still seems to happily mount the SD card, even though I didn't...
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    Load page based on day of week

    Trying to do something that I thought was simpler than it's turning out to be. I've "inherited" an internal website here at work and am trying to play in the original person's sandbox. I have pages for each day of the week (monday.html, etc) that have content on them. Instead of changing...
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    Xbox 360 transfer via USB

    So, my circa 2005 360 finally red ringed and I picked up an Elite this weekend. I have the 20GB drive out of my original 360 in so my wife and I can access our saved games, but I'd rather transfer everything to the 120GB drive that came with the Elite. I'm aware that there's a USB transfer...
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    2003SBS (Exchange) and Antivirus

    Guys, Really wanting to drop AVG on a server I maintain like a fat kid on a crash diet. Complication is that the folks with Exchange mailboxes on this machine get lots of spam (multiple reasons; separate issue) and some of the the spam that does get through has stuff that AVG is detecting...
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    WHS in VirtualBox VM?

    Hey guys, I want to test drive WHS in a VM setup just to see how it works...I know we've got a virtual computing forum, but the WHS experts seem to be over here. Is there anything I should know about doing this that won't work like "normal"?
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    Replacement 5.25" Drive Bay Covers for P182?

    Trying to find one more black drive bay cover for my P182. Have a silver-ish one in and it works, but the OCD part of me is frustrated by it. It doesn't fit all that well, either, so I'm not sure how I feel about a "universal" spare. Antec doesn't have any spare parts other than panels and...
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    Multiple partitions on USB drive

    Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to on a 500GB external USB drive create three partitions, two NTFS and one HFS partition? Would Windows freak out about multiple partitions like that? I've had issues when writing to NTFS on my Mac (lost some files on a USB disk) and as a result would...
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    Using Clonezilla to clone 320GB os drive to 500GB drive

    I have a 500GB sata drive that I'd like to clone my 320GB os drive to. I've used clonezilla in the past (but it's been a while), anything I might be missing that would make this a bad idea? Should be easy enough to expand the partition within Windows 7 so that it takes up the remaining HD...
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    Way to capture streaming video?

    Is there a way of capturing streaming video from the internet? My wife's a big Indy Car fan and unfortunately a)we currently don't receive Versus, the channel it's on and b)she's working during the afternoon on Saturdays when races are run. Their website does stream video of races, but...
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    IDE HDD Docks?

    So, In my shift to SATA drives in the last year, I've got quite a few perfectly fine IDE drives sitting around. Is there a "dock" out there like the Thermaltake BlacX dock except for IDE instead of SATA? Or, alternatively, 3.5" enclosures that support both IDE and SATA? I already have an...
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    Best Practices with Memory?

    So, after 6 months of daily use, 3 of the 4 2GB sticks of RAM in my desktop appear to have gone bad (nitty gritty details located in another thread). Thankfully Kingston has a lifetime warranty, so I should be able to RMA these sticks and get new ones with minimal downtime. I started...
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    Gmail ok?

    So, I don't have 1K posts, but I've been here a few years. I noticed Kyle's announcement up there about Gmail/Hotmail being OK and went to change my e-mail to my Gmail account - no can do, still get the old error about not being able to use free e-mail accounts. Do I just need to post more? :P
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    Windows 7 ESENT error in event viewer

    EDIT: Just as an FYI for anyone chasing a similar sort of issue, this ended up being a memory issue. Have RMAed the memory back to Kingston and everything is running a-OK! Been chasing a problem since returning home for the holidays and am running out of ideas - I'm having issues with Win7 Pro...
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    chkdsk in Windows...48 hours and counting?

    Bought a 500GB drive to replace the 120GB drive in my Maxtor OneTouch USB enclosure. Transferred the files from the 120GB drive to the 500GB drive. Then, noticed some extreme slowness when accessing files on the drive. Started a chkdsk within Windows. That was Tuesday's still...
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    Weird non-POST issue

    Hey guys, looking for a few ideas as to why something I'm test-building doesn't POST. The system used to work fine. My dad upgraded the system the mobo/processor/video card was in and mailed those components (very well packed) to me. I've got them on my test bench, hook 'em up to power and...
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    DC-AC Inverters

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    Building AMD Video/Sound Editing system

    Okay, so...I'm an Intel guy, but was asked by a friend recently who's going AMD for a new sound/video editing system what he might want to buy. He's probably going any of you AMD fans have suggestions? I can't tell which is which on the AMD side of the aisle (though the way...
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    AGP slot issue?

    Dunno what happened, but suddenly the damn thing starts to work. Mods, delete this. Thanks.
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    Random instances of iexplore.exe running

    Okay, I've found nothing on this issue. I've noticed that I've gotten multiple instances of iexplore.exe running as processes, even when I have no internet explorer windows open. They tend to be using between 6000 and 11000 K of memory. Ad-Aware found nothing unusual, nor has my copy of...
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    Prescott 2.8C Idle temps?

    Okay, I just put an Antec NeoPower 480 into my case, and it seems like things are running hotter. The fans are making more noise than normal, that was my clue. At present, my case temp is being reported by MBM at 114; and the processor goes from 143-160. Am I running too hot? Ambient in the...
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    Pointing System Folders Elsewhere

    I'm in the process of moving my digital photos away from my C: drive onto a new drive just for them...I'm sure they will be happy with all of the extra space. But, I currently have them stored in subfolders of "My Pictures" in the "My Documents" folder. Is there a way I can tell XP to re-point...
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    More Storage...Internal, External, or NAS?

    So, I know I'm going to need to add some more storage to my desktop in the not too distant future, but I thought I'd ask the Disk Wizards here for advice. I use my desktop as my main workstation - it's where I do my school work, my photo processing, my gaming, everything. I have an old IBM T20...
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    6800GT Best AGP card for the money?

    Everybody, I'm considering doing the video card upgrade thing from my GF4 Ti 4600. I've only got AGP and I've had this system for just under a year. Don't want to upgrade the whole thing to a new PCI-E mobo, new processor, etc. So, that limits me somewhat in graphics card choice, it...
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    Mobo & Processor Swap?

    Hey guys, Was wondering the feasability of swapping out the mobo and processor in a computer without reinstalling the OS (XP). I know it's probably not recommended, but can it be done, at least as a temporary fix?
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    DC-AC Inverters

    Hi guys. Got a question for the electrically inclined here in the [H]ard Forum. I've got a power inverter for my car (that plugs into the lighter socket) that outputs 115VAC. Does that sound like it'd power a T20 notebook and Maxtor OneTouch USB hard disk? I'm thinking it would work, as the...
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    Strange XP Networking Issue

    Originally posted in the OS forum (whoops): I have a Centrino notebook here in our small office that has stopped fully working on the office network. By that, I mean he has internet access through the network (surfing, e-mail) and he can print to the print server (one of the Linksys ones)...
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    Strange XP Networking Issue

    I know this is the OS Forum, but once you read the issue, you might see why I don't think it's a networking/hardware issue. I have a Centrino notebook here in our small office that has stopped fully working on the office network. By that, I mean he has internet access through the network...