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    Age Old DNS Round-Robin Question

    There are always multiple views on this and I'm trying to get the best setup for my ideal use. I want to ensure I have my name servers for web hosting failover the quickest way on a DNS resolve. I currently am running 16 named servers distributed across the US. Which will failover the...
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    Google Apps to Exchange

    Okay, so I've seen lots of info on moving to Google Apps from Exchange, but I want to do the opposite. I don't have many users and so I don't need it to be automated. I can do it by hand no problem. I just need to be able to get the emails, contacts, and calendar info. Anyone done this before?
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    Win7 -> Win2008 Slow in one direction

    I've got an interesting issue that I can't seem to pinpoint the issue of it. My setup is like this: Windows 2008 Server with 1Gb network card -> 1Gb Switch <- Windows 7 with 1Gb network card My issue is this: I'm trying to transfer a 2.8GB file from the Windows 7 machine to the Windows 2008...
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    Are you running a Windows Mobile Phone?

    I'm working on developing an app for Windows Mobile and I'm wanting a general idea of what people are running. Mind helping me out guys? Please post any of the following info if you can: Brand: (Samsung, HTC, etc) Model: (Jack, Tilt2, etc) Screen Resolution: (800x480) Windows Mobile...
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    Internal Apache routing?

    I was torn on whether it would be best to put this in networking or here and I think it would be best here. I have a little issue I'm trying to accomplish, so let me first layout the server networking. Computer: web-01 Domain: WAN IP: LAN IP: OS: CentOS +...
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    Live Video Streaming From Church

    Obviously I have some how lost my google skills or something but I can not find anything for this situation so hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to help my church get live video streaming of the sermons online but I'm not quite sure of the software I need. My church already records all...
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    (Convert VB.Net to C++) Send Form Post Variables from C++ to HTTP

    I'm trying to convert a Windows VB.Net GUI application to a C++ command line program and I'm having some issues converting a certain section of code. I know very little C++ so it's difficult. Here is the VB.Net code: Dim web As New System.Net.WebClient...
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    Interesting Question: What compiled the first compiler?

    I was thinking this morning as I was getting ready and I thought of this. How was the first compiler ever made when there was nothing in existence to compile the compiler? Anyone want to get up on a soapbox and explain it? I'd love to hear it. From my quick research it dealt with bootstrapping...
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    Complex MySQL Select

    I'm trying to do something like this: SELECT * FROM groups,group_users WHERE groups.group_id <> (SELECT group_users.group_id FROM group_users WHERE group_users.user_id = '$ag_user'); But it doesn't work for some reason, I'm guessing because of multiple results from the inner SELECT. I'm not...
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    Question about IBM's Virtualizing history

    I just was surfing around and I found stuff saying that IBM has had a history of virtualizing for the past 30-40 years. Can someone tell me what they were doing in all that time in terms of virtualization before all the current day virtual stuff?
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    I need Watchguard Firebox System Manager

    I just got my hands on an older Watchguard Firebox III 500 for free and I have some plans for it but first I want to mess around with the built in operating system. However, all management is done through Watchguard System Manager and I don't have a copy of that. In addition I can't download it...
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    Firewire over network?

    I have a weird question. I have a new MacBook and a Mac Mini, and I have a digital camcorder that I connect to over Firewire. Now the Mac Mini has a Firewire port but the new MacBooks do not have one. Is there any software out there that will take my Mac Mini's Firewire port and share it over my...
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    Batch Converting Xvid/Divx to WMV on a Mac

    I'm looking for a program that will run on my Mac to convert my backed up dvd collection to WMV from Xvid. I don't know what programs there are to do this on the Mac that are freely available and that support WMV. I do have the full version of Flip4Mac WMV so I can encode in WMV. Right now I...
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    Remove disk from a volume group without losing data

    I have a volume group of a 80gb, 160gb, and a 500gb hard drive on a Openfiler box. I dropped the 500gb hard drive on accident and now it does a slight clicking so I want to get it replaced as soon as possible so I want to remove it from the volume group. The volume group is only 188gb used right...
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    Free Shared Disk FS for Windows?

    I want to have a iSCSI target with multiple Windows Initiators but my problem is I need a file system for the partitions that allow multiple system access. Does anyone know a free shared disk filesystem that is for Windows with a CentOS based target?
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    PHP Replace

    I have a string that I need to replace part of. For example I have: $string = "A link will go [link:]Here[/link] and some more text here"; I want to change [link:%url%]%text%[/link] to <a href="%url%">%text%</a> no matter what the url and text are. How can I do this? I am...
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    Google SSO in PHP

    Has anyone used Google's SSO for their Apps with PHP doing all the SAML work? I'd really like to see your code, or get some help.
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    Anybody used a TV Tuner with onboard IR for MCE? (Dish Network)

    I am looking at using Vista Media Center to do all my tv duties. I have Dish Network and I am looking for a card that is supported in Vista Media Center that has an IR Blaster integrated to handle the Dish set-top box. I've heard about the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 and I wanted to know if anyone...
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    Program to wake laptop from sleep when it gets AC power?

    I've got an idea in my head of using a laptop in my car for media reasons. I'll be using a power inverter to power the laptop, and it will turn off while the ignition is off. I want the laptop to sleep when it loses AC power, and then I want it to wake when the AC power is restored. I can get it...
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    VB.NET/WinMo 6 - Get GPS location - HELP!

    I need some help guys. I am trying to write a program for a Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone that grabs the current gps location from the builtin gps receiver. My problem is how to use VB.NET to get the gps longitude and latitude from the device. Can anyone help out?
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    Drive Status Unreadable

    One of my servers has been having some issues lately. The server has two hard drives in it. The server has been starting and when it gets to the Windows 2003 boot screen with the scrolling bar, it does that for a long time then goes to the BIOS boot screen. If I go into the Recovery Console on...
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    On-Screen Notes Program

    My teacher just emailed me asking if I knew of any program she can use to draw notes on the screen no matter what is currently on it at the time whether it be a word document, powerpoint, internet explorer, etc. Does anybody have anything in mind for this?
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    Cheap Monthly CPanel type product

    What is the best product I can use to be just like CPanel or close enough? The main issue is I don't want to pay the large price for a license for CPanel which I just want on a monthly basis just in case it turns out not to be worth the effort of usage of it. I have seen some monthly CPanel...
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    Save Endian Web Traffic to Database

    Is there some way to easily save the URLs of the HTTP traffic that goes through and the MAC address of the client and have it be added to a MySQL database from Endian? If not what would the best log file be to build an interpreter off of to add all that data into the database? Once again I am...
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    VB.NET - Partial Datagrid Value in Bold

    Is there any way to easily make part of a value for a datagrid item to be bold and the rest of it to be normal?
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    Help Exchange 2003 Users

    My install disc for Exchange 2003 has some corrupted files. I have got replacements for all of them except for one. Can someone provide me with \Adc\I386\Setup.exe?
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    Cisco Lab

    I am going to start working towards learning my way around cisco gear and work on some certifications. Now the question is just what should I start getting.....Please make suggestions, and tell me what it does and how it would help me learn. Thanks
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    ESX preventing proper routing of OpenVPN?

    Is there any scenario that ESX could prevent OpenVPN from properly routing the client to the network, notably use of Endian as the server? I am having some major issues of the client and server only being able to ping each other, but the client not being able to ping the rest of the network. My...
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    Put a name to what I want

    I want to get a rack 'server' that just basic holds at least 8 hot swappable SCSI drives. There will be a SCSI cable coming from the back of it to the back of my server. I can't for the life of me think of what that product would be called so I can look for buying one. I'm too tired to remember...
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    Openvpn Issues

    I am having some issues currently with my OpenVPN connection. The client is no longer able to access the remote network other than the server. On the remote network the server is the only one who can access the client. Please help. Server Config ; daemon configuration daemon mode server...
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    Major CSS Help Please

    I don't understand how I can suck at CSS so bad but I would appreciate some help. The website is suppose to have a background image, and then centered in the middle there will be the main section. The left of the main section will have a gradient from 100% transparent to black. The middle will...
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    Free AVI(Divx/xvid) to 3GP Converter?

    Does anyone know of a free video converter to convert from avi files encoded in Divx/xvid to 3GP in a 320x240 resolution? The reason I ask is because I have a bunch of my dvds and some recorded tv shows backed up into Divx/xvid format and I am working on setting up a mobile content delivery...
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    VB.NET: Notify Icon Balloon On Vista

    I am having an issue with my program in VB.Net. I am wanting a way to show a Balloon off the NotifyIcon that shows information and allows events. My code works in XP, but not in Vista. I assume since the code uses the Windows API. Can anyone help? Balloon Class: Imports...
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    How to stream audio in VB.Net on PPC?

    I am wanting to create a little program that lists and plays multiple mp3 files from the internet on a PocketPC in The big issue is that the Windows Media control object is not in the toolbox listing when working in PocketPC mode. Anyone know how to complete what I would like to do?
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    VB.Net and MySQL with Arrays?

    I am using MySQL's Connector/Net 5.0 in Visual Studio 2005 with Visual Basic to have my Visual Basic application read from a MySQL database. Now one problem I am running into is I have a dropdown/combobox that I want populated with the name field from table Users. So I need to know how to have...
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    VB.NET (2005) Program in Notification Area HELP

    I am working on designing/programming a little Visual Basic 2005 program and I was wanting the program to have a way to run in the Notification/Clock area. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to do this, or tell me what I need to do?
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    FX 5500 on Vista x64 Flickers Constantly

    Hey guys, I have a nVidia FX 5500 and I am running Windows Vista x64 with the latest drivers from nVidia, which are: The problem is whenever I try to any kind of gaming in Vista I get a flickering constantly. I don't want to dual boot XP to play games. Does anyone know of some drivers for the...
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    WAN Bonding on Endian?

    I was wondering if it is possible to do WAN bonding on Endian. Has anyone done this, or know how to? I am just wanting to know before I try going through the hassle of adding a second WAN line from a different provider. Thanks in advance.
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    VBScript/Login Script

    I am currently working on an addition to my Login Script for Active Directory. I am working on setting up Backup storage. I have a share on Server02 that is at 'backup_storage'. Each user will have a folder under this share. So the path will be \\server02\backup_storage\user\%User Name% The...
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    Linux: Get a script to run when ping becomes unresponsive

    I am wanting to make a script that will run that when pinging of the ip becomes unresponsive for 60 seconds it will issue a command to re-initiate the VPN connection and then issue a few other commands after that. I want the script to keep repeatily trying every 60 seconds until it is...