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    How to create a RAM DRIVE with DDR4?

    IF I had 32 Gigs of G.Skill DDR4 2800 and wanted to set aside some of that RAM as a RAM DRIVE since it would be so much faster than an SATA III SSD and am hoping that a ram drive would make a great scratch disk for Photoshop and other possible applications. Long ago, Ram Drives were popular...
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    H105 using both fans on one X99 fan header??

    QUESTION by an almost noob (not having built a computer in over 6 years and NEVER having used water cooling) -- using an H105 cooler -- IF I used a Y cable and connected both of the H105 fans to one motherboard fan header, would the UEFI show the same RPM's for both fans and set the same RPM's...
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    Samsung Magician & 840 Pro AND 850 Pro SSD's ?

    In a new build, I am using a 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro as the OS/Program drive AND a 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro for data. I noticed that Samsung Magician 4.3 is the latest for download for the 840 Pro while Samsung Magician 4.5 is the latest download for the 850 Pro. I am concerned that if I load 4.3...
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    Need help choosing X99 motherboard (frustrated)

    I have spent several dozen hours reading professional reviews, numbers of eggs or stars from vendors, forum threads, and reading anecdotal narratives, many of which express problems with the allegedly better motherboards from the 4 largest manufacturers. Expecting that another build using...
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    Will an SSD used for my OS/Program drive work with this system?

    My desktop computer is based on an Asus P5Q3 Deluxe motherboard with an Intel Q9550 processor, running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Yes, I realize it is (gasp) 5 years old but its rebuild is not until around Christmas or later. What are the chances I could use a Samsung Evo 840 Pro SSD, migrate the...
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    How necessary is Catalyst for Photoshop?

    Recently I purchased a branded AMD 6950 graphics card and rarely do any gaming but do a lot of work with Photoshop on a calibrated monitor that has its own 10 bit LUT. Since Catalyst must take up some of the computer resources, is it really necessary for me to even load and run Catalyst in...
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    New MSI Twin Frozer III -- where's the manual?

    This is the first MSI product I have tried and search as I may, I cannot locate a PDF detailed manual anywhere -- could not locate one on the installation CD, when clicking the icon of a MANUAL on the splash screen from the installation CD, nothing happens and if there is a manual lurking...
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    Cutting CPU access hole in Silverstone TJ-09 Mobo Tray??

    I would like to change the heatsink in my Silverstone TJ-09 case and of course that means disconnecting all cables and wires from the motherboard and sliding out the motherboard attached to the motherboard tray and then removing the motherboard = royal PITA. Does anyone ever cut an access...
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    Recommended air cooler for Asus Z68 motherboard

    New computer build -- plenty of height is available, and modest OC'ing planned for i7-2600K. Pricing not an object -- more importantly, build quality, efficiency, ease of installation, and the cooler itself not covering up any of the four memory slots (need convenience of being able to remove...
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    AMD 6950 vs. Nvidia CUDA with Photoshop?

    In trying to decide upon the video card (MUCH harder than I thought) for a new computer build after several years, there has been some information that CUDA in Nvidia cards can substantially boost the rate of processing in Photoshop. Does anyone know IF this is that significant compared to an...
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    Importance of CUDA in Photoshop??

    Can anyone shed some light on the importance of CUDA in Photoshop CS5??? Thanks, MikeSp
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    Why -AR vs. -AK in EVGA GTX570 cards?

    I have always used ATI (AMD) video cards and just purchased a GTX570 HD recommended by the salesman since EVGA is (was?) famous for their lifetime warranties and Microcenter's selection of AMD cards is nothing to brag about. It was a tough switch for me, over to the Nvidia camp. Because I...
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    Advice--best 2 GB Radeon 6950??

    Please -- this is not a contest between Nvidia and AMD or between different models of cards -- I have not built a computer for several years and have always used ATI cards and while it will be used mostly for Photoshop on a graphics high resolution monitor, there is a possibility of a game or...
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    Prolimatech Armageddon available?

    This cooler has received rave reviews but I cannot locate it for sale at the usual online dealers including those listed at the Prolimatech Web site. It is also still listed as a production model on the Prolimatech We site. Is it no longer marketed in the U.S.?? :confused: Thanks, MikeSp
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    Why no QVL memory past 8 GB for Z68 boards?

    When I look over the Asus QVL list of 1600 MHz memory sticks for the P8Z68 Deluxe board, I do not see ANY that go past a total of 8 Gigs A) if they use all four slots, then it is 2 Gigs/slot or B) if the DIMMs are 4 Gig each, then they are limited to ONLY two slots. I don't understand WHY...
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    Best mousepad for Photoshop ??

    I am using a Logitech MX1100 mouse for Photoshop work (yes, I realize I should be using a tablet) and am wondering which mousepad is recommended for PS work. Thoughts/opinions MikeSp
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    Sapphire 4870 -- type not as clear with Winows Aero

    While this videocard gives superb results in Windows programs, there is one exception -- when using Windows Aero, the type as it appears in Outlook Express and even in Catalyst is not very clear and precise as it is in other Windows programs. Since I am building a second computer, I tried a...
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    Fan controller and 80 mm fans??

    I am building my wife a computer using my former CoolerMaster ATCS case which uses four 80 mm fans (Asus P5Q-E mobo, Intel 8500 CPU and Sapphire ATI HD 4870 GPU) and obviously need decent cooling -- little gaming. Any recommendations as to quality simple fan controllers (NewEgg ratings and...
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    P5Q3 Deluxe -- internal USB ports stopped working

    Although ALL external USB ports work great, the four internal motherboard USB ports will provide power for the front USB connections on the case and multi-card reader connection but cannot read data and there are four yellow bangs for them in Device Manger in Vista 32 bit. I tried plugging in...
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    Flash card reader recommendations please

    The $17 optional card reader on my new computer cannot read the Compact Flash Cards from my camera although my five year old one in my previous computer build has never failed to read my CF cards. This new computer is running Vista and recognizes that a drive is there but wants to format it and...
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    OT: Best mouse for Photoshop

    I am wondering if a good gaming mouse (Microsoft sidewinder, G5, one of the Razers,etc.) would provide better control using the lasso and other tools in Photoshop since these mice have very high resolutions? Opinions/recommendations?? Thanks, MikeSp
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    Best customer & tech support?

    I read LOTS of comments in threads about lousy customer and tech support from a number of companies. Which motherboard companies have the GREAT tech and customer support? (or if none are in the "great" category, then are there any that are GOOD? :confused: MikeSp
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    Heat problem with nVidia cards?

    While this might sound to some as trolling, it is NOT. I am ready to either purchase a botique-made gaming machine or make it myself so I can pass my current aging P4 machine to a family member that needs it ASAP. Due to the number of irons in the fire for me, I chose to be lazy and order a...
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    Why do most botique PC's use nVidia motherboards?

    The "Computer" hardware forum has much less traffic than does this one, so kindly forgive this question if it is technically out of place. My last computer build was a P4 using an Asus P4C800E Deluxe motherboard and when it was built, most of the botique manufacturers used that same mobo (which...
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    Best bang for buck -- which of these 3 GeForce cards?

    In a computer build, I am looking at the following nVidia cards and have not built a computer for several years nor ever used anything other than ATI cards. Therefore, I am wondering which of the following choices would provide the best bang for the buck when combined with an nVidia 790 Ultra...
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    DDC/CI with GeForce 9800GT??

    Does anyone know if the nVidia GeForce 9800 GT video cards can use DDC/CI (Display Data Channel/Command Interface) which is necessary for proper functioning of my NEC Spectraview LCD monitor that has its own LUT and callibration system for digital photographic work? This is one of those...
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    Cosmos S1100 -- window??

    Will CoolerMaster EVER sell a window'd side panel for their new S1100 case?? Perhaps somebody here is "in the know," but my emails to CoolerMaster went unanswered about this question. thanks, MikeSp
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    Looking for black glossy metal case

    It seems that brushed aluminum is the "in" case of today and I am looking for a black shinny case similar in quality but slightly larger than my Cooler Master ATCS from my last computer build 4 years ago -- its smooth, glossy black paint job is a match for a Ferrari. I tried a CM Stacker 830...
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    DFI vs Asus, et. al.

    I have regained the status of NOOB 1st class :D since I have not built a computer for four years and during those four years my trusty Asus P4C800ED has performed flawlessly and I have not kept up with most advances in computers, but it is time to move it on to my daughter and build another...
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    Initial mobo setup before OC'ing??

    Do all or most boards automatically read the memory and CPU and set themselves to default BIOS settings (timings, voltages, multiplier, etc.) so that, for example on an X38 board, an E8400 CPU runs at 3.0 GHz and the FSB runs at 1333 or 1066 MHz (depending upon memory used) when powered up for...
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    Mounting MB upside down--disadvantages??

    In considering a new computer build, I ran across a number of Lian Li cases that are by some standards, built "backwards," in that the motherboard mounts upside down so that the window is on the right side of the case. Are there any negatives when mounting a mb upside down? MikeSp
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    Where are the high gloss painted cases?

    In searching for parts for a new build, I have been unable to find any brands of quality cases that have a high gloss black finish like my trusty old Cooler Master ATCS (better paint job than most high end foreign cars!!!). The fully anodized cases by Windy would work, but guess I can forget...
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    Windy cases -- any U.S. sources?

    Are there any dependable sources in the U.S. for Windy cases? MikeSp
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    P5E WS Pro -- thoughts about it?

    My needs are not so much OC'ing (with some tinkering during spare time) but speed with which to run digital darkroom and video programs, but little time for games. Obviously, for OC'ers, other boards are far more popular, but I have yet to see any comments, bad or good, in regard to the P5E...
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    Lian Li Armorsuit -- front door fan noise??

    Yes I realize that this is one of those cases that either is hated or loved for its looks and the PC-P60 (mid-tower) is on my short list for a new computer build. BUT -- with the fans in the door instead of inside the case, I am concerned with fan noise from the door fans -- if anyone owns...
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    Need new cases from Antec and CM

    Maybe I am alone in this, but would sure like to see a slightly stretched (in length) version of the Antec 182 and a mid-tower version of the Cooler Master Cosmos. I do not have the real estate for a full-sized case like the Cosmos even though I like it, but need a squosh more room than the...
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    TJ10 & TJ09 -- HDD cooling -- how good?

    Am considering a new build using either the TJ10 or TJ09 case and none are sold locally for me to get a close-up view and I therefore have concerns about the quality of HDD cooling with a fan stuck horizontally between the two HDD bays. How good is the HDD cooling when the optional fan is...
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    CM Stacker 832 Mesh/Fan Questions (NOOB)

    Am beginning a new computer build and started with the case -- a Cooler Master 832 and since I am not running dual or quad hot videocards, do not have need of the mesh vents on the side and would like to purchase a side panel window. (I prefer to use filtered air to keep dust out of the...