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    EMC VNX / VNXe

    I appreciate the feedback guys, In our space we are really trying to listen to to REAL it users and submit feedback based upon what people would actually use. the 3100, 3300 and the 5300 have really taken off in the SMB. In regards to backups, I wouldn't be able to comment on your...
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    EMC VNX / VNXe

    ^^ Bump How has the user experience been so far on the VNXe? Do you have any recommendations on features / functionality you would like to see added? I was one of the original members of EMC's SMB division and have a direct line into the engineering group. So far we have received very...
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    Introducing the Google+ Project

    does anyone have an invite for this?
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    Question in Braid

    How can you break apart the puzzle after it is put together?? I'm trying to get one of the secrets and the painting just moves around with no clear option to break it back into its individual pieces... any know how to do this??
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    PC causing Cable box to skip

    When I am watching the tv from my desk, anything i do on the computer will cause the tv to skip and the picture to fragment. For example, If while watching tv, if I scroll down my itunes library the picture and sound on the tv will skip and break up until i'm no longer scrolling. This only...
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    PC causing Cable box to skip

    no capture card. The TV runs of the cable box and is not connected to the pc
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    PC causing Cable box to skip

    I've got a very weird issue today. My PC is cuasing the signal on my TV to fragment and skip. Its not only related to the internet. When i scroll or load a program it will skip until the PC is no longer under load..... Any ideas why this could be happening? Static or something?
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    free half life2

    damn to slow. Any left out there?
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    free half life2

    damn to slow. Any left out there?
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    drive in bios but not in windows device manager

    Try running the tool that Maxtor or WD provides with the HD's that fixed this problem for me.
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    After 17 years, it has finally been accomplished.

    I dont think anyone has ever landed the plan at the end of the first level in Top Gun
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    iPhone Case?

    i've been through several. the agent18 case is by far the best in my opinion. I use that and the belkin sport armband. Soft cases leave room for dirt to scratch up the iphone the agent18 doesnt and adds very little size. Hope this helps
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    nintendo ds mod options

    has anyone had any experience with moonshell?
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    nintendo ds mod options

    thanks for the links i can do some research here, anyone have any success so far?
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    nintendo ds mod options

    I've done some searching with and havent quite found what i'm looking for, can anyone point me in the right direction for what are the real solutions for a web browser as well as mp3 and video player for the DS i know there is some stuff in the works but is there any homebrew? thanks!
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    What games did you get for Christmas

    GF got me a DS and brainage mom got me a wii and rayman
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    Assualt Heroes

    I picked this game up last night and played through it on coop. Its pretty fun, has some replay when you try to get the achievments too. its an arcade game on live btw
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    [H]ot 37" VIZIO LCD

    i have the 32 and i have no issues with the remote Mine
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    Xbox 360 hard locks

    my freind was playing gears for like 5 hours a day, for a week and then it started to lock up, we tried the heatgun fix and it worked
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    This is funny..The Phantom gaming console-stock price

    this thing jumps 25% on news, then falls again, very predictable
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    Give me a good game title - this is a real mental test!!

    on the cheap you can get Riddick which people never pay attention to and is def awesome
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    nope i wish, that is a COMCAST HD box
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    that was the Lions @ the Patriots that was on a little while ago
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here's my room in my apartment
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    Studies on positive effects of gaming?

    who is she to tell him what he can and cant do, if he was selling drugs or somthing maybe, this is like the mom from waterboy saying football is for the devil there are def studies showin games improve reaction time and problem solving skills in some form.
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    Dos the 360 hd dvd dirive upconvert normal dvds?

    i believe that it upconverts over the vga cable even w/o the hd dvd player
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    how's the line etiqutte usually on BF?

    wait until you get the ticket you need, then you can leave the line
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    hey there is a good watch on cnbc about gaming
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    *HOT* RC Plane $6

    ordered only because i was wrong that shipping would kill it
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    Buy Westinghouse 32" HDTV (BF) or 360 first?

    check out vizio's 32 at costco. I love it.
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    UPDATE: this game is wayyy harder when you dont play on coop. idiot teamates die to much
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    32 westy for under 500
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    loved it, but i beat casual mode in one sitting. Hope hardcore is just as fun
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    how is the multi-player aside from coop, i haven't tried it yet
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    Who has Gears of War and where did you get it?

    To all you MAssholes, the Best Buy in Watertown(near harvard) has them in stock but not displayed, you have to ask. Most other stores around here dont plan on getting them until tomorrow.
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    yes that is the store where he waved the game in front of me but wouldn't let me buy it. instead i went to BB and played 2 player guitar hero 2 for an hour, never played that before wicked fun
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    How much do you think eb will give me for this

    i'm gonna highball you here and say 70 bucks
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    external hard drives after update?

    are the on demand movies going to be streaming? or will the whole file DL to your HD?