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    7950 Diagnosis Help

    I have a MSI 7950 Twin Frozr O/C and it has been running quite well for the past month. But earlier this week it started acting really weird. When I start up a game it will work like normaly then after a few seconds the screen will flash black and then immediately the FPS drops. So I checked MSI...
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    Do 5870 coolers fit 6950?

    I'm looking for an aftermarket cooler that will fit my 6950. The stock cooler is just too hot on the auto setting, and it's too loud when cranked up. Any recommendations?
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    AMD 945

    So I just picked up this chip and tried to pop it into my Asus m3a motherboard. Works great so far. I forgot that this chip wasn't a Black Edition and tried to overclock it in my bios. It worked! It seems my chip has the multipliers unlocked. Do you think it's the chip itself that is unlocked...
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    9600gt issue - black where transparency should be

    On behalf of a friend: I need some help with a weird graphics glitch. I recently upgraded my comp, including a Palit 9600gt 1gb. Everything works great, except that every once in a while (say, once a day) all images that should have a transparent background all of a sudden have a black one...