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    supreme commander demo today/tuesaday

    You wet yourself over that? You obviously arent a member of any private groups.
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    Please recommend me a cheap low power PCIe card

    A 7300 may net you a little lower power consumption because it's 90nm based rather than 110nm. This might be offset by the extra 64mb of ram and slightly higher clock speed though. In either case, if power consumption is important I'd underclock and undervolt the card I got (guide for bios...
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    When will there be a midrange Nvidia G80 or ATI GPU?

    You don't have to wait for the midrange cards. You can get a good Core 2 Duo system for about $900. PNY 8800GTS $410 before rebate G.Skill 2x1GB $195 Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 $135 Core 2 Duo E6300 $189 Total $929
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    What manufacturer are you planning on buying your R600 from?

    I always "hissss.." as in the sound a snake makes.
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    Games that use DX10?, still can play with dx9c?

    You sure about that? Gamepro reports that it just requires Vista and the DX10 rumors were just that, rumors. They may be mistaked though.
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    What DPI setting do you have your G7 set to?

    I have an MX518 but the concept is the same. I run at 1600dpi and set all my games to match the speed to one that I feel comfortable with at that dpi. I change dpi all the time in game though. Sometimes just to mix it up and sometimes because I'm trying to do something that requires precision...
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    Black & White 2 - 6fps

    Getting another stick of ram isn't going to help you. First thing I would do is reinstall the game. If that doesn't fix it try reinstalling all drivers. From there all you can do is a fresh XP instal. How's your performance in other games? I assumed it was normal.
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    Quake 4 Point Release 1.3 Released

    It's been played at every LAN I've been to since it's release (~10 LANs) by more than 20 people so I would so it is played, at least locally.
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    GTR2 Barcelona GP circuit TimeTrials

    1:35 in Lambo with my good old keyboard. I can't seem to repeat that lap at all though and usually get somewhere in the 1:42 range.
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    POLL: Higher Resolution? Or Higher GFX Settings with Lower Rez?

    It really depends on the game. Some games look fairly decent at low settings so turning them down doesn't bother me much. Other look like complete ass at lowest settings. It also depends on your monitor. If you have a CRT you may not want to have to recallabrate it depending on res and refresh...
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    You guys have to play this game!

    I'm only 16 and I didn't begin gamming until around 1998 but I do enjoy the old school stuff.
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    You guys have to play this game!

    I have no idea what the people in this thread are talking about. Just reading it has made me feel sorry for what the gaming community has become. That was a excellent game and thanks for posting it. Edit: My comments were not directed at the last the last post by FreiDOg.
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    Prey demo on 21st

    Sorry, misspost.
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    64-Bit Games/Apps to try on Vista?

    Half-life 2, Far Cry, and the nvidia blobly dancer demo all use 64-bit.
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    cpou usage 100% while gaming

    It's normal for the cpu to be at 100% in old games like 1.6. Your video card is beyond fast enough to handle the game leaving your cpu as the limit while it pumps out instructions to the video card,
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    Carrying a large case to a LAN party, suggestions?

    If I can lug my Chair, rig and 19" crt up 3 flights of stair once a month to go to the local lan party I'm sure you can manage it without some elaborate device to do it for you.
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    About to buy a new computer, please check it out

    Enermax Liberty or OCZ ModStream are decent modular PSU's. I wouldn't suggenst modular though as the standard psu's tend to be of better quality.
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    I want to make my own game....

    I made the framework for a basic text based rpg a while back borrowing a lot of idea's form the Wrath Lands tutorial. All you need is some basic C++ that can be leaned in a couple of weeks and you can begin to make some pretty decent stuff.
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    Supreme Commander E3 presentation

    Wow, that looks even more kickass than I thought it was gonna be!
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    Need a Cheap Soundcard with 5.1 Optical Out

    I need a sound card for under $100, perferable under $50, that can output sound in 5.1 through optical. Sound quality isnt really a big thing with me as I'm not by any means an audio file but it has to be at least as good as my onboard realtek AC850. Any sugestions?
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    Recording Skype

    I have my audio system hooked up through optical out and I just connect the line out the mic in and record that way.
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    E3 Quakewars thoughts

    What are you talking about, they announced earlier that 64+ servers would be available.
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    Just got a FREE E3 ticket!! Thanks Microsoft!

    I to have access to E3 tickets, but I'm not 18 yet so I can't go. :( Edit: No, you guys can have any.
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    Help finding a (new) AGP 8x for under $200

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I didn't see it so I'm gonna say it anyways :). EVGA's warrenty also covers overclocking and bios flashes so you dont have to worry about screwing up and breaking the card while overclocking.
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    Anyone use ESDF instead of WASD?

    ESDF!?!? Blasphemy!
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    do i suck or what? [oblivion]

    At lv 1 I killed 3 of the 5 guards who were attacking me before dieing.
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    Eve or Wow

    The guy in that story has got to be the biggest asshole of all time.
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    New AMD for prep, for Vista

    Those specs are way overblown to run vista. We arent talking about gaming here, all you need is a moderatly fast processor, decent amounts of ram, and a video card that supports WGF1.0 (dx9).
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    New AMD for prep, for Vista

    I think the specs to see all that vista has to offer would be more like this. Any modern CPU (Intel 2.6Ghz+, AMD Any A64 based processor) 1GB Ram hopefully more Geforce 5 series or ATi 9xxx or better
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    Gamer's 10 commandments POLL

    Thou shalt not question the commandments.
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    Doom 3 FPS

    I use the console command "com_drawfps 1".
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    All you need to know about VIA's C7

    That's way off, the 3500+ draws far less power than that. According to X-bit labs they draw around 13.4 watts at idle and 47.5 watts at load. Link
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    Guild wars free for a few days now.

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    What's the oldest AMD chip you still run?

    I've got a Slot-A K7 500mhz that I still use.
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    Which would help more

    I can guarantee that if you put in a different processor you wont notice a difference in games. Get another 7800.
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    Why doesn't AMD have anything like VIIV?

    You're counting PCMark05 in your productivity results. That benchmark is anything but productive. Also when's the last time your thought word was running slow?
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    Just CS:S, 1.6 Convert. Server Reccomendations?

    Did you try reinstalling it?