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    Pickup an Longer LK4 Pro

    Anyone have any experience with this printer. So far it prints PLA rather well, but having hard time with PETG and of course ABS. What mods do you suggest?
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    Anyone have success upgrading/replacing there Mononprice Mini select 3d (M200) to ramps?

    My mainboard went T.U. and i tried using the ramps method, but I'm having a hell of a time with it. I followed the instructions to the "T" over at and even using an old Xbox PSU. Messing with this for a while and I think I'm deeper in the rabbit hole. In prontoface-Selecting...
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    MSI How about you send the same spec

    card back to me. I sent one of my 280x in for RMA which matched my other 280X. This is what I received in return GPUZ Compare at default clocks, shaders, bandwidth, ROPs/TMU's, Texture Fillrate, DirectCompute 5.0. This is the card I received back from RMA. This is my other 280X...
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    Anyone know how to set eyefinity for

    games only? I have 3 monitors, 1 and 3 are extended desktop which I how I like it. When I group to make eyefinity it just makes one huge desktop and I can't stand it that way. I tried setting up with a profile and that's not working or I'm doing something wrong.
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    Display port adapters

    Anyone know if this one is active? I ordered one from Amazon an I didn't get the mini so I'm going return it. I just want to try...
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    MSI Afterburner issues

    I'm running dual 6950 unlocked shaders. I have the cards o/c to 6970 .. 1.175v / 880Mhz / 1375 Mhz. Each time I reboot my computer one of the cards during 3d gaming reverts to stock speeds. 2D profile and 3D profiles are both locked. What I have to do is jump though my a## to get...
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    Jackson RR5FR Black at Musicians Friend

    Stupid Deal of The Day
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    Corsair A70 @ Best Buy

    I picked one up today for 24.99 that's cheaper than Newegg even after the MIR Newegg is offering.
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    Anyone looking for a MS Kinect? and live in Dallas

    the Best Buy off of LBJ in Farmers Branch has about 30 of them in stock. I know this isn't "hot" but from what I gather these are a little hard to come by.. but then again I could be wrong because I haven't been keeping up with this stuff. Mods if this is the wrong forum.. My apologies.
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    Sapphire 5770 Issues maybe?

    Maybe.. I have two Sapphire 5770's (Vapor X 5770HD) running Cats 10.7's One card when at desktop runs as follows GPU1 = 400 GPU2 = 860 (3D mode) Run in BFBC2 during load up GPU1 = 860 GPU2 = 860 BFBC2 Main Menu GPU1 = Bounces back and forth between 400 and 600 GPU2 =...
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    Dual Monitors with dual cards

    what's the best way to configure this? I'm running dual 5770's and have to 22" LCD's I want to use the HDMI's ports. Right now the 2nd monitor isn't being detected. Or is it best to run both monitors off one card?
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    5770 in CF screen goes gray/black fix?

    I was helping someone trouble shot their issue and this is what he came up with.
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    Will it be worth going from 4870's CF to

    5770's CF even with the 5770 memory is 128 bit and DX11.. I'm apologize if I'm beating a dead horse. I did a search on the forums and came up with a few things but nothing I could use to make my decision on.
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    Streaming on a stand alone Blu-ray

    player.. Can it be done? If it doesn't stream netflix and has a Ethernet port can you stream it like you can a movie file on XBOX360?
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    Carhartt Jacket 39.99 @ Dick Sporting good YMMV

    B&M. I know they have them in the Plymouth, MA store and Plainfield, IN (I got mine here) store as well.. They are regularly 79.99. The jacket is style J247 PTB / RN#14806
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    Need some Crossfire help!!!

    I can't get CCC to enable my 2nd card. Everest, Device Manager, GPU-Z, and even CCC detects my 2nd card but it's listed as Disabled. This is an issue that creeps up on me once and a while. I think it's a ventrilo and a creative issue because it always happens when I have ventrilo running...
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    Warm: Phenon II 940 - 209 with FS w/ promo code

    with this code EMCLPLT55 Link
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    Anyone running X-Fi Titanium and a M3A79T-Deluxe?

    I'm also running crossfire so the only pci-x is the first black one. However Windows isn't detecting it.. Just wondering how you have yours setup.
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    Need Longer Crossfire Bridge

    interconnect cables!! The current ones dont' reach and would like to know where I can acquire longer ones? Or if someone would like to donate them to me that would be nice as well.
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    Need suggestion on a Motherboard

    I have a Gigabyte MA790X-DS4 r.1 which everyone knows have a high fail rate and likes to catch fire or likes to smoke. Well my 2nd one has gone T.U. (Tits up) and I need a replacement. I can't be down this long waiting for an RMA. The problem I'm running to is that the DS4 has the...
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    Have to underclock CPU in order to install

    and run Vista 64. If I'm default my system locks up right when you see the "Green Load Bar/Microsoft Corporation" you can barely see it but thats where it locks. If I downclock and run Intelburn it fails. Test ram with memtest and no errors and test the same ram on other computer and no errors...
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    Poor Performance with 2x 4870 in Fallout3

    Horrid... I drop way down in to the single digits. Everything is stock.. Gigabyte - DS4 r.1 AMD 9850be X-Fi Titanium 4870 512 4870 512 BFG PhysX card 2 x 1gb OCZ Reapers 1066.
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    X-Fi Titanium with Z-5500

    sounds like shit!!! Holy crap.. I'm playing cd's and the sound is horrible in entertainment mode. Massive bass clipping and this is on low volume. It sounds a little better in gaming mode but not the greatest. When I do a speaker in THX that even sounds like crap but sounds a little better...
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    ***DELETE ME****

    Finally found it. Thanks. a PhysX card installed next to my 8800GTX? I know this question has been asked before but I can't locate it via search.
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    Does ATI and nvidia PhysX Drivers

    play well with each other? I jumped ship 8800GTX and went with ATI 4870.. I have a BFG PhysX card and wonder if they play nice together. I like my physX..
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    Ram fails because I don't overclock

    Has anyone heard of this before? I've been building computers my own computers for 15 years and never had problems with ram failing. I'm on my 3rd RMA in 3 months Crucial Ballistix I know it's not the top of the line.. Here is the e-mail from Crucial techs Because I keep receiving fault...
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    Crappy 3DMark06 Scores

    My Specs and nothing is overclocked. XFX 580i Motherboard AMD x2 6000+ EVGA 8800GTX Mushkin PC6400 2gb BFG PhysX Fatal1ty X-Fi OS: Vista Ultimate I know vista is giving me a performance hit.. but I should get higher than 9924
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    Need some serious help

    I posted this in another thread but it wasn't my video card - Tried another video card it did the same thing Every time I install drivers for my 8800GTX I can't boot back into windows.. It goes past the green loading bar (vista) and that's it. If I go back to last known good configuration I...
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    Is my video card bad?

    Every time I install drivers for my 8800GTX I can't boot back into windows.. It goes past the green loading bar (vista) and that's it. If I go back to last known good configuration I can boot into vista.. I've been running vista and this 8800GTX since Vista release without issues. I even...
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    Hard Drive tempature sensor

    where is that located at? I'm running a diagnostics on my HDD and it's reporting back at 253 and I put my laser thermometer on it and it's running a lot cooler than that.
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    X-Fi and Surround question

    I'm running Z-5500 via Optic through my X-Fi I/O Drive. With GRAW2 being in Dolby Digital will the output only be still 2.1 because of my X-Fi?
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    Turtle Beach X-52 sound

    Anyone own these headphones with an X-Fi? The problem I'm running into when playing a game and a explosion goes off in front of me,"center speaker" (Sound like the case speaker).. there isn't any bass. I might have to go back to my 20.00 headset. They had a nice deep bass... Anyone have a...
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    I've read the FAQ but I'm not sure if

    it's worth it for me to purchase one. I'm running a AMD x2 6000+ , 8800GTX, 2 Ggs of ram.
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    Need some Help. Anyone w/ 590 XFX

    mobo. I need the original .bin for the bios. This is what happened I tried to install p34 bios update. When I tried it just sat at AwardBios Flash Utility menu flashing "Please Wait!" and it did nothing. I check to see if my bios was 'write' protective and it wasn't. Tried again
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    Playing .mp4 on a PSP

    I'm trying to play a MPEG 4 video onto a psp. I used Any Video Converter 1.2.1 and the psp isn't detecting it.
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    BSOD when installing nvidia raid drivers

    in Vista. Anyone have any tips. I'm trying to figure out if its my raid drivers that are causing my different problems. Device Manager shows ATA 1, ATA 2, and Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller. When I install the nvidia I BSOD during boot up and have to go back to "last known good...
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    Problem with DFI Lanparty Ultra SLI-D

    Starting on Jan. 10th my system locked up and I rebooted during the reboot there was a BEEP and the system shutdown again. I had to hit the power button and it powered back up with issues. Since that time when I reboot it beeps and shuts down. I have to hit the power button again in order to...
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    DVD/RW question

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    SuSE N00b needs some help

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    Router Suggestion