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    rsync two directories on seperate disks on the same host

    Ok I've been trying to figure this one out, but I just can't get it right. What I need to do is sync two directories on two different disks on one computer. I'm running Cygwin on my Windows machine so I do have rsync installed. For example, I have a "Ripped CDs" directory on D:\ and X:\...
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    AutoPlay not working right...

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    Odd mouse behavior - Single Click sometimes Double Click

    ok, I have an odd problem that just started happening this morning. I have a Logitech MX Duo and Windows XP Sp2. The problem I'm experiencing is about every 5 or 6 "single" clicks, the next click is a double click. Like, when just clicking on icons on the desktop. i can select 5 icons no...
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    Anyone ever create their own home page?

    I'd like to code up a single html file that will syndicate rss feeds from whatever sites I want, and automatically post stories in the order they were published. This would be very similar to Google/ig (personalized homepage), but this is something I dont want to log in for and would either...
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    Anyone with IEEE membership?

    Can you hook me up with an article? If this is illegal, please disregard this and admin lock thread. thanks, PM me.
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    Wordpress + AdSense Search...

    I'm trying to setup AdSense search on my website and I have it integrated with my wordpress theme just fine. However, when I use Google's search of my own site, it, well... Googles it. This is a problem, as Google is not finding things on my site. I would like to make AdSense search through...
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    PGP and Outlook, what do you guys use?

    Anyone know any good, free PGP plugins for Outlook? I'm trying to use GnuPG and Outlook is being a pain in the ass.... or these plugins just suck. I've tried gpg4win :o
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    Need Advice -- School, Service or Work...

    I need some advice on where I should take my career after I finish school. I'm 20 years old and a junior going towards a Bachelor's Degree in Network Security. I have about a full year left of school (3 semesters). Right now and for the rest of the summer, I'm an intern at a major aerospace...
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    Revision Control and Bug Tracking

    Recently, I've been asked to look into a Source Code Revision Control and Bug Tracking software for our software developers at my company (aerospace firm). I am NOT a programmer, nor do I plan on programming any time soon, however I would like to get some of your opinions on the various tools...
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    Got offered an Internship!!!

    I got offered a summer internship at a well known insurance company. Now my dillemma... The position is level II tech support supporting 3000 devices and users, OS imaging, etc etc. It's an OK position, but at LEAST it will solidify a position in the future when I graduate. I also had...
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    2405fpw back down to $879.20.... coupons?? now we only need the coupons!!!
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    2x1GB Corsair DDR2 upgrade

    just upgraded 2x256MB in my 3.0GHz P4 LGA775 box to some 2x1GB Corsair DDR2 667 and man, the difference is awesome! I'm just loving the immediate noticable results 2GB for 180 bucks. can't go wrong there :D
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    wrt54g/s and wireless disconnecting

    anyone have this problem? the wireless just disconnects every so often it's a constant problem for me and my roommate. i got a wrt54gs v1.1, using a intel 2200bg wireless card he's got an ibm a/b/g atheros
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    trouble w/ virtual clients joining domain controller (dc = host), using vmware

    I'm having troubles getting virtual machines in vmware to join my domain for one of my labs at school. I have Windows Server 2003 Enterprise running Active Directory and DNS on the host computer and the 2 vm's are running on the same machine. When I try joining to the domain from the...
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    What size tap for nvidia screws?

    as the thread title implies, what thread do the nvidia screws use? specifically for the Geforce 6800GT. thanks:) And here's a taste of what's to come ;)
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    Guide to using Visio for network/rack/directory diagrams? anybody?

    Would anybody who's good at using Visio for creating diagrams like to create a guide? I know I could use some help and tips, as my drawings just suck compared to some of the ones I see.
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    SLI motherboards, it matter which slot to use for a single vga?

    as the title implies, does it matter which PCI-Express slot you use for a single graphics card? I'm planning on getting the Tyan K8WE, which is an SLI motherboard, and has 3 PCI-X slots and 1 PCI slot between the PCI-Express slots. Reason I ask is that my graphics card has a big ass heatsink...
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    Just got a BFG 6800GT OC PCI-E

    hey everyone, I just got a BFG 6800GT OC PCi-e, and I have a question. The card has a 6pin power connector on it, do I need to plug that in if I only have one card? When I first started it up after loading drivers, it warned me about the card not receiving enough power. Should I be worried...
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    NOD32 vs AVG

    Hi everyone. I'd like to get your opinions the two programs, if you've used both, which you like better and the benefits of one over the other. I currently use AVG, and haven't used NOD32 yet and was wondering if it'd be worth changing. Many of the people on this forum use either one of...
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    Building a PVR, need some help

    Well, I need to build a PVR for a friend of mine and need some help (i've never done it before). Here's what we had in mind: Intel P4 3Ghz 512MB Ram (Should I get more??) Avermedia TV Tuner Nvidia graphics card Silverstone LC-13 Linux operating system is a must as well as open...
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    Problem accessing samba shares from Windows XP

    Hey everyone..... I have a RedHat 7.3 box that has a directory being shared as well as a printer. My windows machine was able to access them a couple days ago without problems. Today, I reboot and all of a sudden it says I dont have the privelages to access them. I ended up reformatting my...
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    AutoPlay not working right...

    Every time i insert a disc into my cd-rom now it'll go into the "explore" mode. It doesn't read the autorun.inf at all, and it's not because of the Autoplay configuration settings. i ran MS' Autofix.exe to see if it could repair the AutoPlay settings, and it didn't fix anything. what can...
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    How an OS works, down to the nitty gritty?

    Anyone have any links they'd like to share, to teach someone how an operating system, such as Linux works? how an OS communicates with hardware and stuff like that? thanks, (btw i already searched google)
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    New laptop for me!!!

    so, i need a laptop if i actually am gonna be able to do any net security/hacking worth a hoot here are the specs: IBM T41 Intel® Pentium® M processor 1.40GHz; 32MB ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 14.1" SXGA+ (1400x1050) TFT Cisco® Aironet® 802.11b Wireless LAN Mini PCI card 512MB DDR SDRAM...
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    so i downloaded foobar2000 and installed it... and you know.. it's tooo DEEP! i dont know what i'm doing with it:( i'm coming from winamp, i dont know how much longer i can stick with this
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    sennheiser hd280 + mic

    in the user manual for these headpones, it states "if you wish to convert your headphones into a headset, please contact your Sennheiser service partner who will equip the headphones with a microphone." anyone know where I can buy the mic myself and install it myself? i'd rather do it myself...
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    Anyone interested in a cap to plug your T-Line?

    well, i'm gonna make a few out of aluminum, and i'm wondering what you guys think. they'll be for 1/2" ID only.
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    lookin for a roommate, UAT/ASU in Tempe, AZ

    Hey guys.. i'm looking for 2 more roommates, to fill a "dorm-style" apartment at the Galleria Palms Apartments. I've already got 1 roommate picked out. if you're interested, let me know. we can talk.
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    My Ratpadz is SHOT!!

    I've had this thing for a few months, and it's chewed up all my mouse feet. There's no grooves left barely, smooth, SLOW. it feels like i drag my mouse across the thing. It collects every little piece of dust and cakes up in the left over grooves. plus, the logo is wearing. is this how...
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    Good hard drive controller...

    Well, I am in need of a GOOD hard drive controller, needs at least 2 ATA133 channels, doesn't have to be RAID, as I dont plan on using RAID with the hard drives i'm running. I've always like the Highpoint, but their cards don't look as good as the Promise ones... what do you guys think?
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    XP2400-M overclock, record and first to 3GHz??

    with this cpu, check it out :) link
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    Molex crimp tools, where to buy??

    Where can I get the crimp tools for molex 4-pin connectors, and the atx/12V aux connectors?
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    So i'm buying a Canon Powershot G5, and a 1GB CF..

    any sites dedicated to the G5? i dont really have a clue about photography, and would really love to learn more about it. i've read some of, but that's just incredibly long and boring... i should probably go through it huh?
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    Canon G5 vs Olympus C-5060 vs Olympus C-750ultrazoom

    what do yo uthink? which is best, which has best lens, etc etc.
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    Windows 2003 vs XP Pro... your thoughts?

    what do you think of using Windows 2003 for a desktop OS that sees little to no gaming, and is currently running XP. i'm looking for some extra speed and less bs than XP, and was wondering if 2003 would give me that. thanks :)
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    Ok guys, AGP Voltage DOES NOT EQUAL Volt Modding

    guys, adding voltage to your AGP isn't the same as volt modding your card. you will not gain any gpu/memory overclocking from doing so. you may gain a few extra mhz agp bus, but that's it, and the performance is next to zero. so there, please sticky this or something! 9700 Volt Mod...