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    SLI Power Supply Recommendations

    I have read through a few similar posts but I think I have narrowed down my choices to these: 1.) SeaSonic S12-600 $159.00 2.) Silverstone Zues 650 $169.00 3.) Enermax 600W Noisetaker $155.00 I would consider the Antec line for around $120.00 what do you guys think? List of certified...
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    THEORY ONLY: SLI performance with unmatched cards?

    I don't own an SLI board or a video card that can run in SLI. What I do have is an over active imagination. Does someone have any experiance with running SLI with matched vs unmatched cards? I am curious if there is any performance differences when attempting to run identical cards with...
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    Home Skateboarding Videos...

    Some of you may remember my very first video I ever edited? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my latest for comparison...
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    Tryouts for "{^X} Factor of X -=Arizona=-

    We are looking for some good to great CS-SOURCE players in ARIZONA that want to get in on the ground floor of a brand new team on the block. Tryouts are Thursday 12-02-04 8PM-10PM (AZ TIME) and Saturday 12-04-04 (4PM-6PM AZ TIME). We plan on forming 2 teams (A & B) the A team will consist of our...
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    Looking to scrim CS SOURCE on your teams server tonight! 11-24-04

    Factor of X We are looking for a 5 man team to scrim with tonight. We are willing to play on your server as we are still building and configuring ours )-: EMAIL: mail [2] AIM: mi1stormilst
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    SilenX Modular and Silent PSU Confirmed!!!

    I contacted SilenX today they are actually working on a modular PSU! Think Ultra X-Connect! See the email below...I removed the helpful persons name and position to protect the guilty. If nothing else we will have more modular PSU's to choose from... __________________________________ Hi...
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    Doom III = Teh Suck!

    I installed it, configured it, performance is fine, looks okay, sinlge player is ehh...but FarCry seems like a more flexible engine. I am tired of looking at the same 3 colors already. Multiplayer is less fun then QIII and will not hold my interest very long...thanks Carmack for the 5 year wait...
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    Console -vs- PC Gaming Debate! ... will it ever end?

    First of let me provide a little history: I have been gaming since 1982 that was when I bought my first TI99/4A. I was about 10 years old and bought it with money from my paper route. I played games like AMAZING, PARSEC, HANGMAN, PIRATE ADVENTURE, was a lot of fun even with 30+ minute...
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    Motorcycle Video

    I snagged a bunch of low quailty movies and pictures off the net and slapped them together with some music, practicing some new ideas in Vegas 5...check it!
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    AMD XP 2500 vs Athlon 64 3000+ & 3200!

    I did a few minutes worth of research tonight trying to justify an upgrade to an Athlon 64 platform. Here are my initial findings: Benchmarks obtained from the following two articles:
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    Complete Backup Software?

    Can someone provide links or suggestions for a complete backup solution? I would prefer to stay away from Ghost.
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    Extra MOBO Power connector?

    Hey I have an NF7-S and I noticed that funky extra power it required? It seems to run fine without being whats the purpose?
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    Looking for good water cooling for under $199.99

    I am looking for a near silent WC system that will cool well. Not looking for anything super spectacular as my MOBILE 2500 seems to do well on air anyway. I would like a system that includes everything I need any suggestions?
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    LANsomnia 2004 (Mesa, Arizona) May 29-31

    Just discovered this lan event...if your local...sign up soon!
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    My Mobile Barton Rules!

    I just got started OC'ing this evening here are the results so far: 12.5 x 190 = 2363MHZ (WCPUID reports as 2375MHZ) Stock voltage!!! I have not increased it one bit! I think this is gonna be a golden chip! Image of CPU...
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    The Best 21" Tube? Opinions? Buying Soon...

    I have finally decided I am not ready for an LCD screen anytime soon, I have read the reviews and checked many different models out at the local shops...they are simply not up to the task )-: I have been looking at the following two monitors but I am open to suggestion on other models...
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    Anyone modded a coolermaster aerogate II?

    Anyone taken one of these and changed the back panel LED to GREEN? I know the buttons change colors but why not the back panel...stupid design )-:
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    SilenX and Nexus "Silent" 80mm case fans (9 dba)

    Has anyone had experiance with the quality of these fans? I can't believe how quite they are...anyone know a good on-line dealer that carries them?
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    Black Side Window for Chieftec/Antec Case (small)

    I am looking for a case side with the small window in black for the following case: They look like this: Where can I find one in stock??? )-:
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    160GB Maxtor not avaliable in windows after format in windows...

    After reinstalling windows on my primary drive I can't see my backup drive at all )-: Now before I formatted my primary 80GB I had formatted and partitioned my 160GB from within windows disk managment utility. I dropped all my backup files for the last 6-7 years on it and could access it. Do I...
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    I Need a cool looking Wireless Keyboard with Intergrated Mouse?

    I have been looking all over trying to find a wireless keyboard with an intergrated ball or touchpad (prefer ball). I would like it to be black or silver kinda rounded and small with distingishable arrow keys. Anyone have any suggestions I need it for my HTPC. Here is what I have found so far...
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    64bit Windows Download

    I am downloading the 64BIT version of Windows as we speak and I have a some questions: 1.) Will 32bit applications run on it or will they have to be ported? 2.) Does it format your hard drive any differently? 3.) I assume dual booting from WIN XP and WIN 64 shouldnt be a problem?
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    Overdrive Missing In Panel?

    I don't think I will use it but why is OD missing in my ATI control panel? Gigabyte 9600 XT with 4.1
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    Ummm XBOX vs HTPC?

    I have gone down the HTPC route before and it was slightly disappointing. Problem is my primary display is a 10 year old 27" Hitachi TV. I realize to get the full experiance I need a quality display...but that will come. It seems to me the a HTPC would be much more flexable then an XBOX. However...
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    4.1 Drivers and OVERDRIVE?

    I just got a 9600XT and when I install these drivers neither the OVERDRIVE option shows up or temp monitoring?
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    Tryinf to locate Copper BGA Ram Sinks for 9600XT

    I can't seem to find a reputable shop with some nice copper BGA Ram Sinks anyone know where I can find some? I would like them to be copper in color too...not nickel plated or anything. This is what I found so far...
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    Freaking Amazing Deal @ Newegg 9600xt $150.00...

    Time is ticking better go order one now I did! Deal ends at 4PM PST! This is $25.00 cheaper then from any other reputable dealer! GET ON IT!