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    Abandonment shooting at St. Nazianz Wi.

    Here are a few from a shoot this last weekend at St. Nazianz in Wisconsin. A friend of mine got a small group of us into the buildings. It was a very odd feeling to be in someplace with so much despair. I'm in the middle row in the black Old Navy pullover. St. Nazianz by usacpro, on Flickr...
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    Heavy Metal photo shoot.

    The local photography club got together about 100 photographers 50-60 models in one very large machine shop for four hours of shooting bliss. There was everything from people brand new to modeling and photography to old pros. Everything I shot was with a single Sigma 530 super in a 25x25...
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    Lens for sale Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS NEW with Extras

    (16) No BUYING, TRADING, or SELLING anywhere with the exception of the For Sale / Trade forum. That includes linking your sale thread in other parts of the forum - Vertigo Acid
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    A little input on a Canon lens. This or that?

    I have a XSi and have been really thinking of getting the 7d. Right now I have the kit lens from the XSi and a EF 70-200mm f/2.8. I've been looking at getting a new lens to replace the kit lens. And here is where the problem lies. There's the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS that is made for the 1.6...
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    Flashes. What are you using and what would you recommend?

    I have been looking at getting a new flash as the one on camera sucks for the most part. I was looking around and saw a Sigma that looked good. I shoot a little of everything from nature, portraits, kids around the house and anything else that looks good to my eye. I like the fact that it can...
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    Today one of my photos was chosen to be on the homepage of a site.

    Today one of my photos was chosen to be on the homepage of Here is a link to the image in case you miss it today Wootage even if its only for a day.
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    Some pics of my "Shattered Glass" Optimus Prime and Starscream

    Was sitting board today so I snapped some shots of my Optimus and Starscream I got while I was at Botcon 2008. And here's Starscream.
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    Well I took the plunge on a Canon XSI

    Well after about a month of reading and looking around I ordered the XSI kit today. My better half also let me order the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens with it :eek: I jumping in both feet on this with a hell of a learning curve. Good thing im a geek:p I will keep you guys posted when it gets here...
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    Windows home server, add to a box that I own or buy new?

    Hi guys, One quick question about your servers, are you running the HP server or did you build your own? Reason im wondering is I have a old PC Chips setup that was a folding box that has no Sata and would beed a ram upgrade and hard drive. After the OS, hard drive, Sata card and ram im at a...
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    Today I say goodbye to my grandpa

    Yesterday @ 7:05 my grandpa Bob L. Allen passed away after a 2 year battle with Alzheimer's Disease at the young age of 75. He was more of a father to me then my own and someone very dear to me. It was very peaceful and I got to say my goodbyes a few days before. Many people here fold 4...
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    Error on the assignment server?

    I have been getting this all day on my SMP box. any ideas? [03:27:16] - Machine ID: 1 [03:27:16] [03:27:16] Loaded queue successfully. [03:27:16] - Preparing to get new work unit... [03:27:16] + Attempting to get work packet [03:27:16] - Connecting to assignment server [03:27:25] -...
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    Windows SMP error

    Hi guys I keep getting this error Working on Unit 01 [March 24 21:16:39] [21:16:39] + Working ... [21:18:49] CoreStatus = 1 (1) [21:18:49] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x1 [21:18:49] Deleting current work unit & continuing... I installed the SMP on my dual core intel box...
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    Is there any AGP Vid cards that I can fold on?

    One of my fold boxs has a X8 AGP and I would like to put it to use if I can. Anyone got some info for me? I has seen some cards out there but there floting around the 200 range and I was hoping for somethign cheaper. Hella
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    Windows XP not seeing external dvd

    Hi guys I just got a new external case for a old dvd burner that I had sitting around but when I got it all together windows gives me this error under the USB mass storage. This device cannot start. (Code 10) in the device manager. Could it be that the dvd burner is to old to use in a...
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    Some pics from House on the Rock in Wi.

    Ill post some of the best ones here more can be found here I do one question of you guys though, could you let me know why most of the pics have a red hue on them? Im guessing its the lights they have there, but some of the pics look just fine. I used a Nikon Coolpix S4.
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    Some pics from Cave of the Mounds in Wi.

    Ill post up a few here the rest can be seen HERE I wish more then the 11 of the over 30ish I took turned out :( Let me know what you guys think. They were taken with a Nikon coolpix S4
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    Holy huge point protein batman

    I just saw this one on the folding at home site. From the server there is a 1112 point protein there with the name of p2390_Coiled coil. Anyone get one of these? and if so how long is this thing take? I would love to see what the point per day is on one of these. Hella
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    Anyone get 150+ point units using FoldIX?

    For the most part it looks like I'm always getting the 39-139 point units. Just wondering if thats just the way it is or if im missing something with the setup. Each box is using at least 256MB ram and is set with the bigpackets=yes in the config. Am I just in a run of lowbies?
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    Add 2.5Ghz to the farm for just under $150?

    I was looking at this combo at Newegg here toss is a stick of this and a little info from this web site and from the looks of it most of these guys are getting anywhere for 2.3 to 2.5 out of them. I don't know about you guys but that looks like a great way to add some serious power to the...
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    FS/FT 2x256 PC150, Rambus 2x128 PC800, BP6 w/Cel 400s, water cooling, and more

    Hiya guys time for me to move out some of my older Folding@home boxen and make room for some new ones. What I'm looking for is micro/reg ATX MBs for AMD 754 or 939, mostly the 754 flavor, really looking for on board Vid, NIC but not a "must have". CPUs to match the MBs and ram would also help...
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    Tyan TigerMP S2460 any overclocking?

    Im looking at this board but when I look over the manual I dont see any options for overclocking. Im I missing something, or is this a true server boad with no goodies? I hope im missing something its a good price atm. If not whats a good MB to look at?
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    Pin out on a Compaq work station PS to standard atx

    My friend gave this to me and I'm 95% sure that it works I just need to get the pin out so I put it to use in my folding farm. Its a model number PS-7431-1 with a 20 pin plug. Any help would be a great help guys, I'm hoping to get 2-3 of my farm boards on this if I can get it going. If...
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    Last 5-6 work units on my main all under 60 pointers??

    Man thats odd. Right now my XP1700 is doing 150 PPD on a 600 point and my 3000+ at 2.3 is only doing 96 PPD. Is there something else I can do with my config to ensure that I get bigger WU? This is what my config looks like atm. [settings] username=[H]ella team=33 asknet=no...
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    Me again with more questions. This time its questions for server farms

    Well with the help of some people I have 4 extra folding box's to add to my mix here at home and instead of them each getting there own hard drive, nic, ect ect, I was looking at a program called OVERCLOCKIX_LTSP 2.1 that will run on my current network with no problems just run it on my server...
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    Quad P3 700s vs something new for around 225-275

    Just wondering if a quad 700 box could be beat out anyting new for around that price.
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    Another what is better thread. Dual core AMD or duel MP

    I have a little extra money to make a fold only box and was wondering if a dual core 3800 would be better then say a pair of mp2800 or lower speed Opterons? The box would have 512 or 1024mb ram and do nothing but fold. I looked around a little bit but there was no real info on this. Any...
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    LF parts to get some boxes going

    Hiya guys What I need P3 1000 or under 370 flavor. I dont think the motherboard can use the 133fsb ones its a older HP CUV-NT made by ASUS. If you think it can then ill give it a try ;) Cell 533 370 flavor also. I have a old dual board that I would like to get going and only have one of...
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    Running more then one motherboard off one PS?

    Can it be done? I have a few old MBs around and was wondering if I can get away with it ;)
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    Hey guys looking for some pics or other info on front bezel mounted 5"-6.4" LCDs

    I want to put one in but I cant find alot of info on what sizes will fit and where to get them from. Right now I have a dual output 6800 for a card. Thanks Hella
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    Ok guys im working on the new radiator shroud, but till then heres my reservoir

    Ok guys ive been cutting the new parts for the shroud and I finished making my new reservoir a few hours ago. Its sorta based on the Swiftech MCRES-MICRO. I used the same angled baffle to force the flow down but I made mine 6in high. Its hard to see the angled baffle in the pics with the smoked...
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    My dual Black Ice Micro2 radiator setup

    Here are some pics just to let you guys see what im upto. A few more days and the rest will be set up and running ;) all about keeping em cool
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    Need help with DVI 40ft cable and a VGA card

    Hiya guys A friend of mine build a house and set up a home theater in the basement with a 106 and a LCD projector. His problem is that he ran a DVI cable from the equipment to the projector and there's no way to run a VGA one. Is there a way to use a DVI to VGA adaptor with a female /...
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    Would this 12v pump work ok?

    saw this at JC what do ya think
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    So who is thinking of getting a Phantom just to turn it into a real PC?

    I know from the article I just read if they keep the insides somewhat the same I'll have myself a new $200 gaming PC. Anyone else thinking the same?