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    Linux can go to [H]ell

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    Help with overheating

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    Thermal paste

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    Check out this laptop (and vote for me!)

    So I was perusing the gallery of some company that did custom art work when I came across <url deleted>. So I entered (vote for me <url deleted>, #40 and thanks :D ) of course but I'm up against stiff competition. Anyway if I win, should I keep or sell the <url deleted>. Got some precent specs...
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    How economical would it be getting a Macbook?

    So I was looking at a MBP tonight at CompUSSR for shits and giggles, and to tell you the truth, I am pleasantly surprised how well it runs, especially with boot camp. I was impressed that it ran FEAR as well as my desktop. However, I am a poor college student (how many times have you heard that...
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    Recommended audio codecs?

    Basically what I am looking for is a codec or DSP plugin for windows that utilizes my 5.1 setup to the best extent. Right whether its itunes, WMP or any other player its sounds like its 2.1. I have checked all my speakers and all produce sound, but the Front right and left seem to be the...
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    new phone, now help me customize it

    This weekend much ot my joy i got a new samsung a950 to replace the craptastic LG i've had for the past 2 years. I love it, but the question that gets me is if it supports custom mp3 ringtones? Verizon has some decent ringtones but i'd rather my own music for ringers. What can I do?
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    dvd-/+ R (new twist on old question)

    How can I tell the difference between the two (dvd-r and dvd+r)? There was a way to do it in windows but I done forgot how to do it now. Anyone remember (and is there another way)?:confused: edit: If you must know, I have a disc here that seems to work only on PCs and not on home dvd players...
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    mp3 licensing?

    Is there a way to change the license to purchased music? For instance, is there a way to change my music from being shared over a network and still burned to a CD, or change the times the mp3s can be transferred multiple times? Thanks
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    Seagate 250GB PATA for $69.99 AR

    Free (ground) shipping too :D It's over at
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    Recommendations for backup HD?

    So I was perusing thru external HDDs from Newegg and the like when I thought if it would be cheaper to build my own, seeing how you can take any internal IDE drive and put it into an enclosure. So I am asking, since I am going to start periodical backups of my 200gb SATA drive (using the default...
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    Suggest me a laptop

    So my roommate has becoming annoying and writing papers is commonplace now this semester. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestion for a decent ~$500 laptop that would do email/internet and office apps well, with good battery life (enough for a DVD) a plus. I've heard both good and bad...
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    To Steam or not to Steam

    I don't have half life 2 yet, and I was thinking about getting the source premier pack off of steam. It seems competively priced, and I would get it instantly. The only con I see to this is if I ever have to reformat would I lose the game and have to repurchase it? I prefer having hard copies of...
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    [warm?]F.E.A.R. $30 at CompUSA

    I just picked up FEAR for 29.99, I didn't know if this was a hot deal or not. Its for the basic CDROM edition, not the director's cut (which is still 54.99). edit: actually seems to be pretty hot after checking pricewatch and pricegrabber
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    Flash iMac modem possible?

    Is it possible to upgrade the integrated modem on the tray-loading imacs from v90 to v92? I looked everywhere for something to modify the firmware for the modem to make this possible, but the closest thing I can find is a v90 update over on the support section at Apple's website. Any one have...
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    Find me the best bargain laptop if you can.

    I am a college student (who isn't these days :D) that would like a laptop in supplement to his desktop. I went after an Armada M700 on ebay (got it for $250) but after some discussion with savvy ebay shoppers and techies they told me i got ripped hard. So now I'm looking for the best deal i can...
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    Functions are NOT fun

    So I have a c++ final coming up next week and I still don't know if I have functions understood. take a look at some examples I made and see if they are correct. code: void name (); //returns name int main() { name(); return 0; } void name() string name = "buzzard34"; cout << name << endl...
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    Trouble with C++ structs

    What do I have to fix here? I'm trying to compile this propgram using structs and having little success. The compiler lists errors tracing back to the "word charm" function, where it says "conversion from 'wordType'to non-scalar type 'wordtype' requested" I don't really know what that means, I...
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    Looking at LCDs

    So I'm new to this, and I was wondering what I should be looking for. Right now I have a 17" flat CRT and if i reaplced it with LCD i would like it to remain at 17" with 1280x1024 res, preferably with DVI since I have such option on my vid card. I will be doing some gaming in addition to work...
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    augh C++ drives me to drink

    So here is my code:code: #include <iostream> #include <cctype> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; const int MAX_WORD_LENGTH = 20; //Function Prototypes void Description(); //Description of program void InitWord(char w[],int len); //Cells 0..len -1 are initialized...
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    Help with overheating

    Ok I just installed this cooler on my 9600XT because the stock fan was being noisy as hell (and unreliable too). Now anytime I launch a 3d app (whether its a game or ATItool or something else) Catalyst Control Center comes up with an error message due to overheating problems. on the I used the...
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    Thermal paste

    Can someone tell me the truth about this stuff? I ordered some AS5 and then while talking to some colleagues they told me to that AS5 really isn't that superior to the paste you get with a CPU (or in my case an Arctic Cooling ATI silencer). I still haven't gotten my AS5 so I am seriously...
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    Good speakers?

    I was looking at this Creative 5.1 setup I saw on Newegg. Is this a pretty good deal? I live in a dorm room so it might be a little hard to setup a true 5.1 environment but other than that would this be a lot better than the dinky 2 satellite system I have now?
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    How do I...

    Make an animated gif? and not using avi or wmv but rather making several images and turning it into a continual loop.
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    what is wrong with me

    I can't fix it and it nearly drove me to drink due to the sheer amount of errors generated. I seriously doubt my knowledge of this C++ and i can't get help at all. wtf am I supposed to do its due tomorrow morning: Its functions. fuck it im am changing my major come semester i CANT STAND...
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    Why AS5?

    I just bought an ArcticCooler ATISilencer2 and I remember someone (think it was IceWind) telling me not to use the included thermal paste and get AS5 instead. Why? How superior is silver thermal compund to silicone-based compund? and are the temp differences that great?
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    Ordering from Newegg

    based on your experience from shopping at Newegg who is the best shipper?
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    Suggest me a VGA cooler...

    Ok so my fan is dying, according to this thread. So now I'm looking for something to replace my current GPU fan. The zalman looks nice, but I'm not spending any more than what that costs. If you got a good (and cheaper) suggestion, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! :D
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    Why is C++ so hard for me?

    I'm a freshman in college taking a C++ course for my CE degree. I really have trouble writing programs and getting them to compile/work. I have little previous programming experience, but its fustrating when people who have done little with computers seem to get their program to work and...
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    Noisy Video Card

    I know the fan on my ATI 9600XT is noisy as hell, but what can I do about it? It rattles sometimes and its starting to drive my roommate and I batshit. :mad: Short of unplugging it or doing major surgery, what should be done to quieten it?
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    Hmm possible?

    I want to save my prefs when using knoppix to the hard disk, but the problem is my HDD is NTFS formatted. Can I do this? and how? Thanks!
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    Servers and torrents

    Go ahead and lock the thread if its illegal to ask this, but does anyone know of any torrent proxy servers? I can't seem to get good speeds with a straight connection, and I can't unblock ports (don't ask why, its password-related :rolleyes:) so i was talking to a friend and they told me by...
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    Let the renaming begin

    so Dell wants a slice of Apple's Pie: Let's see if it actually stores more than the shuffle, otherwise you may start calling it the DJ sh*tty.:D
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    Alternative P2P

    Can someone suggest me one that works as well as Limewire? For some reason Limewire doesn't work anymore, and I can't figure out why. I'll give more details when I toubleshoot some more.
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    C++ help ?

    Hi, I had an earlier post but it got f*ckd over by database issues so I am reposting this. I need to find a way to tie in an ID check digit of some sort. Here's my code so far: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a, b, c, d, sum...
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    Changing user names

    Completely? I've changed my user name on my PC from "Compaq_Owner" to whatver yet in programs like taskmanager the user whose threads/processes are current comes up as "Compaq_Owner"...its stupid and I would like to eliminate the name "Compaq_Owner" completely from my system. :p
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    Suggest me a PSU...

    Ok I have this system. Its pretty much stock (was planning to add another stick of 512MB RAM [Kingston PC3200 if you need to know]) and has a 250w psu, according to HP/Compaq. I'm just curious to know if its possible to add a AGP video card that suggests a "minimum" of 300w w/o having to upgrade...