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    280 GTX vs 4870 for F1 2011?

    I'm currently running an old 8800GTS 320MB that just isn't cutting it with F1 2011. I've been thinking about upgrading, but I have a really limited budget so an older card is all that I can fit in. From what I've found, the 280 and the 4870 seem to still be somewhat competitive. Will either of...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from before? They have some good deals on fans but I've never heard of them before. I usually just order from Jabtech but they're significantly cheaper.
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    OS Drive: X25-V or WD6401AALS

    So I just have one last thing to buy for a new i7 system, and that's the OS drive. I don't need a whole lot of space for this pc so for size, the 40GB Intel X25-V would be a good fit. However, for half the price, I could pick up a 640GB WD Caviar Black. The 640GB also has a 5 year warranty...
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    Re-use Antec Neopower 500?

    I'm building a basic i7 rig and was wondering if an Antec NeoPower 500w would be enough to power an Asus P6T, i7-920, 6GB ram, a couple of hard drives, and a 9600GT? The 9600GT I know is old and slow but it's all that's really needed in my application so it will for sure either be the 9600 or...
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    USB 3.0, SATA 3.0 worth it?

    Sorry if this has been covered already but the search engine seems to get flummoxed by "3.0." I'm building an X58 rig for my parents and they tend to keep their computers for about 4-5 years. By this time will USB 3.0/SATA 3.0 be a necessity? I can't see them moving to an SSD in this pc's...
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    Snap, Crackle, Crap!

    I've been having some major problems with my sound card lately. I have an EMU 1212m output via coaxial SPDIF to an external DAC and when I left in August, the set-up was working fine. I come back, Vista installs a bunch of new crap and I suddenly get snaps and crackles every time I open a window...
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    Streaming Video from One Laptop to Another

    This is probably a noob question but I have my main laptop hooked up to a 1.5TB external hard drive with all my media on it. Is there a way to stream this content over WIFI to my second laptop? I live in a dorm so I don't have access to the router which is why I was wondering if I could just...
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    Screen Protectors?

    Where do you guys purchase your screen protectors from? I ordered a set off eBay but it's not as thick as my old one so the protector doesn't look completely smooth under certain angles of light. I was thinking of buying the one linked below but I'm not sure if it'll be the same thing...
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    UMA/WiFi Calling?

    I'm having a hard time understanding T-Mobile's policy on international WiFi calling. I was told that it can be used anywhere on the globe and you'll only be charged for your standard minutes by a T-Mobile salesperson but everywhere else I've read says either its only for nationwide calling and...
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    Best T-mobile phone?

    GF is looking for a new phone and has no idea what to buy. I barely use my T-Mobile line so idk what phone she should get. She's probably not going to get a data plan but wants a qwerty keyboard for texting. Also prefers Samsung but is open to other phones. What do you guys think of these...
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    Found new phone but have one problem!

    So I'm due up for a replacement phone and I found exactly what phone I want (The Samsung Impression) however the only place who carries it here is ATT direct and they want $200 (-$50 rebate) plus $20 a month for data. I don't need the data plan so I don't want to do this. What I was thinking...
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    Project: LianFish Evolution (Skyline889)

    I've had my Rocketfish for about a year now and have been doing mods all along the way, thought it was time I finally made a worklog for this monstrosity! :D Bear with me as future additions will have more pictures of the actual modding. Evo I: I found a Rocketfish at my local Best Buy and...
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    Gigabyte Purple SATA Ports??

    I have a Gigabye P35C-DS3R motherboard and it has 6 SATA ports off the Intel controller and 2 SATA ports off the Gigabyte controller. Now my problem is that, up until now I had been running all my drives off the Intel controller but I ran out of those so I attached my new hdd to the Gigabyte...
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    Seagate RMA packing?

    Has anyone rma'd a hdd through Seagate lately? I'm RMA'ing an old 200GB hdd and it's not really worth it for me to use their advance rma process so I was wondering how you guys usually pack your drives. I have a small Amazon box they shipped me my 1.5TB in, and that will give the drive about an...
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    Cheapest good psu?

    So I've been doing some research and it seems like the Silverstone ST350 is the way to go for a budget power supply. Is this the best quiet psu in this price range? I'm replacing some parts in my dad's pc (P5B-VM, E6300, Onboard Graphics so nothing powerful) and need a cheap but good psu.
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    Why don't video cards use standard fans?

    Is there a reason why graphics cards don't use standard 4pin pwm or 3 pin fans? I want to replace the stock cooler on my 9600GT with something like the Scythe Musashi but I only have one extra fan header on my motherboard so two fans is a no go unless I use an adapter, which is a pain with my...
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    Lian Li PC-B10 (New Case)

    I saw this case when I was looking through their website a couple nights ago. It looks slick! Nice array of features too. :D
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    Price speculation?

    By the end of this summer what do you guys expect the price of the Seagate 1.5TB drives to be? I could buy one now but I won't technically need it until the end of August so I'm not sure if I should wait or just pull the trigger now. With prices around $100-110 now, I'm thinking prices won't...
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    Aluminum for case modding?

    I'm planning on doing some case modding and was hoping you guys could hep me out with aluminum selection. I don't really know what the difference between the types of aluminum are nor what thickness I need. What I'm doing: I'm going to mount two hard drive cages with three hard drives in...
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    Sata to Molex adapter?

    I know that there are Molex to Sata adapters but are there Sata to Molex adapters?
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    Auzentech Infrasonic Quartet?

    What do you guys think of this card? Looks to be a good alternative to those wanting a good "music" oriented soundcard and don't need the 5.1/7.1 outputs of general media based cards. Do you think there'd be problems with decoding movie audio for 2 channel...
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    Upgrading Raptor?

    I have a 150GB Raptor right now and was just curious what I would need to buy to see a noticeable upgrade in performance. I know the 640GB WD drives will offer better transfer rates but does that make up for slower access times? I might upgrade if I can do it for $100 or less but if I'd need...
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    Help Identifying CPU

    So I was asked to sell an AMD cpu but having never owned an AMD based pc, I have no knowledge of their hardware. Can you guys help me identify this processor? I think it's a Socket 939, 4800+ Toledo but I just want to make sure. I've also checked eBay and the prices seem pretty high, from what I...
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    How long do your phones last?

    So I'm nearing the end of my 2 year contract and was wondering how many of you actually make it to two years before replacing your phone? I'm pretty rough with my phones so I haven't ever had a phone last more than a year since my first two Nokia bricks. How long do your phones last?
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    Best way to backup an entire hard drive?

    So up 'til now I've been backing up everything on my hard drives by simply copying new files, file by file to another hard drive at the end of every week and replacing any file that has been updated since the last backup. This is getting ridiculously repetitive however, so I was wondering if...
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    Best way to get album art?

    So I've been looking for a program that will automatically download album art (Much like what Itunes does but for general use such as Foobar playback) but so far the search has turned up nothing. Are there any good programs that do this?
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    Warm: Sharp Aquos 32" 1080P $579.99 FS

    Dell has the Sharp AQUOS 32" LC32D64U 1080p LCD HDTV on sale for $579.99 with free shipping. Pretty good price for what it is.
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    Entry Level Subs

    Long shot but I'll try. I've been looking for a budget sub to round out my college rig (Nothing too crazy, don't want to get it damaged during moving) and found a good deal on a DefTech ProSub 60 but can't find any reviews on it. I know the company in general is well received but does anybody...
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    Upgrading 24" worth it?

    I've been thinking about selling my HP LP2465 to buy the LG L246WP-BN that's on sale for $299 refurbished. What do you guys think? Would it be a worth while switch? There's nothing wrong with my LP2465 per se, I don't have the ghosting problems and there's no BLB at all, but the bezel is scuffed...
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    No post, no video!

    Well I just got back from college, I start my pc and whaddaya know, it won't post. The first time I started it up it posted but showed a Windows error message. After I restarted, it wouldn't post at all, no video, no nothing. The computer "turns on", the fans all run and stuff, but nothing will...
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    Dell Studio 17?

    Anyone have one of these? I'm thinking about selling my HP to go to one. I like the looks and build quality of my HP but the glossy finish attracts too many fingerprints and I would prefer dedicated graphics. A Studio 17 equipped with the specs below should be more than enough for casual...
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    Upgrade CPU in Celeron M laptop?

    I got a free Acer 3690-2970 from my sister that I had originally planned to use like a netbook but it's 512mb ram and Celeron M 520 are really too slow for me so I wanted to do some light upgrades. From what I've read I could swap in up to a T7600 into this laptop but the T5200/5300 offer the...
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    E8400 idling at 48c??

    I have my E8400 at 3ghz under volted to 1.05v and Realtemp (Tjmax 100c) reports that my processor is idling at 48c. I have a lapped TRUE with a 1500rpm fan so I have no clue why my temps are so high. I tried re-seating the processor today and re-applying AS5 but the temps remained the same. Did...
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    Best 15" for under $700?

    So I'm going to be selling my 17" to move to a 15" but I'm not really sure which one to buy. Smaller is ok too but the things I'm looking for are a decent processor (Intel preferably), decent graphics for DIVX and 720P/1080P MKV movies, portability, and a price tag under or around $700. RAM and...
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    Antec 1200 Cable Management

    How's the cable management in this case? I know the tray has cut-outs for cables but it seems like they're positioned awkwardly since I haven't really seen one with clean cable management yet. Do you guys think clean cable routing would be possible without drilling in this case?
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    Argh, videos won't play anymore, help!!

    I have no clue what happened but my laptop won't play videos anymore. It was working fine earlier today but I open up The Office tonight and everything was in grey. After exiting out and pressing play again, there was no video at all this time, only sound. I tried uninstalling all my codecs and...
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    Lian Li S80?

    Has anyone used this case before? I know it came out about two years ago but I've never seen them on the forums before. I saw that Newegg has started bringing them in for a very good price so I'm trying to decide whether it'd be worth it to spend this much on a case. They also have the V1100 for...
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    IP35 Pro or P5Q Pro?

    I'm building a new atx rig for college and I can't really decide between P35 or P45. The P45 doesn't seem to offer more features other than more sata ports and slightly better overclocking performance for 45nm quads (Which is irrelevant for me as I'm probably going dual core) but the P45 is also...
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    24" Imac enough for light gaming and CS3 work?

    I'm pretty unhappy with the noise to performance ratio of the SFF build I just finished so I've been thinking about selling everything and just buying one of the refurbished aluminum 24" Imacs. It's one of the older ones I think so it only has the 2.4ghz C2D, 1gb of ram, 320gb HD, and the Radeon...
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    GO Q6600 Idleing at 55c?

    I just installed a GO stepping Q6600 in my new pc and it is running really frickin hot. Core 0, the hottest core, idles at 56c and loads at 61c and the other cores idle at about 51c. This wouldn't be too bad if I was still running the stock cooler with a mild overclock but I'm running a...