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    Strange NFS ESXi all-in-one issue - Help!

    Hello, I have the following all-in-one setup: Supermicro X9SCL Xeon E3 1230 16GB ram Perc 6 2 Arrays 4 x 1TB WD Black 3 x 2TB WD Green Open Media Vault VM with the Perc6 passed through directly. 2 networks: 192.168.160.x - vSwitch0 - General network - 1 Intel NIC...
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    aes-ni on esxi

    I'm looking to encrypt my FS volume with either luks or truecrypt. Will the VM be able to take advantage of AES-NI support from the CPU? I'm trying to keep the overhead to a minimum on a ESX test box, while keeping power to a minimum as well.
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    good psu=no post/cheap psu=post???

    I have a tyan 2466. 512mb of ram, no cards installed and a xp1700. Enermax 430w = no post Enermax 430w = no post Enermax 300w = no post Enermax 300w = no post Aopen 300w = Post No Name PSU 300w = Post Powerman 300w = Post Why is the board posting with the cheapest power supplies I...
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    Windows A.D. vs Samba

    I'm not 100% sure what the benefits of AD are. Can anyone explain the advantages of running Windows 2000/2003 Server over Samba as a PDC?
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    amd64 slow ram bench. Help!!

    Heres me setup Epox 9NDA3+ AMD64 3200 Winchester OCZ 2x512 3500EL (one stick is questionable, reports as 2700 in cpuz. OCZ and people say thats normal) ATI 9600XT Right now running HTT: 260 HT: 3x CPU: 10x 2.7v memory AGP: 67 memoy: Cas: 2 Ras to Cas: 3 Ras precharge: 3...
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    rack/cabling help

    With all the computers/print servers in my house things are starting to get confusing and messy. All i'm looking for is some sort of a rack that I can mount a patch panel onto and a shelf or two, possibly even mount a switch onto it. What kind of rack am I looking at. I don't want anything too...
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    best MTA?

    Just wondering what the best MTA is. Postfix, exim, sendmail, procmail. What should I use? Here's my setup Fetchmail gets incoming mail, spamassassin and clamav scan the mail, dovecot imap is used to retreive mail. I was using sendmail to sort mail, would this be the best for my...
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    router vs m0n0wall/ipcop??

    Is there a difference. Im running a wrt54g with the hacked firmware, and firewall on. I only have a 5mb cable connection, is there any advantage of running a seperate firewall box/router? Also, I see lots of users with small lans and multiple switches, what is the point of this??
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    opteron/athlon64 server solution

    I'm on a budget, looking for a opteron/athlon64 based system preferebly single processor unless the board is cheap enough so I can get dual opterons in. The board must have a 64bit slot for a ide/sata hardware raid controller. Kind of on a budget, but not sure what to do. I havn't found a...
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    poor hd result debian sarge+2.6.8

    Just updated to kernel 2.6.8 and noticed very very poor performance with hdparm after upgrading. I have searched around and noticed that 2.6.8 turns off DMA. I have turned DMA back on with very little change. Any ideas why?? This is the first time using debian and compiling my kernel :D...
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    hw raid card for sata or ide

    I am looking for a full HW raid card supported in linux. For a 32bit/33mhz slot as the budget is very low for a server config. Are all the 3ware's or other 64bit/66mhz backwards compatable?? None of the promise cards are full HW aparently. Looking at running 3-4 drives in raid5 or possibly...
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    Stock HSF Post/XP-120 No dual channel?!?

    This seems like the dumbest thing I have ever run into. With the XP-120 my 9nda3+ will not work with dual channel memory (no post). With the Stock AMD HSF it will post. I have reseated the CPU a few times. I am probably overlooking something so simple, any ideas? Yes, the fan is plugged...
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    xp-120 touching zalman gpu heatpipe cooler

    Would there be any problems with this?? unfortionatly every nforce3 ultra board i had the chance of getting had horrible layout issues....epox was the best
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    64bit advantages for fileserver

    Just wonder if there are any advantages running a fileserver with samba based on the AMD64 and 64 bit linux distro?? If so, any recomendations on motherboards?
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    incorrect OCZ reporting?

    I have 2 sticks of 512mb pc3500EL OCZ ddr ram. I bought them at seperate times but am running them in dual channel. In Aida my ram is being reported as follows: OCZ OCZ43351 2EL 512 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM Both are came in the same packaging untampered with the proper labeling...
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    Thoughts on EP-9NDA3+

    First of all, sorry. I've seen all these posts on the MSI but nothing really on the Epox. The MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. seems to be giving people troubles. Anyone have any comments on the EPOX??
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    hauppage 250/dvd decoder problem?

    To make a long story short, everything was working great until my seagate drive died and I had to reinstall. Whats happening: Load up hauppage decoder, software and drivers and then watch TV then later on Install NVDVD watch a DVD Reboot twice, and then its almost like my hauppage 250 is...
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    What's going on with seagate?

    My 3rd Seagate 160gb SATA drive has just died. Any of the three times it hasn't given me any sign of failure, I'll walk into my room and I can hear a weird clicking or noise that's not a good noise to be hearing and get the "please insert boot disk" error. I do the RMA thing with it, get my new...
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    laying new cat5 cable in house

    I have multiple computers in the top floor of my house, networked with cat5 with cables running down to my basement. The cables are all running through the air duct that is conveniently in my room. Also going through the air duct is a plain coax cable for the TV. I've tried twice to lay new...
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    knoppmyth setup

    I have enough knowledge to get around in linux, but really have no clue what knoppmyth wants to do. Basically, I am a windows user...2 ntfs drives. Do I need a linux partition to run knoppmyth still? Im familure with knoppix and was hoping this would work very similar. I've checked around the...