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    Mounting ISO files in Windows 8

    I used to be able to mount ISO files as a virtual DVD-ROM on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Now on my DELL XPS 15, there is no such option. Whatever software was on the Lenovo, it seemed to be part of Windows 8, as I had not installed anything like DAEMON Tools on it. Can anyone confirm if mounting ISOs...
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    What version of Windows was current when .NET Framework 3.5 was released?

    I need to use a version of Windows that does not force me to use a version of .NET that's newer than 3.5 when trying to run software like CorelDraw and SolidWorks, both of which are asking for 3.5 Windows 8.1 does not allow me to install .NET 3.5
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    Best Usenet/Newsgroups Service?

    After taking a break from newsgroups for a number of years and getting what I needed via torrents, I'm considering going back now. What's the best Usenet service? Giganews? Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
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    iTunes question - What format are the digital downloads?

    I have a noob iTunes question. I am about to buy some albums. What format am I downloading? MP3 files? A propietary Apple format that only iPods and iPhones can read? Just wondering what I'm paying for.
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    What the heck is Bonjour, and do I need it?

    I see Bonjour got added when I installed Quicktime. What is it?
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    Software emulating Nvidia or ATI graphics card

    The new version of Autodesk's Mudbox requires an Nvidia Quadro or AMD/ATI FirePro series graphics card. I'd like to run it on an Acer Aspire S7 laptop, but it only has Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Is there software that can emulate the required graphics card that would allow Mudbox to run?
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    What's the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro?

    What's the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro? Just wondering because Windows 8 is $40 bucks cheaper.
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    I don't understand the appeal of small Tablets PCs

    After trying one out for a couple weeks along with some tablet accessories, I don't understand their appeal over a nice touchscreen Ultrabook. Ultrabooks are thinner, have better keyboards, bigger screens, better design, just better all around. Why would I want this? When I can have this?
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    ASUS ZenBook Touch U500VZ

    It's time to upgrade to a new laptop. I've chosen the ASUS ZenBook Touch U500VZ. The problem is no one sells the darn thing. It was supposedly released last fall. I found the Microsoft store is selling something that seems to match it...
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    IE favorites being sorted alphabetically, daily, instead of by time added

    Internet Explorer USED to sort my favorites by time added. Now, for whatever reason, each day, they're sorted alphabetically. Not sure why it changed, but It's really annoying. Any idea how to change this? I hope it's not a permanent feature from some Windows update.
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    Performance lag caused by slow network connection

    I just realized after using my laptop outside of my apartment that anytime I use it at a coffee shop or a friend's place, the performance is pretty good. Whenever I'm at home, performance lags considerably, and it seems to be tied to slow response from my internet connection. For example, let's...
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    Need help configuring Linksys WRT54GL

    I bought a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router. Right now it's running unsecured and open. Can someone explain to me how to configure it to a secure connection? Security Type options are: Shared, WPA2-Personal, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise, WPA-Enterprise, and 802.1x Encryption Type options...
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    I purchased Windows 7 off eBay; shipping from Shenzen China

    I'm concerned about a Windows 7 Retail package I purchased on eBay. The seller's location is listed as Pennsylvania, however the item ended up dropshipping from Shenzen, China. After contacting the seller, she told me she actually lives in Georgia, not Pennsylvania, and assured me that it was an...
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    "Server not found" error

    Could someone please explain to me why I would suddenly start receiving a "Server not found" error when trying to access this site: At first I thought it might be a firewall or security change on my Windows laptop, so I tried a different computer. Same thing...
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    Is there a best brand for SSDs?

    I know with hard drives I learned to trust Western Digital over other brands like Seagate and Maxtor, but SSDs are a completely different technology. Should I be looking at the best memory manufacturers and assume they produce the best SSDs as well? What brands are considered top? Or is this a...
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    Win 7 Internet Explorer not retaining window size

    Internet Explorer does not retain window size, so every time I open it, I have to hit Maximize or stretch it out manually. Firefox does not have this problem. Anyone know if there's a fix for this?
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    Vista Disk Defragmenter has been running for over 24-hrs. - Is this normal?

    I've been running Disk Defragmenter on Vista for over 24-hours now. I have a 500GB hard drive. I can't believe it's not finished yet. Is this normal?
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    Blocking certain domains in Firefox

    I have a handful of domain names that always pop-up in SpyBot S&D as Firefox cookies. They're always the same domains. Under Firefox's Security>Exceptions, I can only add site to allow, not block. Is there a way to block Firefox from saving cookies from these sites?
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    n00b question - replacing router - configuration required?

    The router my ISP gave me is some oddball brand called Netopia. It's starting the crap out on me. I'd like to replace it with a Linksys WRT54GL. Now I recall when I previously had problems with the Netopia router they replaced it with another Netopia router and did all kinds of setup...
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    Is the ASUS Maximus Extreme their top-of-the-line motherboard?

    Is the ASUS Maximus Extreme their top-of-the-line motherboard: There's so many on their site I can't figure out which is their best one.
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    What is the top video editing software for the PC?

    I know on the Mac it is Final Cut Pro, but what is the top video editing software for the PC? :confused:
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    Adobe Acrobat Experts - I NEED HELP!!

    Every PDF document I create from JPEG pics gets compressed into oblivion. They are loaded with artifacts and look like total crap, especially the TEXT. I looked through the settings and cannot find where the compression settings are. ADOBE ACROBAT EXPERTS, I NEED HELP!!
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    Petition Microsoft to add mouse and keyboard support to the XBox 360

    Xbox-Scene ( and Team Xbox - ( are in agreement that Microsoft should add mouse and keyboard support to the XBox 360. View petition: Sign petition:
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    Xbox 360 mod/hack websites

    These are the sites I have bookmarked: Please post other good sites you've found.
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    n00b case fan question: Suck cool air in? or Blow hot air out? Which is better?

    I have a SFF Shuttle PC that is overheating and shutting down. The only fan in it is the one mounted to the CPU Zalman heatsink. I want to add another fan to that rear of the case but can't decide if it should bring cool air in or blow hot air out.
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    Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade: Seagate/Maxtor 160GB -VS- Western Digital Scorpio 160GB

    I need help deciding which hard drive to get for my laptop. Currently it has a 60GB HD which isn't enough space for me. These are the two I thought would be best: Seagate/Maxtor 160GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (ST9160821A-RK) -OR- Western Digital Scorpio 160GB EIDE Hard Drive...
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    How do I back up Outlook Express e-mails and transfer them to new computer?

    What is the best way to do this? Also, where is the address book? I would like to back that up as well.
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    Anyone here know anything about Garmin GPS software?

    I have a friend who wants me to install Garmin software on his laptop. He has limited space (4GB hard drive with 2GB space left on it). The worst part is (and I can't believe it myself), he has a CD-ROM drive and can't upgrade to a DVD-ROM drive. So somehow I have to breakdown the contents of...
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    ClearType for Windows 98?

    Has anyone written anything like ClearType for Windows 98?
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    Loud fans on low-profile video cards - Can I go fanless?

    I've got a low-profile video card with a very loud fan. Could I mount a large piece of copper on it and go fanless? Has anyone done this? Would that disipate enough heat to work?
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    Where to find cheapest 8.5GB Dual-Layer DVD-Rs?

    The best price I've found is from Ritek RiData 8.5GB 4X Dual-Layer DVD-R 25-pack for $38.90 ($1.56 each) + $8.03 UPS Ground = $46.93 Total
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    Batch Unzip - Need to unzip hundreds of individually zipped files

    I opened up a .RAR file that contains hundreds of individual .ZIP files. I don't want to have to unzip each one at a time. How can I perform a mass unzipping of these files?
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    How do you play .MKV files?

    I have some HDTV video files and this is the first time I've come across the .mkv format. How do I play them?
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    Printing photos - How do I determine resolution and dpi to print on 8.5 x 11 paper?

    If I want to print a photo how do I determine what resolution and dpi the image should be converted to prior to printing? I'm printing to a Canon i960 which has a horizontal resolution of 4800 dpi and a vertical resolution of 1200 dpi.
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    XP/Vista Dual-boot system - How do you hide partitions?

    I don't want XP to see my Vista partition, and I don't want Vista to see my XP partition. How do I hide them from each other? Also, after I hide them will they both become C: drive by default? or will I have to manually change the drive letters from D: to C: ?
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    Online repository of computer BIOS'

    I'm trying to find BIOS files for a Compaq Presario 1267 laptop with no luck. I checked Compaq's website (now HP) and found instructions on how to update the BIOS but no link to the actual BIOS files...
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    Can Mac OS X be added to a boot menu on a PC?

    I've seen Mac OS X running on a PC via the PearPC emulator. But can it be listed as an option in a boot menu? Anyone have it set up this way?
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    Mandriva Linux 2007 - Editing boot loader timeout

    Is there a way I can edit the boot loader timeout from 20-seconds to 2-seconds without writing to the MBR (or whatever it's called in Linux)? I know I can modify this via Mandriva's control panels but then it writes something to some master boot sector which wipes out my System Commander boot...
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    Setting an NTFS partition as active from Linux?

    I have a partition with Windows XP installed on it. Currently my Linux partition is active. How do I switch and set the XP partition as active from Linux?