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    Surprise, my HD5850 threw a stripe-screen-of-death. Was there ever a solution?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death already, but please bear with me. I bought my card in May of this year, several months after the first reports of the GSOD/stripes surfaced. I was actually hoping AMD would address the issue in this time, but I guess not. Did you guys ever come to a...
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    Difference between XFX HD-587X-ZNFC and XFX HD-587A-ZNF9

    Obvious difference is reference design versus the "new" fan design. From reports I've read, only the reference models can have their firmware flashed to allow a higher voltage and thus a MUCH higher overclock.
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    GTX 460 rumored on the way...

    Let's be honest guys - ATI really dealt a low-blow by first raising the MSRP of the 5850/5870, then undercutting to $260 with the 5830. Of course nVidia had to price their 470/480 relative to the 5850/5870 (don't ask me why the prices aren't identical), but they basically positioned their cards...
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    Can't justify upgrading 8 series card

    I know what you mean. I've got a 2y/o 8800GTS 640MB that I just can't justify retiring. I think my biggest obstacle is the price of entry for a new high-end card though. The 5850s are still about $30-40 more than I'd like.
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    I stand corrected then. :)
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    Unless something has changed in the last several months, Fortron/FSP used to be one of the reputable brands in the game. Also, Corsair sources their PSUs from Seasonic, which is why I consider them "equal". As far as PC Power & Cooling not making power supplies...
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    Good power supplies can be had for (relatively) cheap. Check out FSP Group - they make some of the best supplies out there, along with Corsair/Seasonic and PCP&C. $40 for 400W
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    Corsair 750TX and 650TX same price, but I don't need 750W.

    Which do I get? At most I'll probably be pushing ~500W with the following setup: i7-920 @ 2.8-3.2GHz 3x2GB DDR3 Radeon 5850 I've read that PSUs are most efficient when total load is around 80%. That would mean I should get the TX650, right? But of course more is better and 750W would...
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    Has XFX stopped making 5850 cards?

    As would I...clearly I'm not the only one :o Oh...tempting. $300 shipped :eek:
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    Has XFX stopped making 5850 cards?

    Can't find one in stock at any of the major retailers (Egg, ZZF, Amazon, TD, etc.). What's going on?
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    HD5830 - I'm not impressed!

    Shame about halving the ROPs...24 would have been a good middle ground IMO. Also surprised at the TDP.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    No, you (and I, and many others) misread what he posted. He's saying that with the rumored specs (shaders, processors, etc.), all you need to do is bump the core to 816MHz to beat a 5850. Considering it's allegedly at 750 already, it's a measly 66MHz bump to beat the next-highest card.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    Yeah it's all based on a leak from some European retailer's website. Edit - The 5830 is all but confirmed, but the specs are purely conjecture.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    If this can debut for less than $250 I'm gonna buy it without hesitation.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    I thought the rumored core speed was 750MHz?
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    Hm, interesting. Confirms suspicions that it's a slightly detuned 5850, in essence. 2/18 seems rather optimistic, though. I think it's silly that the MSRP for the 5850 used to be $259, but now pretty much everyone, including AMD, has accepted the new price point of $299. So, when the 5830 is...
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    You know, the one set at a $229 price point. The one that should essentially be a 4890 with DirectX 11 capability. Maybe a little more juice. The one that keeps getting delayed :mad: Any new word, or are we still looking at late Feb/early March?
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    the 5850 is now under 300

    If you guys still want in on a <$300 Sapphire Radeon, check this out. $310, but Bing has 12.8% cashback on Tigerdirect so it comes out to about $270.
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    New build help

    I can get you started on the right track, but ultimately you'll have to make some changes based on your subjective needs. CPU - Intel Core i7 920 Motherboard - Asus P6T Deluxe V2...
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    new build critique

    Just something to consider: the XFX card you picked out is overclocked by a relatively paltry 30MHz core and 125MHz memory. 5800 series cards are remarkably good at overclocking, so you could save about 10% by picking a standard-clocked model and doing the tiny bit of overclocking yourself...
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    best budget or midrange card for my situation

    +1 for the 4870 1GB, definitely the best part to run today's games at high quality. If you're looking for "future-proofing" (read: DirectX 11) look at the 5770.
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    Some video card advice.

    5770 is the best of the $150-170 price point in my opinion. Might I suggest this version instead? I (and many others) have had excellent experiences with Sapphire. You also save about 10%...
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    Wait for Nvidia's Fergie or go with 5800 series?

    If you keep waiting you'll never be happy. I just pulled the trigger on a Sapphire 5850. Came out to just over $261 after Bing cashback.
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    What's going on with the 5970?

    My guess is that AMD is continuing to have yield issues with its foundry, which means low supplies of 40nm chips for the near future. Just speculation on my part.
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    ASUS P5K Deluxe - Primary PCIe slot doesn't work.

    So for some reason I don't think my primary PCIe slot is working. The P5K Deluxe has 2 slots, but only the primary one is 16x. The other is only 4x. When my graphics card was in the first one the monitor wasn't receiving a signal. I tried the monitor and cable on other systems and they worked...
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    So I tried installing Vista SP1 and now it says my copy isn't genuine.

    Thanks a lot guys. I just finished the correct SP1 install and everything's fine now. :)
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    So I tried installing Vista SP1 and now it says my copy isn't genuine.

    So even if I uninstall the one I have and install the correct one, I won't be running the final version? Or are you referring to some way to just remove the words without removing the SP? Edit - Also, when the installation fail it said Vista was "reverting changes". Does that mean the SP is...
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    So I tried installing Vista SP1 and now it says my copy isn't genuine.

    Let me preface this by saying I do own a legal retail copy of Vista. I tried installing SP1 today. It downloaded and got through 2/3 of the installation, then failed for some reason at the 3rd stage. When I logged into Vista, I noticed at the bottom-right corner it says: What's that about...
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    Alright another friend of mine recommended seems to be working.
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    Seagate RMA - very impressed

    Sounds to me like either they gave you the wrong one, or they discontinued your model and gave you its rough successor. I know Logitech does the latter, so maybe Seagate does as well.
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    You need to upload that picture somewhere...I can't exactly read it off your hard drive. ;) Interestingly enough, Disk Management "sees" the dynamic volume (labeled as Disk 1), but says it's offline. Testdisk doesn't even see it. And I don't have a floppy drive to try to work...
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    No dice...I ran testdisk.exe and it didn't detect my drive. In fact, it didn't even detect my functioning drives. The only ones it did detect were my optical drive and a USB flash drive I had plugged in. :o Edit - I think the problem is that my "lost" volume wasn't deleted or anything. It was...
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    Thanks a lot! I'll give this a try. Honestly, if it can recover anything I'll be happy. :)
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    Dynamic disk recovery software? Preferably freeware?

    Here's the long story: I bought a 500GB hard drive last month, and immediately partitioned it into 2 pieces. I had one 20GB partition, and the other ~445GB was another partition. The intent was to install Fedora on the 20GB partition so I could dual-boot Vista (on another hard drive) and...
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    Does the P5K support a 1:1 memory divider?

    I'm thinking of doing a mild overclock to my E6550, bringing it up to 2.8GHz (400x7). I have DDR2-800 RAM which would run great if I could to 1:1 (400MHz). Of course, all the DRAM settings are shown as memory speeds (DDR2-667, DDR2-1066, etc.) so which one do I pick for a 1:1 setting?
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    Is there any way to force my E6550 to run at 2.33GHz all the time?

    See, my concern is that it won't clock back up when I actually need it to. For instance, I opened Oblivion to check if it would go back up. I loaded up the game, loaded my save, and then minimized it. I had the ASUS monitor up the whole time, and when I minimized it was at 2000MHz. It wasn't...
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    Is there any way to force my E6550 to run at 2.33GHz all the time?

    Right now it's sitting at 2GHz, and I'm assuming that when I run something intensive it'll crank back up. Is there anyway to just have it going at full speed all the time?
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    My new computer keeps shutting off after a few minutes...HELP!!

    What kind of temperatures should I be looking for as a sign that it's overheating? I'm not sure.
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    My new computer keeps shutting off after a few minutes...HELP!!

    I haven't checked the temps, but I should do that. I'm at the computer lab right now, since I don't want to risk doing anything more on my PC till I figure out what's up. I was watching a movie the first time it cut off, and then the second time I was typing up an essay, which I figured would be...
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    My new computer keeps shutting off after a few minutes...HELP!!

    (Specs are in my sig, below.) My computer was working fine yesterday, all day, and now I can't have it on for more than 10 minutes without it randomly shutting down. It's not a problem with the wall socket because my monitor stays on the whole time, so I figure it's a problem with the tower...