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    Structured Cabling Question

    We have a low voltage installer running all new CAT6 throughout a two-story building that's being remodeled. We've asked them to patch all drops on the first floor, to the first floor IDF, and all second floor drops to the second floor IDF, seems simple to me. They're telling me that they...
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    Wiring 3x Redundant Power Supplies

    Hey guys, quick question - we have an Equallogic PS6510x with triple redundant power supplies rated at 440W each, the building has two circuits, each on an independent UPS. From what I understand, the EQL draws around 800W, and thus relies on two power supplies being online at any given time. Is...
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    IBM pSeries

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have a project that relies on some software that only runs on AIX, so I've picked up an old P5-570 from work and may need some assistance getting started. It was a two node stack with 8 cores and 16GB total, I don't need the horsepower or assosciated heat...
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    Cisco IP to Port Mapping / Ping Sweep

    Hi guys, I'm preparing to segment an existing flat network, I've currently got my target hosts moved over to the new subnet and routing through the router, I'm in the process of building my switch config to move routing to the switch and apply the VLAN config. I'm curious to hear if anyone has...
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    GFI vs Nessus

    Any thoughts from people who have experience with one or the other, or preferably both? We have some internal pentesting coming up, and we'd like to prepare as best we can. I've installed the trial of each and I really prefer the Nessus interface over GFI's new bloated dashboard setup, I've...
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    Is this normal for WHS?

    Jet setup my first whs box, but before I start filling it with data, I want to make sure this is normal? I know you're not supposed to use the console of the server for anything, and the WHS console shows all normal, but this still caught my attention... What do you think?
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    VMware RAID Level and Stripe Size

    Cross posted this in the virt section, looking to get opinions from the two different groups here, so hopefully that's not a big deal... Okay, so I'm putting together a whitebox for ESXi, I have a perc5/i and 6x 1TB 7200 SATA drives, the plan was to put them in RAID10 because I'm not real...
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    RAID Level and Stripe Size

    Okay, so I'm putting together a whitebox for ESXi, I have a perc5/i and 6x 1TB 7200 SATA drives, the plan was to put them in RAID10 because I'm not real concerned about capacity, just decent performance. I don't have a specific application in mind, it will mostly be used for windows labs and...
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    Metro Detroit

    Anyone in the metro detroit area want to arrange a get together? Seems like theres not much posted on here that's anywhere near here. Or if you know of some events in the area, post em!
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    ESX License for Study?

    I know a few of you are running ESX at home, I run ESXi which is perfect for at home, but I'd like to play with some of the features that ESX has to offer. Are you buying the starter edition, or does VMWare have some sort of study program similar to technet/msdn where you can obtain licenses for...
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    ESXi: Unable to create filesystem

    Just loaded up VMWare ESXi 4.0 on a whitebox for some testing, the box has an NVidia MCP55 SATA Controller, which I believe is supported. I disabled RAID in the bios, and have 4 independent disks, 3x 160GB and a 1TB. After installing ESXi, the three 160GB drives are available as datastores, the...
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    [H] Mobile?

    What address do you guys use for mobile H? I see the sig all the time "posted from my H mobile device, but this site looks awful on my blackberry.
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    Anyone use a Zune on their Mac?

    I want a zune because of the included FM radio, otherwise I would just get an ipod. Does the zune work with the mac or no? I've heard the answer is no because you have to use the windows software to sync music. If not, anyone have any recommendations on mp3 player with FM that works with osx?
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    Intel or AMD

    I've got two systems, one is going to be a workstation, one will run Server 2008 with Hyper-V as my virtual server. One has a Phenom II (3.4GHz) with DDR2 and the other an I7 (2.67 cant OC) with DDR3, I know the i7 outperforms the phenom in every other category, and I'm assuming in...
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    Hyper-V on top of ESX

    This may seem like a strange question, but it's just for study. Can I run Server 2008 w/ HV with a VM running, ON TOP of ESX along side some other VMs? I only have one box to dedicate to a vserver, and ESX is a bit more flexible because the host requires so little memory/cpu. However, I want...
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    Sound card settings

    Just hooked up my receiver to the PC over spdif/fiber, I've got all kinds of formats ranging from 16bit/44100Hz/CD Quality to 24bit/192000Hz/Studio Quality. It appears that the highest my receiver supports is 24/96000, do I just want to set it as high as my receiver will continue to play, or do...
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    Phenom Temps

    What kind of temps are you guys getting for phenom I overclocks, I'm curious if 62C (full load) is too hot for regular use. It idles at about 40C and it's been running 4 threads of Prime95-64bit for about an hour, hasnt gone above 62C. The chip is a 9650 @ 2.6GHz 1.20V (manual in bios) but...
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    8 Core Opteron for $416

    If any of you are interested, has Opteron 2356 (2.3GHz Quad) for $178 refurb, but guaranteed. Compare that to newegg's $700. They have 9 left as of tonight. They also have a board for it for $62, but i dont know that...
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    Searching for a computer that locks out a domain account

    We have a generic account that several people use in one of our training rooms, we recently changed the password, and now the account is being locked out constantly. Obviously there is some service or scheduled task or app, using the old credentials and locking it. Any creative ideas or apps...
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    Managing Windows PCs from Linux

    Just picked up an Acer One, mostly for remote assistance/management while on the road. Very impressed with the linux distro on it, so I'm going to keep it. I just wondered what apps you guys use for your IT work? I'm hoping there is something similar to the Windows adminpak, or RSAT. I've got...
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    Managing Windows PCs from Linux?

    Just picked up an Acer One, mostly for remote assistance/management while on the road. Very impressed with the linux distro on it, so I'm going to keep it. I just wondered what apps you guys use for your IT work? I'm hoping there is something similar to the Windows adminpak, or RSAT. I've got...
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    I'm so tired of hearing about what a good deal this stupid gayway FX is, lets keep it simple, Gateway = Shit?
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    sprint rocks

    I'm currently in a cabin in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan where I was unable to complete a phone call with Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile phones, but I'm tethering my blackberry (for free) at 1.05 Mbps. That is all.
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    Wide Open West Internet Problems

    Just thought it was worth mentioning to help anyone, several WOW customers in my area have been experiencing slow/intermittent internet problems the last few days, the problems are related to WOW's DNS servers and can be resolved (no pun) by using different DNS settings such as openDNS...
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    iBook G4 Tiger Performance

    I am looking at selling my macbook pro and trading an ipod touch for a ibook g4 12", the laptop has 640MB of ram, I want to know is this laptop going to be painfully slow running Tiger? Just for basic web email and IM, it should be fine right? I'm not familiar with the PowerPC macs at all, but...
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    What is wrong with this thing?

    Very irritated with my mac today. Yesterday my buddy played a little prank on me, disabling IPv4 in my wireless preferences, then disabling my wireless card. Funny thing, when ipv4 and v6 are both disabled, go ahead and try and turn on your wifi, it doesn't work(STUPID). Needless to say it took...
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    Help me understand OSX Virtual Memory

    Let me start by stating, that I do know what Virtual Memory is and how it works in Windows, and I thought in general. However, if I open Activity Monitor in leopard to view memory usage, it reports that many of my process use nearly 1GB VM, totaling up to 42GB, if that were the case, my hard...
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    What is it that camino users like about the browser? I'm interested in switching, but I don't see any real benefit over safari/firefox. I'm mainly interested because, while I love FF, it's just not working out on the mac, I have to restart the app several times over the course of a couple of...
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    MBP Expose

    I love expose, but I hate that I have to hit Fn to access it, what keys do you guys use on your mac notebooks to activate expose?
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    MBP 4GB Upgrade

    Just dropped 4GB in the MBP, I'm a little disappointed, everyone on here says it's the first thing to do and the difference is incredible. I don't see any difference, osx is just fast all the time, I don't multitask much though, I guess it will help there obviously. I was just hoping the OS...
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    What are everyone's experiences like with Sprint? The SERO plans have incredible prices, and I'm really tempted. Verizon's service is perfect, and I know they use the same technology, so that's a plus, vzw is just too expensive for what you're getting. I recently tried the iPhone with AT&T...
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    iPhone Audio Connection

    I want to use my iPhone in my car. I have a 2003 Lincoln LS8, with a radio that has no inputs, and I'm not willing to spend $140 on an adapter. It does have a mute button, which I am more than willing to manually push to answer a call, some people are not lol. I want to be able to listen to...
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    Wireless NIC Teaming

    I've never worked with teaming fast ethernet NICs, mostly because I've never needed to. I'm setting up a server for my dads home photography business and will be unable to run cable, otherwise I would of course do so. I want to know if it is possible, or has it been done, to team two wireless N...
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    iPhone question

    My girlfriends iPod just got stolen, so she wants a replacement for christmas, but before she was asking for a new cell phone, so of course I think iPhone. However, she has T-Mobile, and is not currently willing to switch, but T-Mobile sells the iPhone in Germany. Does anyone know if I can buy...
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    Linux Router OS for EVDO

    My buddy lives in a rural area where cable and dsl are unavailable, so he uses a USB card with Verizon service to access the internet. We've decided that we want to setup a box to host this connection, and forward it to a wireless AP so he's no longer tethered by a usb cable, and of course so...
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    Looking for a POS system

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice from someone with experience with POS systems, or someone who works@/owns a computer service/consulting business that uses a POS system tailored to that type of company. I am the manager of a small computer company, we currently keep track of in-house...
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    Linux Router for Dialup (EVDO)

    Is there any distro that I can install on a gateway device that I can set to use linux drivers for my cell phone and tether to the internet, and then share that internet connection?
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    Exchange & Outlook on 2 PCs

    Is it possible to use Outlook on two different computers, with one exchange server, and see the same thing on each one. Say I send an email this morning from the office, then I want to revise/re-read that message later from home, if I host the .pst on the server on a mapped share, can I then...
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    MS Office 2003 Auto Add to Contacts

    I've got a client who has just switched from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook 2003, he used to be able to setup express to automatically add email recipients to his address book, but cannot find how to set this up in Outlook03, and frankly- neither can I. So I come to you for assistance, can...
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    2 Domain Controllers

    I'm not so big on MS Networking, so I'm hoping someone here can answer my question... Thanks for reading. I run a server at home, SBS2003. It serves pretty basic functions, file server, remote web workplace, VPN, and some other fun stuff, it's also setup as a PDC for experimentation and...