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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Multiplayer Clip

    Wow, it's almost as if the game is already on the shelves, and you guys have already played it!
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    after market cooling on your 5850? What did you use? Stock plate left on?

    Did this to my 5850 yesterday: Idles at 48c, load 90c in furmark @ stock. Very silent though. Some case ventilation improvements are on the way :)
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    3 Displays with HD 5800

    So, you have a 58xx, and four monitors, but can't afford 775SEK for the converter?
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    Please help with Crossfire

    Catalyst AI has to be on, or "advanced" or something, I think.
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    Aw, why did I have to see this? :D
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    Someone is about to get fired for these pics

    Mmm, crispy!
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    Eyefinity active adapters

    Bummer. Ebay?
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    Eyefinity active adapters

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    How many cases have you gone through the past year?

    Well, one. Before this Fractal Design Define R2, I had an Addtronics 7896a for about 8 years :D
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    No Answer for the 5970?

    I doubt nVidia stopped working on the post-Fermi generation(s) of cards just because of the delay. We could be looking at a short generation, perhaps? Edit: Maybe I should read your entire post before replying :o
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    Eyefinity and Triple DVI working.

    Bezels really aren't a problem, especially with the 10.3 bezel management. However, I wouldn't recommend using just 2 monitors, since your focus/crosshairs shouldn't have a bezel straight through it.
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    Why is there so much hype around latest Fermi vid?

    I think it's interesting because of what it didn't show, you know, like, real games. Also, the two examples of 3D surround that I have seen don't show the game in real action, just "sitting still". Edit: Nevermind that, 3d vision surround seems to be alive and kicking :)
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    Ok, so I've tried both ATI and nVidia

    Yeah, I'm planning on getting either an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2 or an Accelero Twin Turbo Pro :)
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    Ok, so I've tried both ATI and nVidia

    I had a 8800gts 320 before I got my 5850, and yes, 5850s are just louder. Changing the fan speed curve with MSI Afterburner made it bearable. A 5970 would be about twice as fast as a 5850 assuming it actually works with your game.
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    Best Silent video card?

    Powercolor is releasing a passively cooled 5770:
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    Portal 2 Announced

    That's cake.
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    Gtx 480 Unigine Video (and benchmark)

    I believe that's what we will see in real reviews come March 26:th.
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    some fermi performance numbers

    There are no GTX360/380's. What is now 470/480 was referred to as 360/380 for some time though:
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    some fermi performance numbers

    UP TO 13% with a single GPU.
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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

    Yeah, anything before March 26 should be taken with a truckload of salt. I'm just hoping for some ATi price drops in April :P
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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

    So far, it seems the 470 will be similar in performance to the 5850, and the 480 similar to the 5870, but noone knows for sure until we get some real reviews..
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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

    Well, reading that page run through Google translate: "and with almost hd5850, there are enough disappointing", "This results at best, and also similar to 5850?" and "For the nvidia new products, the individual is expressed disappointment" :(
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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

    There's no mention of 5870 anywhere on that page?
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    5850 weird stock clocks

    Try "atiflash -unlockrom 0" and then flashing before you send it back (if you have one card, otherwise do "atiflash -i" first)
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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

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    GTX 480 PCB pictures

    What you're seeing is the heatspreader, not the core itself. The core is big, yes, but not THAT big :P
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    Eyefinity and Triple DVI working.

    Tried the dp>vga on Widescreen Gaming Forum, but I got crazy flickering and link errors. Ordered the Dell adapter for 75 euros instead.
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    10.3 drivers

    Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.
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    10.3 drivers

    Random question time! What happens to screenshots when bezel management is active?
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    5870 stock cooler [H]acked/Mod --pics

    Yeah. You should hear the 5850 cooler :( Edit: 5850 heat sink being smaller :)
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    5870 stock cooler [H]acked/Mod --pics

    Is the stock cooler really that bad? :D
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    Fermi vs. 5870 + Eyefinity

    Where can I get this at the moment?
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    Catalyst 10.2 and single cards

    Try this:
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    GDDR5 Temperature

    I believe the voltage regulation modules are usually the hottest parts. You can check for yourself using I wouldn't worry unless something goes above 100 degrees C. Even then, you may have no problems at all. Artifacts/crashes are the real indicators of a problem!
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    HD 5850 not running at full potential?

    When you think about it that way, I guess you're right :)
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    HD 5850 not running at full potential?

    3dmark scores don't mean much.
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    HD 5850 not running at full potential?

    I doubt that's the problem..,1705-11.html
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    Crysis crashing in Windows 7 64-bit

    Have you tried running the .exe as administrator?
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    Burger King selling a Windows 7 Whopper in Japan

    Seems some people need to see Fat Head.
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    Tech Glitch Darkens Swedish Websites

    Every domain I tried worked for me during the "blackout".