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    FAA Investigating Teen That Made The Gun-Firing Drone

    Why put it on Youtube? Can't people do anything and keep it to themselves anymore?
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    The review says 4GB isn't enough and is a bottleneck.. But there isn't anything that shows VRAM is what is keeping performance down?
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    GTX 980 Ti bottleneck?

    That was probably more an issue with X58 which can be pretty buggy with new cards in SLI/Crossfire. I don't get any stuttering on my downgraded system(4670K to i5 750 4Ghz) in any of the newest games. No problem with running a 980 Ti with that system if you're planing on playing other games...
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    GTX 580 to 770 worth it

    Yup, go for it. I went from a 660Ti to my 770 yesterday and it's like 30-40% increase in performance with higher settings.
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    Asus DCU II R9 290 or Asus DCU II GTX 780?

    You're probably the only person on the planet that thinks AMD has better drivers. They still have the same problems they've had for 10 years for me(2d clocks in 3d mode, etc). If all your friend is interested in is gaming OP, then go nVidia. If he is planning on using the compute power of a...
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    BF4 AMD Mantle Video Card Performance Review Part 1 @ [H]

    Would really like to see a game that isn't already optimized for AMD cards for comparisons soon. AMD said the 290X would destroy the 780Ti or Titan(or something to that effect) and that really isn't the case. Other Mantle reviews also show how much better nVidias drivers are in terms of CPU...
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    Major slouching on GTX 780 TI

    Umm, that's a budget setup?
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    Does the 750 Ti spell doom for AMD?

    I would imagine they're somewhat worried. The performance per watt is pretty damn spectatular with the 750ti and if that translates over to the higher end parts later in the year(plus 20nm), those parts could be monsters.
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    i5 3rd Gen or 4th Gen??

    At 4.5Ghz and 1.265 on the Vcore and 1.25 VRIN voltage with the ring bus at 4.2Ghz on my 4670K and I don't find it gets all that hot. I only have an H60 as intake with 2 fans and MX-2 TIM and I hit the mid 70's when I tested for stability and mid 50's to low 60's in games.
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    Woke up to a dead video card? (7970)

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    Woke up to a dead video card? (7970)

    Do you pay hydro?
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    A10-7850K Performance Review

    The other reviews aren't showing anything even close to a 20% increase in IPC either. Also Encoding isn't a synthetic benchmark. Overall I find the release very disappointing since there is no software support now or even really on the horizon for HSA, etc...
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    i3 550 to i3 4340 for gaming?

    Your best option if you're on a budget is AMD when buying new. You can buy second hand Intel, but even still you're not going to get much for $200 that is a significant upgrade. You might be able to find an 1156 board that can overclock the i3 and a decent cooler to go along with it. The i3's...
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    Yeah, I know Intel are faster. I need cheap. Phenom II or FX4100?

    lol, wow at those prices. Take your pick, they'll all perform somewhat similarly. The Phenom II being the best bet without overclocking though.
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    EVGA GT 640 =) Cute little guy

    Im playing it on my 7770 and getting slightly better(obviously) though at 1366x768. These cards at that res is like a 670 at 1080p+.
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    AMD Catalyst 12.6 Beta and Catalyst Feature Preview For Windows 8

    These seem really nice on my 7770. On the previous Cats I got some weird flickering in dark areas on the desktop or in game.. Gone now. These also seem a lot smoother now. Sort of like when they got shit together on the 5xxx series drivers. Games aren't running better, but they feel smooth now.
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    Just bought a 7850 and performance is disappointing.

    Just try and overclock you CPU. If you can get 3.5Ghz out of it you should see incredible increases. You're resolution and GPU is perfect for that processor, but you just need it to run at a higher clock speed.
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    7970 "preview"

    You're crazy if you think if either company will make substantial strides when it comes to performance. They want people to buy every release. I highly doubt nVidia will offer a card that is all that much faster for the same price. They still haven't even fixed their current cards for the most...
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    video card for 1280x720

    Find a 768MB GTX 460 and overclock it. Thing will be like a 570 at 1080p at that res and they regularly go for 100 if you can find one.
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    $50 5870 cooling? 120Hz is killing my ears!

    It's an amazing cooler and has compatibility with other cards. It's Arctic Coolings top GPU cooler, so they designed them to work with new generations of cards either by default, or with $10 kits(heat sinks, mounting plate). It's definitely a good investment if you like overclocking GPUs and...
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    $50 5870 cooling? 120Hz is killing my ears!

    Might be worth spending the extra 10-15 and getting the AXPII. It's basically the same, but has compatibility with more cards, and should be compatible with future cards by default or with a $10 kit. It's possible the 5870 version is as well, but I'm not 100% sure. It's a few degrees off of...
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    Avoid Non-Refrence Cards!

    Might have been a faulty cooler or something. There was a problem with some early 6870 with the same shader issue. had nothing to do with it being non-reference, as some were reference. There were even some 6850s with 1120 shaders sent out to reviewers.
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    Artifacting in DiRT 3 - Large Pics 56k Beware

    First time I saw it I thought my overclock was bad as well. Something with Dirt 2. Thought I had massive ghosting when you went thought he curtain entering the trailer. There were RGB trails.
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    HIS 6950 2GB and Antec 300

    I think you have to tilt the card when you install it. That's how I had to install a 5830 which is the same length as the 5870 and roughly the same size as a 6950(I think). You'll see what I mean when you go to install it.
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    i3-2100 an gaming opinions

    The chances of getting an Athlon II past 3.5 is extremely low, regardless of cooler. They don't overclock well at all, and plenty of those that have gotten past have had the chip degrade to the point 3.5 won't stick anymore. Happened with all of my Athlon II's. The voltage required for anything...
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    Can we talk about preordering games - and how stupid this new trend is?

    Only time I pre-order is on Gamestop's site when they have early demo/beta promotions. They don't charge until release so I just cancel before it gets anywhere near release date. Previous generations pre-ordering guaranteed you a game. Now there is never really a shortage of new hyped games so...
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    Digital Distribution: Publishers are poisoning the well

    There weren't nearly as many gamers out there though. It's messed up that there are litlerally 100's of millions of current gen consoles/gaming PCs and most games don't sell a million. That's just fucked. Gamestop has all of these guys by the balls, so even if EA wants to make things cheaper...
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    Crysis 2 dx 11 SEVERE LAG

    Which drivers are you using? Do you have issue with other DX11 drivers? Try the Newest Tesla drivers and mod the INF to include your card(easy to find instructions). I run them and they are better then the standard nvidia drivers for 4xx fermi cards.
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    AMD Next Gen confirmed for Q4 2011: Dual architecture split like HD6K series

    Not in English or official(like the posted article, but info from the 11.7 preview drivers.
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    video card for 1280 x 1024

    6870 might be too much at that res, though the overkill is less then a 6950. You would be much better off with a new GPU then a new CPU at this point, if you can only do one or the other. A 6850/460 would be perfect at that res. Your CPU usage will be pretty high at that resolution, but you...
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    AMD Catalyst Control Center 11.6 Crashes Windows 7

    Use older ones with the newest CAP. I don't think you get any benefits from the newest drivers. Anything crossfire related will be handled via the CAPs.
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    heatsink+fan for my dying 4870

    I have the s1 on my 6870 and I top out in the mid 50s or so at 950 core. Just slap a 120mm fan on it. It only cost me 24 bucks. Can't beat that. The reference cooler could hit the 70s.
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    DiRT 3 Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    I bought mine locally last month before they even hinted at the promotion. XFX has a page that says if you buy one of the cards included in June you get the game. So I guess this is a heads up to people that don't shop at newegg and the store doesn't alert you that registering your card will...
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    Yet another COD Black Ops map pack coming

    Ahaha, EA has already started with the DLC and you can bet there were be just as much in BF3 as there will be in MW3. I highly doubt BF3 will be the undoing of the CoD series unless they seriously dumb it down. It's a shame DICE is owned by EA. They could do some great things if they were on...
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    DiRT 3 Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    Hey guys, not sure if this is common knowledge and it's sort of OT, but if it isn't the Mods/Admins/Kyle can spread the word. I just registered my XFX 6870 that ISN'T part of the Dirt3 promotion, and they gave me the game code for activation on Steam. So maybe the other manufacturers are doing...
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    Yet another COD Black Ops map pack coming

    No thanks. I play a few rounds of Black Ops daily, and haven't felt the need to buy map packs. I bought the one for MW1 when it came out, and felt really stupid because of it. It's crazy how much money they get out of this game. $15 dollar map packs on top of a $60+ game YEARLY.
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    Carmack hints at Quake reboot

    Not all that exciting. Doom 3 was disappointing and Quake 4 was mediocre at best. They had some fun games(early stuff) but they seem to be 10 years behind the curve and most of the people buying games now don't even know who they are. Carmack has been talking a lot lately, but nobody really...
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    This is bugging me

    Which version of the Via 4-1 drivers? Try older ones. Try pulling RAM.
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    DiRT 3 Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    The results seem off? Not sure why, though. Everything seems to be about 10-15 frame lower then what I'm seeing in other articles/benchmark threads. Though I suppose that could be the lower clock speed on the processor, and some of the others being on Sandy Bridge.
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    Rage now being released October 4

    I think they should have tried to get it out in the summer with little competition. Why they chose the time of year where all the heavy hitters come out is beyond me. I don't see this game doing well at all.