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    Creative Labs US Storewide Sale (25% off at checkout) 3 days only.

    Eyeballing that X7 since you can get it for $100 off at checkout. Pretty nice discount if you ask me. Creative Labs (United States of America) | Sound Blaster, Gaming Headsets, Speakers, Headphones Use LABOR25 at checkout!
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    To those who have a 144Hz monitor

    Don't know if this has been mentioned but I thought I liked to share. So I bought a new 290x and we all know heat output is an issue with these guys. When I looked at my Overdrive tab I saw my idle temp was always at 74-78 degrees. Kind of scray if you ask me :(. The GPU core clocked down to...
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    Pre-ordered a NZXT H630 Got one in the gloss white. Seemed like a cool looking case with a lot of potential to mod. I'll keep you up to date when I get her setup. And yes I plan on using a lot of new hardware with a new water setup. ;)
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    Contra + LBP = LOL!

    It came out a few days ago and I LOL'd when I saw this. I was kinda amazed it was done intricately. Now I don't think there is a choice of weapon selection and I don't know if co-op is possible but I'll find out soon. I'm sure it'll justify not trading my copy for another game for a while...
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    Awesome Crucial experience.

    So I just got off the phone after talking to three differant reps via phone and live chat. My system started to get flakey around a month ago and I went ahead and tried to diagnose the problem with various test. I had just replaced the mobo with a differant model and switched out the harddrive...
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    Vote for your Amazon Holiday Deals!

    Weee here we go again! Last year I was lucky enough to get an Xbox 360 core for $100. This was the first time I remember the site actually going down because of so much traffic. Here's how this works. Log on to amazon and on the homepage there will be a section called "Amazon Customer Votes."...
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    Asus' version of the X-Fi

    I was looking at Auzen X-fi Prelude and stumbled acorss this...
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    New Swiftech Apogee GTX block

    Racing feel huh..:p
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    Master cards for single use?

    Not sure if this has been dicussed, but is it possible to run only off a sinlge mastercard instead of a plain ATi card? This whole thing with differant versions of cards to enable crossfire mode is definitely whack in my opinion. But I guess getting a matercard first wouldn't be such a bad...
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    Leaked Revolution specs?

    I searched if this was posted but didn't find any similar results. This taken from Arstehcnica. The orgin of these "specs" come from here.
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    Clearflex 60 over 3/4 OD fittings?

    Good morning all. The earth says hello! (heh got that Willy Wonka line in my head!) Anyway, I'm redoing my setup because my reservoir started to leak and my old tubing was coated with gunk. Long story short, is it possible to fit 5/8OD tubing over a 3/4OD fitting?
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    Most efficient solution? (wireless)

    Well heres the d'lo I got another Wireless-G router (WRT54GS) to replace an older version (WRT54Gv1.1) becuase I personally thought it was lacking in preformance. I got another wireless NIC as well (WMP54GS). The new router is located on the bottom floor (thats where the cable modem is) and...