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    Can't Update Windows 2000

    I just did a fresh install of 2000 on an older Pc. Installed service pack 4, the bootleg SP5 one, and even the windows update agent. Did a net framework install and java. I searched high and low and found nothing. Before the format it worked fine. The error number is 0x800B0109
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    Can i used my droid as a 56k modem?

    Like my old cell phone Casio Boulder could be used as a cdma modem. Can i use my droid commando as a 56k modem to connect to my laptop and desktop. Not trying to do a wi-fi hot spot.
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    Locks up when playing games (AGP)

    I just upgraded to a 256mb x700 from 64mb 9000pro. I know, I know. Well it runs fine doing desktop things. But when i play games it locks up my computer. The screen freezes and the music sounds like a record skipping if it was turning 10rpm. It differs from game to game. Outrun 2006 and Most...
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    Install Xp with cd-drive.

    I have a sony vaio pcg-frv37 with a dead cd drive. It has no USB booting, but it has bios network booting. I tried installing it on the hard by putting it in another laptop and that did not work. It just sat at a black screen. I even tried to just install the basic commands files on the HD and...
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    Internet halfway works

    Long story short Open up IE6 no internet, the page times out after 60sec or so. Firefox does the same. But yahoo IM works fine. And I can ping websites all day in command prompt. I tried the winsock fix thing and nothing. Did the spybot thing, stinger virus scan, AVG, and other cleaners. It's...
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    SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series 500gb (good buy?)

    I take all of newegg reviews with a grain of salt, but i came came across this . I don't know to much about Samsung drives, but does anybody have any luck with the SpinPoint T Series? The drive will just be a storage drive like my...
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    Is my laptop now a desktop?

    Ok i have a Inspiron 5000, its from the year 2000. I just upgreaded my 10gig hard drive to a 80gig about 2 weeks ago. But anyways, I was updating winamp and it locked up. I restart it and it powers up but the screen is black. I turn it off and i lift the front right cornner up so i can hear the...
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    bad pool caller error

    This is my church's computer with alot of important data. It loads up windows fine, then right at the welcome screen it BSOD, Restarts and does it all over again. I put the hard drive into my system to pull up the event log, but it says it's damage. I tired all start up options nothing...
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    Digital Coaxial Audio to Analog Audio converter?

    I have a very nice Panasonic DVD player.(dvd-s25) And the analog sound ports went out. But when I connect the RCA to the digital coaxial audio port, I hear sound. Of course very low and all out of wack. Long story short I searched google up and down and i can't find a converter that will...
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    NFS: Most Wanted is crashing to desktop

    Key points 1. The game will quit to desktop, and show no errors. It's almost as if someone is hitting Alt+F4. It only crashes when racing and joyride. And it random, anywhere from 2min to 20min. 2. The game ran fine on my 1.4g T-bird system, and ran fine for 3 weeks on my A64 3200. 3...
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    good card around $120

    I'm looking for another card, right now I have a 9000 Pro 64mb. This card still works fine for me. I don't have to have everything maxed out to enjoy a game. I use to know alot about the new cards and what nots.I'm looking at a 9800pro. Not the best I know, but can any help me find a better card...
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    Windows Explore Crashing

    Xp Pro 32bit MSi K8n Neo2 AMD64 3200+ (not OC) Fresh Install of Xp Pro Ok everything else works on my pc. But when I open a windows explorer window like; my computer, control panel, a folder on the desktop, and etc. I got an error that says. Data Execution Prevention To help protect...
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    Can't add users (Xp Pro)

    When I go to control panel I can add the user, but it will not log on to the user. It will say can not locate the roaming profile on the domain. But i'm on a two computer network. Can anybody help please :(
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    Need help picking a board

    I have been looking at the abit NF7-s Good or Bad?
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    Need help installing an older game

    I would like to install "need for speed se" on my Xp SP2 system. I tried everything to get it to work. It runs and shut down right away. Compatibility thing does not work on either setting, 256colors and the 640x480 included. Tweaking the dos memory does not work. The game has two sets of...
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    Abit Kx7-333r Question

    What is the the fastest cpu this board can take a 2600+ Xp? I love this board and want to keep it for another year or two. I have a T-Bird 1.4g AYHJA in there right now. I have oc to 1.5g. Would push it hard but the thing gets soo hot.
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    Some wmv cause cpu to go to %100

    I have a few wmv files to cause my cpu to jump to %100, makes the video choppy and slows the computer down. I done switch media players and it still does it. Only time the video is smooth is when i play it in movie maker. What might couse this help is relly needed.
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    SmoothWall + bulletproof ftp=not working

    How do you setup it up so it can work.I been reading the how on smoothwall and i still don't get it. help
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    Ckhdks will not run

    On my main hard drive where xp is install chkdsk will not run on start-up, but will run my other hard drives. Last time that happen I ran spybot and adaware and that fixed it. I need to run chkdsk on it now because my computer is crashing at random. Help me plaese
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    I run some programs and computer locks up half way

    I'm ruining Xp Pro In the past i could run these programs with no problem now i got problems. When i run bearshare, emule, and bullet Bulletproof FTP, my computer will lock up so only i can click item on the desktop. The taskbar is gone task manger will not show nothing. I even did a reload...
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    Movie Marker Crashes

    When using movie maker the program crashes for no reason, anyway you know how to stop this. I to poor to move up to a better program, but movie marker gets the job done. I'm kinda piss that Adobe Premiere Pro will not run on my computer.
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    Procomp BS61M motherboard

    I have an old Procomp BS61M motherboard. It was used mainly as a budget system board as it mentions it supports PPGA socket370 Celeron chips. If anybody knows anything about this board, will it support a socket 370 Pentium 3 with a 100mhz FSB? The board I know offers a 100mhz FSB, but...willl it...
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    BulletProof FTP not working

    How can I get wingate and BulletProof FTP sever to work together, if i turn wingate off it will run. I'm running wingate 5.0 and BP FTP 2.21
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    has anybody use these 90+min cds on ebay
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    Panasonic Toughbook bios reset

    I just got a use toughbook CF-47 and i wanted to do a clean install of 2k, so I go in the bios and it's lock. How do I reset it
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    Aol being a pain

    Ok so i have this sn that i got from aol and i used the sn for AIM and i deleted my aol account and whenever i try to log on it says suspended account. i was wondering is there anyway to get this sn back without having to re register aol.
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    Abit Kx7-333r (It can be faster)

    I have windows xp pro running fine, but I think if I tweaking the bios it can run faster. I not talking about over clocking. I already up the 1.33g AMD to 1.44g The system AMD 1.44g 4x 256ddr 333MHz pc2700 ProMOS Technologies (1gig of ram) 32mb TNT2 AGP (no jokes) Before I could run NFS...