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    Blame Netflix Troubles on Spotty Streaming Selection

    Ghostbusters is def there, watched it two weeks ago! I use netflix streaming daily and always find stuff to watch, if I want new content I can go on Hulu or get cable again....
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    Halo: Reach reviews starting to come in

    Mine came in yesterday (thanks Walmart) so I played the first level co-op with the wife, can't wait to play more tonight!
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    Good 2-4 player games for 360

    Left 4 Dead 1(or 2) is two players per console, Modern Warfare 2 has special co-op missions Oh and Borderlands is 2 players, pretty fun
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    Dante's Inferno Demo!

    I haven't come across any sequences as bad as GOW (where you fuck it up 10 times cause they require light speed precision) they give more time to hit the correct button so far. I am about 3 or more hours in so far and the game is good but not as good as GOW, little things hear and there show...
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    Can regular video cards receive video?

    Most videocards do not have video-in let alone HDMI-in, you will need a capture card of some sort or buy a HD USB camera.
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    GTA IV + PS3 - wont go past first screen

    I had no problems with mine, maybe a bad disk? Try exchanging it.
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    PS3 game recommendations I can play with my wife

    My gf plays borderlands with me co-op, in fact she likes it more than I do. She likes shooters but she is not a gamer so she only plays games we can co-op play.
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    Darksiders, Yay or Nay ?

    Game plays like God of War but not as good to me, I honestly have not gotten very far but it is not really holding my attention much. I may play longer since I heard it kind of changes a little once you get past the beginning although I am over an hour in I think...
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    Will this work for HTPC ???

    I had an EDTV plasma and the resolution was to low to do much besides watch SD videos, even though it supports 1080i it is still running 640x480 (or something similar) so it looks pretty bad and text is nearly unreadable. If you sit pretty far away then HD video may look alright but don't plan...
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    Plasma TVs

    42" is the smallest plasma so if you are going for <30" you have to get an LCD
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    Plasma TVs

    Early OLED colors did fade after while (but not a year) which is why they only came on small car stereos but now they last much much longer but it is an expensive process to make large TV screens. Plasmas do use more power than CRT TVs and LCD (but not to much more), the new Panasonic plasmas...
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    I can't get subwoofer to work with my pc/receiver

    With the way you have it setup you can still add the center and rears but I would look into a new receiver personally.
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    Acer X223hbd 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor $139.98 @ Staples

    Great monitor, fiance picked it up yesterday for me. It is replacing a 7yr old NEC CRT (that still looks amazing) that I never felt like replacing but figured why not LCDs are getting pretty cheap these days.
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    PS3 as HTPC?

    You def can use the PS3 but because it does not support many codecs I recommend building a HTPC, it will work much better. I used first a 360 then a PS3 and got fed up with things not working right so I just built a HTPC and have never looked back.
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    360 - unredable disc issues?

    I say exchange the 360 and the game just to be on the safe side since you are within the return period.
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    Really fun, very addictive getting good loot and leveling up to take on the hard area/bosses. You have to play with other people I think or it can get boring since there is really no story, unless you just love looting by yourself.
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    Is It Safe To Game On A Plasma TV?

    I have been gaming on my 42PZ85U Pany since I pulled it out of the box last year, no breakin stuff or anything like that and I also have my computer hooked up to it as a second monitor, no problems at all. It is just a TV with to many myths floating around.
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    You can all be the same character if you want, and any character can use any gun so you can all use sniper rifles.
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    Brutal Legend

    +1 The gamplay isn't bad but I like the story and dialogue most.
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    How to identify Left 4 Dead Game of the Year edition?

    I am pretty sure he has the 360 version since we are in the console forum and he says Xbox in his post so no linking to Steam....
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    Xbox 360 best vertical or horizontal?

    I had my original 360 vertical for well over 2 years before it RROD (never scratched any discs) now I have two 360s horizonal since I got new TV stands that don't allow them to stand up. Either way it will be fine, if it going to RROD it will, placement doesnt matter really.
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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on 360 -- Post your XBL tag

    +1 I am playing co-op with my gf, pretty good game very similar to the first so far (only the first mission)
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    need for speed shift

    I kinda wish they stuck with street racing, that is why I play Need For Speed games. There are already two good sim games (GT and Forza) so I am skipping this game personally. I had planned to pick it up though until I realized it was sim/track focused.
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    Worth trying to fix a RROD Xbox?

    A guy I worked with gave me his RROD Xbox since he bought a new one, I gave it to a guy that fixes 360s all the time and he couldn't get it to work so be careful cause you never know.
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    Very noisy PS3.

    I also live in AZ, my 60GB is quiet during the winter and loud during the summer. It only gets loud if I have been playing games or watching movies for a while though but I just close the door of the cabinet it is in (has fans in the back).
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    Should I void my 360 warranty?

    If you go onto and register the 360 you will see how long your new warranty is for.
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    No longer need MSpoints this summer!

    I like points because I only buy them when they are discounted somewhere but I do not buy much on Live anyway (have had 1600 points sitting around since Feb).
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    Left for Dead 2? Already?

    My friends and I have been playing L4D at least once a week (usually more) ever since I bought it at the beginning of this year. We are so excited that another one is coming out, hell we even played Mon night cause we were so happy, and we are playing again tomorrow night. I don't really get how...
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    advice about my 360

    If you are buying a whole new Xbox it does not come with the cable to transfer you info over. The transfer cable only comes bundled with hard drives sold separately.
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    Anyone else care about the L4D DLC this Tuesday?

    I have two xboxs one with a gold account on it and another with a silver account, we play system link L4D all the time but you have to be gold to get the content! So we can't do system link until they drop it down so silver can download. What the hell is with that????
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    GTA: chinatown wars

    It reminds me of Drug wars on the old Palm PDAs, txt game where you just went to different cities buying/selling drugs. An ex and I used to play whenever we went on trips years ago.
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    Saint's Row 2 Vs. GTA4

    I was hooked on GTA4 from the beginning where as SR2 I played the first few mission but it didn't hold my interest although it def seems wackier.
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    KZ2 Owners - Thoughts?

    Great game so far, graphics are amazing at times but the controls do take some getting use to, havent tried MP yet (wanna make sure I have the controls down first) but the single player is damn good.
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    This sorta sucks, ps3 cant play GT4 :(

    I played GT4 on my 60GB PS3 but then I would activate the 1080i mode which overrides the up converting cause it looked better. As long as you have a PS2 and component cables you are good, not missing anything at all.
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    Cannot get the hang of Xbox's controller sync

    Get a third controller, I believe if you power down the first player controller and then power on the third one it will take the first slot. I do this when the battery runs out on one so I just start up a new one. Other than that you have to restart the 360 I guess...
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    L4D? that good?

    L4D is way fun but you have to play with friends, I even got my gf into it (infact we have a team of half girls half guys) and we play every weekend. Oh yea this is on the 360, I have two consoles in rooms right next to each other, so we are yelling back and forth the whole time and it is none...
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    Still no light-gun games for 360 ?

    Get a Wii, there are several shooter games, way fun too.
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    GH:WT Can't Sync Wireless Guitar

    Had same problem, I just returned it for another one that worked fine, so far...
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    COD WaW Nazi Zombies?

    You go to mission select and it is the last mission