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    GameStop Explores Selling Used Digital Video Games

    I see used games no differently than a used bike, TV or a book. It is not art, it is not a one of a kind item it is media content. Digital distribution is hard to swallow and impossible to ignore, but I really wish I could sell all my games regardless of the format. After a few bad purchases on...
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    John Romero Talks About OUYA Android Console

    LOLZ are we still talking about John Romero? I mean pretty much his BIO reads like what not to do.
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    Does it Still Make Sense to Buy a Desktop PC?

    If your average user moves towards tablets and phones then Desktop users can go back to being the elitists we know we have always been. This is not a bad thing as most people with computers do not know what they are doing anyway. Let them buy their consumer media devices and let us wallow in our...
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    Max Payne 3 Trailer

    It has the name, it has the music and it has bullet time, but it does not feel like Max Payne to me. It looks like a game meant to capitalize on the franchise and attract 15 year old wanna be gang bangers.
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    SAPPHIRE HD6970 BFBC2: Vietnam Special Edition Review @ [H]

    Wish I could read the review, but the link is dead )-:
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    Video Coverage of the AMD Eyefinity [H]ardOCP Event

    makes me feel I am still waiting on my eyefinity setup, have two monitors, but running my 4870 STILL! It has served me well, but will soon be relegated to my kids system. Going with a 2GB 6950 when the price is right.
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    E-mail Exchange Of The Day

    Okay so everybody knows that over the air TV and Radio are still free and as far as I know they always have been. How did they make enough money to pay their expenses, stay afloat and pay there employees? The answer is advertising...why because it works. I bet the vast majority of viewers would...
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    Kyle when you get bored with one of those Dells and upgrade to something nicer, sell me ONE for $100.00 ;-) That will be a very very very sweet setup and I can't wait to see it in a video. What do you think of the new e-ips 23" panels from NEC?
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to give your honest opinion about the 3x2 setup. I have been holding off on a 3x1 setup thinking this might be better. I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer: 1.) Why do you think repositioning the center of the screen to the bottom middle...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    I have to second the comment made about viewing images on the [ H ]. I have been a viewer for many many years and I would say it is about time to implement a real image viewer in the articles and the news. There are tons of free options out there, you can embed flickr, or buy slideshowpro for...
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    L4D2 Boycotter "Invented" Spitter

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Gah that is just funny as hell!
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    ‘CostToDrive’ Web Application Is Handy

    Calculations and estimates are just wrong.
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    Developers Fight Back Against Used Game Sales

    I too remember a day when extra maps and content was free, not just from the public but from the developers. I echo what many have said in this forum...I will not pay $60.00 for the games that are being churned out today! Bugs, short, rehash garbage...most of them. I will not preorder ever. I...
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    Wintech Sucks it Down™

    I noticed that it is very hard to find Ultra cases right now. I am sure I am one of the few that actually had a pleasant experience with their products. I am still running one of these MicroFly MX6 Micro ATX Case w/ 600 Watt XVS PSU and it has lasted through two motherboards, 3 cpus all...
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    What do you guys think about this monitor...pros and cons? I will be using it for my PC and 360.
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    Ultra X2 Extreme Edition 750w Power Supply @ [H]

    Well ... for all I know it could be a crappy 500 Watt PSU in a 600 Watt suit. I do know they run well in this configuration along with a similar configuration with a x1800XL.
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    Ultra X2 Extreme Edition 750w Power Supply @ [H]

    I am not at all saying that you should consider this particular product but I have owned 2 Ultra PSU's and mATX cases. I have been completely satisfied thus far ... although these are not EXTREME systems by any means. I have run overclocked video cards and cpus on these systems and they have...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Give me one NOW!
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. I would shave the hair off my chest in the shape of AMD or the [ H ] or both if I can manage it. 2. Phenom Ummm it is about time for me to win something...keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    I am just looking at this from a generic consumer perspective. 1.) The claims from "C" are silly at best. 2.) The response from the PR guy is stupid at best. 3.) I don't care what Kyle said ... rude or otherwise ... if this company expects to sell gaming systems they HAVE to treat every...
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    Intel Core 2 Gaming Performance

    Hey guys love them or hate them you have to admit they keep us thinking. One of my favorite things to do on new product releases is run around and read reviews everywhere else and get all excited like JOJO THE IDIOT CIRCUS BOY. Then before I start reaching into my pocket to grab the CC I hit the...
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    [H]ardOCP ASUS x32 Review

    Does it really now? (-;
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    [H]ardOCP ASUS x32 Review

    Not to be rude but certainly here to speak my mind: I have found the [ H ] reviews to become increasingly infrequent, late, and near useless. The lack of competing product comparisons is inexcusable. I find myself visiting here more out of habit then of obtaining any useful information. I hole...
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    Timeshift Demo!

    The best way to tell if it is a console port in my opinion is the menu system and the graphic options, they are usually over simplified and in some cases you can't even use your MOUSE on the damn menus properly. NFSU or NFSU2, or just about ANY Star Wars game...sigh.
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    The AGP outlook (reopened and updated 01-19-2006)

    Understood about the PCI slots, however you could use more external SATA, or USB products if needed. PS: I will put my $1000.00 AMD system against your $2000.00 P4 system anyday I bet I can do well or better then your box in most instances (-; hehe...but keep in mind I am running an X1800XL...
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    The AGP outlook (reopened and updated 01-19-2006)

    I am not saying they will not or are not attempting to accomidate the ENTIRE market. But I think it's fare to say there is a clear differance between a GAMING enthusiast, and a HARDWARE enthusiast. I know guys still playing on PIII systems, but I think the logic that it still performs well has...
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    The AGP outlook (reopened and updated 01-19-2006)

    This type of post resurfaces time and time again when ever the market starts to shift. If you can get what you want get it. If you can't it's time to upgrade...I feel I waited quite enough time before adopting PCI-E myself....only been 4-5 months.....IT'S TIME guys. If you can hold out till M2...
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    Dell Dimension XPS 400 Evaluation @ [H]

    We use a lot of DELL GX260's and 280's at work and talk about slow and problematic. DVD's crash with included software, crappy HD Intel sound is the worse I have ever heard, system takes around 2 minutes to boot (slower then my HP PII) Trying to do more then one thing at a time is a total joke...
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    Dell Dimension XPS 400 Evaluation @ [H]

    Beautiful just beautiful, now when I have family and friends come to me and say what kinda PC can you build me for $500.00 or less I can't say "GO BUY A DELL AND LEAVE ME ALONE" )-: However I can still say, "Go buy a PC CLUB, NEWEGG, or GATEWAY, and LEAVE ME ALONE!" hehehe
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    SLI Power Supply Recommendations

    You guys are supposed to be helping lol, what about Power PC and Cooling or Silenx while we are at it?
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    SLI Power Supply Recommendations

    I have read through a few similar posts but I think I have narrowed down my choices to these: 1.) SeaSonic S12-600 $159.00 2.) Silverstone Zues 650 $169.00 3.) Enermax 600W Noisetaker $155.00 I would consider the Antec line for around $120.00 what do you guys think? List of certified...
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    Call of Duty 2 XBOX 360 - 94%

    You forgot to mention your running the game on a 8500LE on your PC, lol
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    Xbox 360 to support keyboard / mouse?

    I will continue to hold on to HOPE that MS might realize there are a lot of gamers that would happly switch to the XBOX 360 if they would just allow key/mouse support. They did not support in on the original XBOX either but eventually two decent products came out of that from third parties. I...