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    N00B video card question

    You may need to flash the ROM on the video card in order for it to work on a Mac. What card is it anyway?
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    *LAVA HOT* World Smallest Pocket RC Helicopter $20.71 Shipped

    Welp, look at this: has 2 "Airhawks" for 34.99, not bad...It's pretty much the same heli so that's a bonus if you want a spare or an extra for a gift.
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    *LAVA HOT* World Smallest Pocket RC Helicopter $20.71 Shipped

    finally got mine, shoddily packaged...It flies, but it has the spinning problem as well, which straightens out after awhile. What I can't figure out is the damn seesawing flight pattern it takes :p. Any guesses? It's probably something with the tail rotor isn't it.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    If lenovo has the rights to the thinkpad brand, why is there an IBM sticker in the lower right corner where it says "thinkpad"? :confused:
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    Gaming Laptops?

    Crossposting this from the laptop showcase sticky thread: It's not bad, the only annoying things are the fans, weight, and a buzzing noise through onboard audio when listening to headphones. like tickle_me_elmo, i can play most...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Well, its been a long time coming, but here it is finally, the laptop I won in a design contest (info here): 4 fans and a subwoofer, lol :D As you can see for reference purposes, not only does the damn thing have a clock but also is 2 inches thick. :eek: Sorry about pic quality, had to...
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    Linux can go to [H]ell

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    Help with overheating

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    Thermal paste

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    iPod Accessories and Hacks

    Best Skins Ever are just as good as Invisible Shields and are much cheaper. I have one on my Nano, works great. The application process is similar between the two skins.
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    32" HDTV $499

    its a chinese brand, probably avoid and get something better. for cheap LCD tv's I've heard good things about the Olevia series of TVs.
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    Some Polk floorstander speakers on sale @

    Would be a good deal if shipping wasn't so much. :mad: Oh well, at least I snagged the R150s when they were on sale a couple weeks ago :D
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    Battlefield 2142 - $34.90

    or you could be stingy and grab it from Best Buy for 24.99 on black friday :D
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    Problem with Ethernet on iMac

    all g3 and g4's support Classic. Its the G5 and intel's that have problems running it. OSX also comes with Classic installed by default i think on a G3/4 based machine.
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    used Amry Vehicles/Tanks!

    nice, if we all buy some vehicles we could play a real life version of battlefield 2! :D
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    Possible Woot-off Thursday night

    cool thats the same stuff i bought off woot. Does your gamebridge work? all mine does is freeze my computer whenever I try watching TV on it :(
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    6600GT AGP $40 @ compusa

    Would it be worth getting this card and upgrading from a ATi 9600XT?
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    Imac G3 troubles Please help

    If its a slot-loading imac (has to be if its got firewire) you could spend the same amount of money and get an internal burner off of ebay: of course, you have to be...
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    got 2 blue/white g3 towers from a sdsu surplus auction, but.....

    Just put 9 on it and get rid of 8.6. If you meet the minimum requirements, you could try running OS X on those...but I don't recommend it.
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    Problem with iTunes 7 sound output!

    a few solutions are found in Apple's Itunes forum:
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    Razer Diamondback Chameleon 1600dpi Gaming Mouse $19.99

    Same here. I'm hoping its more comfortable than my logitech MX310 :P
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    Apple reaching out to new people

    only a true macfag would say that. You sire, have proved yourself totally loyal to the Apple [H]orde :D
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    ibook G3 - max ram and hd?

    It depends on what model he has. Check this page for the max amount of RAM on various ibooks. It will be listed under "Processor and Memory" for the largest amount the ibook can take. Since almost all apple laptops use the 2.5" form factor for hard drives, I assume the biggest HD you can put in...
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    I need help with an iMAC G3 (the all-in-one CRT model)... please help...

    ...or hope someone like me stumbles across this thread. I have worked with all kind of iMacs in the past 5 years (and counting), especially with the CRTs. First, did you check to see if there is any memory? Are there any beeps or noises during startup? And did you recieve any disks w/ this iMac...
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    Check out this laptop (and vote for me!)

    So I was perusing the gallery of some company that did custom art work when I came across <url deleted>. So I entered (vote for me <url deleted>, #40 and thanks :D ) of course but I'm up against stiff competition. Anyway if I win, should I keep or sell the <url deleted>. Got some precent specs...
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    The new Towers name?

    Has it occurred to anyone they may call it the ProMac? edit: ugh, sounds little bit like a medicine. like prozac :p
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    Thoughts on Halo 3 Trailer

    There is going to be Halo 2 for the PC, but only if you have Vista installed. Typical Microsoft. :rolleyes:
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    Apple n00b in need of help with old PowerPC

    OS9.3? Never heard of it. Do you mean 9.2 or 9?
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    Quake 4 collectors edition DVD $13.16 shipped!!

    Jumping on this, knew there was a reason why I waited to buy this :cool: Thanks OP!
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    interesting cell phone incident

    What phones do you have exactly? I'd also check out to see if there has been any info posted there about this.
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    Should Apple release 2-button laptops?

    Does that work for both Mac and Windows?
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    Should Apple release 2-button laptops?

    :confused: wow damn, its not like we're adding a coffeemaker or several levers to a latop you know, just another button that will be unobtrusive as possible.
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    5.1 or 7.1 speaks?

    chuh, that's so old school, 22.6 is where its at now :rolleyes:
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    Should Apple release 2-button laptops?

    Any OSX/win XP devs in the house? Boy, have we got a project for you!
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    Should Apple release 2-button laptops?

    Exactly what I was thinking. APPLE, ARE YOU LISTENING?!?! :D either that or do a software hack so where if you hold down the button and then doubletap the trackpad that would do a rightclick as well.
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    Far Cry on Clearance at Target - $13.98

    well yippee, looks like i found a use for that 100 dollar gift card i got for graduation :p
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    memory upgrade for old imac

    yes, you'll be looking at either 144pin SODIMM if its a tray loading mac, or regular PC2100/2700 RAM if its slot loading.
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    Ghetto Systems! Post Yours!

    I'll bite. My setup consists of just a set of creative inspire p5800's hooked up to my Audigy 2ZS. That's it. :p Not very ghetto but i'm working on it.