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  1. HiCZoK

    Eizo FS2434 vs EV2451 vs Benq EW277HDR

    Hey! Did not wanted to create separate topic for this but after all I have a hard time deciding. Monitor for singleplayer games, dark souls, bloodborne and many sp games like new metro exodus. I am ok with 60hz since those games are either locked to 60fps (soulsborne) or are very demanding...
  2. HiCZoK

    ACER NITRO VG270UP - 27", 1440p, 144hz, 100/120hz strobing 27", 1440p, 144hz, 100/120hz strobing, freesync. Very good review results (translate) and most importantly - 400$ price. Stand is not adjustable but the monitor does have vesa mount. Cannot find it anywhere for sale yet. Good to see some...
  3. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty? Just came out about a month ago unnoticed. A late to the party, 1080p IPS panel(On Asus site it says IPS so LG?) with 144hz, Freesync and some strobing modes (no idea if it's 120hz strobing or 144) I personally think it is pretty interesting proposition...
  4. HiCZoK

    Interpolation test image?

    Hey. Anyone have link to resolution interpolation test image? always uses it in their reviews. like this: edit: btw - It looks like lg 27uk850 have just as good 1080p scaling as 4k eizo monitor...
  5. HiCZoK

    BenQ PD2700U released

    New 4k 60hz ips just came out. Seems like direct competition to LG 27uk650(same price) and Asus PB27UQ(asus is 100$ more expensive). Couldn't find any response times measurements in comparison to monitors mentioned above so not sure if it's good for console and/or pc gaming. The few opinions and...
  6. HiCZoK

    Lg 27UK650 and Asus PB27UQ opinions? 4k upgrade

    Hey! Even though my pc and consoles are not fully 4k ready (gtx 1060 6gb and ps4), I am looking at 4k upgrade options. I am running 4k dsr in all of my older games and 4k dsr 30fps in some newer games. Right now I am using 27" 1080p ips. It's hp 27ea. Almost glossy (sweet) ips with good colors...
  7. HiCZoK

    Asus PB27UQ integer scaling for 1080p ?! (prad review)

    After a bit of a failure with 27" 1080p Benq ew277hdr, I am looking ag 27" 4k monitors for maximum image quality. The biggest problem with 4k montiors ever since is suppsoedly bad blurring/scaling of 1080p resolution. Many people say "it's perfect because 4k is 4x1080p and pixels..." bullshit...
  8. HiCZoK

    Any new GLOSSY monitors on the horizon?

    Just asking about the "old" golden standard 1080p, 60hz, IPS or VA. Good calibration and so on. I know that nothing changed on high refresh rate front, so there is no point even talking about that unfortunately. There are still only very grainy, bad quality IPS, TN and curved VA (except that one...
  9. HiCZoK

    Windows has encountered a BUG

    Ah... another year, another monitor with yet another bug crawling inside. Last year my trusty IIyama xb2483hsu-b2 got a visitor: And this year, few months old HP 27ea got a little asshole roommate. I blame the summer and not enough of a tight seal on a matrix of these monitors. But mostly...
  10. HiCZoK

    State of 4K monitors (discussion and recommendations)

    Hey everyone! Since 4k is where things are going in long terms, I am thinking about upgrading to 4k... so I started digging again (just months ago I've had 240hz, gsync, 144hz, multiple ips montiors and now have simple hp 27ea as a nice stop gap) and the market is still in a weird/bad place...
  11. HiCZoK

    Gamma and contrast degradation on 144hz/240hz monitors

    Hey everyone. I've went through quite a few monitors lately. Two AOC AG251FG monitors and two Dell U2417H. I wanted to give a fair chance to decent ips and fair chance to newest and greatest gsync 240hz technology after owning amva 60hz montior for about 2 years. In short - Dell ips completely...
  12. HiCZoK

    Is Chrome brighter (targeting lower than 2.2) compared to win10 viewer or other browsers?

    Hey, I've had interesting discovery today and not yet sure if it's an issue on my end or another Chrome bug/problem. I've just noticed that images become washed out/brighter when viewing in Chrome in comparison do Edge or windows 10 images viewer. It's not due to uploading. Just drag image to...
  13. HiCZoK

    Anyone tried Acer XB272 Gsync monitor?

    Hey! I just returned my 2nd AOC AG251FG and these both had very bad bezel backlight bleeding. The picture if over saturated but You can see what I am talking about. Contrast was in reality but glowing whole edges of the screen were distracting. It also had terrible 1.8 gamma... I don't even need...
  14. HiCZoK

    Is it worth upgrading to r1600 from 2500k?

    Hi everyone! Overall I have: -gtx 1060 gigabyte 6gb g1 (new) -evga g2 550w psu (new) -fractal define c case (new) -3.5' sshdd firecuda (system is on plextor ssd) (new) -fiio e10k as sound card -2500k, asrock p67 pro3, 2x8gb kingstone 1333 (2012) 2500k is running stable at 4.5 for like 5 years...
  15. HiCZoK

    Disabled SPUD on oculus and quality improved a lot

    I got rift in recent sale and Even though it looked ok, there was this film grain over part of the screen. Totally ruining black scenes or just dark scenes. The "dirt coat" even made normal color image look somehow worse. I disabled "SPUD" in registry and it totally removed mura calibration and...
  16. HiCZoK

    How to speed up logitech gaming software boot on windows 10

    Hey everyone! Win 10 here, installed on ssd. LGS software for my mouse (g400) starts about 10-15 seconds into win10 boot. Until that time, mouse defaults to low dpi. Is there a way to speed up launching of this service ? thanks
  17. HiCZoK

    Any recommendation on cheap 2.0 computer speakers?

    Hi, I have Cambridge soundworks dt2200 which I am using in 2.1 setup for last 15 (!!!) years. It sound great and I really like it but I am thinking about moving on to something more clutter free. Any powered 2.0 speakers on a budget? I will be plugging them in the back of e10k. thanks!
  18. HiCZoK

    What is Your fav thermal paste/metal and apply method?

    Hey everyone! I was always using some noname silicone or silver paste. Did some reading because I wanted something universal, that is non conductive and can be used for cpu, gpu, console etc. Easy to clean, long lasting and performing at least well... Don't know if I did well but ordered Arctic...
  19. HiCZoK

    Need PSU replacement on a budget. 600-800w, bottom mounted, modular, quiet.

    Hey everyone. I am getting a lot of coil whine from my corsair 600w gs from 2012 and I Guess it needs replacement. About the coil whine - I get it as constant low whistle or short whistling if that means anything. Usually when vid is jumping around. Already set voltage to fixed but that didn't...
  20. HiCZoK

    Any way to cheaply upgrade/refresh my pc? maybe it is worth upgrading ram? (2500k rig)

    Hey everyone. I bought this in 2012 and it's still going strong. I don't mind capping games to 30fps with riva tuner if needed but I feel like my pc might need some cheap refreshing anyway. I will post list of my parts and what I think about them. This is what I have: Motherboard: Asrock p67...
  21. HiCZoK

    Any way to fix a bad finished mat bezel?

    Hey everyone. I just got Benq Gw2470h and its a well made monitor. no problems with it except some ghosting which is to be expected with amva but the quality of finish on bottom bezel is super weird. It looks like it was molded incorrectly and not matted in all places. It is only seen under...
  22. HiCZoK

    Replacement for U2312hm. Looking for something with good black levels and no glow

    Hey everyone ! My Dell U2312hm which I got back in 2012 thanks to (as always) great advices here is getting long in the tooth. I really like the display but it lacks hdmi and have rather bad blacks and bad uniformity/ips glow. Not ideal for movies and gaming in dark room. I am a bit on a...
  23. HiCZoK

    D5300 or Canon T5I or Pentax k-50 ? help!

    Hi guys. I finally want to buy a camera. Up to about 800-900 bucks with lens. I've did some research and I don't think I want mirrorless camera. Just dslr. I am only enthusiast. It's not going to be for professional use. What I want to do with it: - Photos with nicely blurred background...
  24. HiCZoK

    Does external sound cards like x-fi hd or live 5.1 can be powered without pc ?

    As in topic. Can those (or some other devices like that) be connected let's say to xbox360 and work as amp ? I want a device thanks to which I could have my 360 and pc connected at the same time to headphones and speakers. x-fi hd and live 5.1 pro, have all the connections, but both are...
  25. HiCZoK

    Looking for external amp/dac to give my pc a proper sound

    Hi guys. I am currently on my onboard acl892. it's not bad but many people insist that I should get external sound card or amp+dac to get a real proper sound. I am mostly using headphones(as for now sound blaster tactic sigma 32ohm) but I also have 2.1 cambridge soundworks creative speakers...
  26. HiCZoK

    Wireless or detachable cable hp suggestions?

    Hi guys. I currently have creative tactic360 sigma. Very good headphones but I would like to get something wireless or witch detachable cable. -about 100$ -rubber/skin memory foam earbuds -loud and good bass -closed big earbuds. -no need for microphone, 3d or volume control. Any ideas?
  27. HiCZoK

    How does forcing aa works via ccc.

    Can someone explain me this? I have gibabyte 7870 which is fantastic btw. I had nvidia for years so this is new to me. I want to know how does forcing aa works. No smaa/fxaa talk. These are overlays independant of anything else, I know. So: Let's say I want to force 4xadaptive...
  28. HiCZoK

    200$ camera ? There is so many !

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a camera. I am doing a HUNDREDS of pics with my mobile phones and smartphones for years (I am 24 btw) and I just like walking around and talking pics of everything. Especially macro shots but superzoom is appreciated as well. Why not? I jsut want an all around...
  29. HiCZoK

    camera for 200usd max ?

    I think I will finally get myself a camera. I am taking houndreds of photos with my smartphone and it's time to get something decent. Is it possible to find good camera for 200usd ? I like to take hdr, time lapse shots. Macro pictures and night/evening. Optical zoom for distance pics...
  30. HiCZoK

    Electric noise coming from pc until it gets warm (30minutes)

    Hi huys. I got new pc recently and when I start it up after a night cooldown, it does this typical electric crackling noise. The one that You can hear when moving a mouse on desktop with left button clicked (dragging select box), watching Youtube etc. It even amplify the hdd work and proceeds it...
  31. HiCZoK

    New 100mbit connection - only 20 achievable by wifi.

    Hi guys. I have new contract for 100mbit instead of 30 and I am confussed a bit. I have a tp-link 150mbps n router. wr740n model. On pc I have wireless g adapter usb dongle. 5bars signal. I can't get more than 22mbits on that pc via dongle. I know it is g and not n, but 54mbps should be...
  32. HiCZoK

    Alternate dvi operational mode and other in ccc

    What is it? It is tickled on by default,by the checkbox says it should be unticked unless I have any problems. No problems with it either on or off. Also - I am new to radeon. Got 7870 from gigabyte last month. Running 12.11 beta from 4 days ago and everything is perfect. Do I want to...
  33. HiCZoK

    Heavy gpu. "Bending" in pci-e slot? Also stains

    I just got a 7870 from gigabyte and its an awesome card. Just something I've noticed. The end of the card is lower than the front. It is so heavy that it is slipping down the pci-e slot. Not like its going to crack or fell out or anything tho :P Should I support it with something or hang it...
  34. HiCZoK

    getting 7870 tomorrow! What to check out?

    Hi guys. I am getting gigabyte windforce 7870 tomorrow. My last gpu was 8880gt so I already downloaded everything after 3dmark 2006. That is 3dmark vantage and 11. Also downloaded riggems2.0 and bought couple of games on steam like metro 2033, Alan Wake etc. What other stuff can I try out...
  35. HiCZoK

    660 non-ti vs 7870.. one more sorry guys

    Ahhh I am going to put an order today. Was all set on 7870 gigabyte 1100mhz but then I've noticed that there are 660 non-ti cards. Especially msi hawk. It is same price as that 7870 and more less the same performance? Poland -don't link newegg deals
  36. HiCZoK

    Which 7870 to get?

    Maybe gigabyte windforce 1100mhz version ?
  37. HiCZoK

    7870vs7950vs660ti opinions?

    Hi guys. I am doing an upgrade but can't figure out which one is the best deal. (NO ATI vs NVIDIA war. I am not biased) We are talking about factory overclocked non-reference cards like: 7870 asus directcu2 or gigabyte windforce3 7950 gigabyte windforce3 660ti msi pe. Which one/which series...
  38. HiCZoK

    How will this do for 2500k and how to properly attach the fan to heatsink

    Hi guys. couple of month ago I got this (silentiumpc spartan- kinda of a new brand becoming more popular in Poland) for about 30usd. I was using it for my old e6300 but it was causing plenty of vibration.. maybe due to bad thermal grease, I am not sure. here it is: It came with this fan...
  39. HiCZoK

    Silent case with dust filters and at good air conditioning

    2500k and 7950 (single) I was looking at R3 and R4 but fractal r4 is a bit too wide (232mm) r3 is less wide but it's harder to fins (in Poland) There is also bitfenix ghost but I don't know much about it. Any other good recommendations in that price range ? also other interesting cases I've...
  40. HiCZoK

    d6 error. Asrock p67 pro3 b3

    I got myself that asrock and 2500k and memory 2x4gb kingston blu. My pc dont post. D6 error :( The gpu in there is 8800gt. Now - on my old p5n-e sli mobo it WAS working but recently it stopped to work with ez connector in standard position and ONLY worked with ez connector set to sli on that...