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    SLI on 975x?

    I havnt been paying much attention to tech news lately as I've been buisy with school... with the rescent 680i problems I've been wondering if anyone has had any luck with SLI running on intel's 975x platform? It is supposedly possible... I'll never run Nvidia unless it'll run SLI on an...
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    Why you wish the PPU to fail.

    I'm bored at work, so its lets start an interesting thread time. Why is it that so many are screaming it'll fail, I hope it never sells, its useless, its worthless, its not worth $5, blah blah blah. please tell my why its worthless and why it will hurt the consumer.
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    Conroe & Cell Factor Demo?

    has anyone made Cell Factor benchies with a Conroe yet? with / without PPU and whatnot?
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    s370 water blocks???

    I'm converting an old computer to water cooling, and I am looking for water blocks... does anyone have any good suggestions of water blocks for socket 370? the motherboard is an abit BP6 (dual celerons) and clearance is an issue with the capacitors
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    boiled peltier sandwich...

    ok... so you guys are probubly sick of my stupid idea's... but I have alot of time at work to sit around thinking. how efficient are peltiers sandwiched together? also, how hot can most peltiers safely get? here is what I am thinking... would it be possible to passively cool some...
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    Water Cooling Cascade.

    I am planning on building a new mid size system. and I want to try water cooling, but I am thinking of switching to phase change later on. so this is what I am thinking... I am going to build an internal water loop with a pump, gpu block, cpu block, nb block, and a 4th block for heat...
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    Havok vs Ageia - Factual Differences

    ok. I am sick of this showing up in every physics related thread, so now, here is a place for it. may the Mod's have mercy on my soul. ATI and Nvidia have announced that they are going to have hardware accelerated physics via Havok's API. Both NV and ATI cards are going to allow SLI /...
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    water blocks.

    how big of a difference is there in water blocks? I picked these up on e-bay. good or bad in terms of cooling?
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    Things Agiea needs to do.

    1) Produce a PCI-E 1x PPU card! Ageia your potential customers are begging you! it'll never happen, but a PPU and SB X-Fi on the same board would be a godsend! 2) Lower PCI PPU prices to $200 maybe it'll move some inventory (if there is any) 3) Encourage...
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    AIW CrossFire please?

    is there anyone out there who has tried and successfully hacked an all in wonder card to work with crossfire? I'm not building a new comp till I can get AIW with a crossfire setup. I want AIW and I want CF... its just retarded to me that I cannot do it. I know I'm not alone... is it...
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    Low Budget Sub Ambient Cooling

    I'm looking for examples of your cheapest sub ambient cooling solutions Preferably home brew, and pics / prices would be nice.
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    Phase Change Cooling (newbie)

    Ok, to thwart any flaming: my research thus far is minimal, and I know only some principles behind phase change cooling. I am posting this thread to get input on my plans, and the answers can help to serve as a refrence to other newbie users like myself. If I understand correctly, the...
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    Multiplayer PPU (speculation)

    First off, I want to state that I have little to no expertise as a game designer and I am only a programming student. That being said, I bilieve that a PPU powered multiplayer world is possible. My understanding of video game physics is incomplete, but as far as I know the laws of physics are...
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    Crossfire Motherboard Selection

    I want to build a system with upgradability in mind. I am open to any suggestions for motherboard, but I am mainly looking at DFI and ABIT. The last system I built for my own use was an ABIT BP6 with dual celeron 366's oc'd to 550 512MB RAM, and dual 20GB 7200RPM seagates on (hacked)...