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    Zotac GTX Titan X

    So what do we think about this? Who thinks it'll be under $999 but worth what it cost?,29189.html
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    corsair bulldog?

    Does anyone know what Corsair bulldog is going to be?
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    Corsair Mech k70

    Does anybody have either of these keyboads? Im looking for a keyboard but never used a mechanical one and im looking at these two but I dont know the difference. I like the red backlight because it matches my Corsair M45 mouse. Can someone who has either of these share their experiences...
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    Samsung Magician v.4.6

    Does anybody have any feedback about performance with Aprils firmware fix on the Samsung 840 Evos?
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    Silicon Power SSDs

    Anybody on a budget even pick up these drives? I had one as my Boot drive but it cause a lot of short freezes like it just wasn't keeping up with my normal activities so I swapped it for the Samsung 840 evo and use it as my cache drive for my video editing in Adobe. Now if restart my computer...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Whats the deal with so much hate out there for AMD bulldozer CPUs? I understand that Intel is faster but AMD is still has some powerful CPUs especially the bulldozer gen if you have the right balance in parts to go along with it. Whats the big deal? Why shouldn't someone on a budget purchase a...