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    Is this fast enough for PC gaming?

    I am looking at: Up to 3 Mbps upload Up to 50 mbps download 1.25 TB (1,280 GB) data plan next option is: Up to 10 Mbps upload Up to 150 mbps download 1.25 TB (1,280 GB) data plan I will be the only one online at any time so there will be no sharing of data. I don't have extra money so I am...
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    Need phone with small screen

    I am looking to upgrade my 5+ year old android smartphone for a new(er) one that doesn't have a huge screen like most phones do. I want to be able to fit it in my pockets comfortably and my budget is under $175. Any recommendations?
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    help disabling SMART in BIOS

    I have a ROG GL502VS Asus laptop and since May, I have not been able to update windows 10 because it hangs on the logo screen. According to this thread, I have to disable SMART in BIOS, but I don't know what that means...
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    NVIDIA installer cannot continue

    I've been trying to solve this since I bought Battlefield 1, but it won't let me play until I install newer drivers. My laptop came with windows 10 and GTX1070. I've done all the windows 10 updates. When I try to install the 376.09 drivers, I get the error saying the graphics driver could not...
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    Which of these gaming laptops is best for the money?

    I am looking for a new gaming laptop for under $2,000 (after tax) to get on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and I was wondering which of these you think would be best for the money: