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    (XFX) R7 240 at 120hz DVI-D?

    it's not working. will my LG W2363D play with this?
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    HiVi USA via ! 3 sets of 2.1 offerings by Swans/HiVi. I came across the speakers on the webz earlier today and found them intriguing. That said, nearly everywhere i looked said that they don't ship the particular model i was looking at, the...
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    Audiophiles: Power conditioning?

    Are standard surge protectors up to the task? guy getting EMI from a washing machine to his computer's audio. OP says his system is plugged into a "surge protector (UPS)", so, not sure which it is, exactly. Anybody using dedicated, more...
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    single platter HDD recommendations?

    As of this post, it's 24oct2012, est. If I wanted only two single platter drives in raid0, what's the maximum platter density available? I once had hitachi 7k1000.c's, 500gb single platter drives that kicked ass. I know at the time, there were the samsung f3s, which i'd have gotten, but we're...
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    High-end gaming with ivy bridge i3

    Having trouble finding benchmarks with people using an Ivybridge i3 (3220, for example) and a 660ti, 7950 or better at 1080p. Every time i do find something, they are using a much lower res which I understand to place more load on the cpu than the gpu. I have seen users on various forums using...
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    Seeking build advice

    A few questions: I had to sell my sig desktop, but things are looking up in my life and I intend to build again soon. Have a mATX Lian Li pcv350 and an 800w corsair psu still. I also have the LG w2363d 120hz monitor. For this reason, I'll be gaming at 1920x1080. No desire for multimonitor...
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    LLC/VDroop question

    After getting a new case, mobo (asus x58 sabertooth) and hsf, i've since achieved a better overclock. Right now, i'm at 4.2ghz using 1.39vc, 1.32qpi with htt off, LLC off/VDroop on. When i run small ffts in prime95, my voltage in cpuz/ohm drops to ~1.32. If i turn LLC on, would i lower my...
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    this forum remains awesome

    no matter how much i come and go. ttfn.
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    I love my triplefis :)

    Updated the sig to reflect the updates in life :) Had to snag a headphone amp from best buy, but i picked these beasts up for 183 via amazon. i just got a pair of dual driver shures for 300, too. live and learn, i guess. logitech <3
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    WEI + SLI trouble can anybody offer any insight as to what's tripping up my graphical scores? sig rig.
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    800usd build for a friend link to the cart, thoughts?
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    benefit of more powerful cards for physx?

    is there a difference between running a 9800gt vs a gtx 275, for example, as dedicated physx? or perhaps the question to be asking is are there any games using enough physics to make such a difference noticeable? simply curious
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    1.5v ddr3 vs 1.65v

    with the i7, doesn't it make more sense to go with 1.5v when possible? not like 1.5v is particularly hard to come by these days, i mean. is there a reason for 1.65v other than the particular stick of ram might have tighter timings, etc?
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    jmicron jmb363 throughput?

    i'm having a hard time finding information about this controller. i have the msi x58m mobo, 6 sata ports on ich10r and a 7th on the jmb363 controller. i intend on getting a single fast ssd in the future, so i'm wondering if the jmicron port might be worthwhile in this case? i see bad reviews...
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    Had a chat with sprint :] (free airave)

    I called sprint today to request a PRL Update. I ended up finding out that Sprint's Customer service/tech support can no longer flag accounts manually for the PRL update. i happened to explain to the guy on the phone that i had been trying to get one sent to my phone for the last like 6...
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    16:9 vs 16:10

    More commonly considered the debate between 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. This actually comes from a discussion i had with a true pc gaming friend of mine. Personally, i prefer 1080p; a media standard, and i like knowing my movies are running at full native resolution, etc. the fact that 1080p...
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    does this exist?

    i'm wondering if people know of any software that would a.) have the ability to create self expanding partitions in ram and b.) run from a context menu to create approximate storage space for a file on the hdd (in ram), and then move the file into ram. then a paste feature would dump it to the...
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    aero desktop, locked at 30fps?

    i was wondering if there was a known tweak for setting that to 60fps, for example. just to get it at or above my monitor's refreshrate, i mean.
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    i beat 3dmark vantage (cpu) completely legit benchmark look at the cpu score, that was achieved on a i7 920 at only 3.2 ghz. how did i do it, you ask? i have 12 gb of ram. using a 5gb ramdisk via dataram ramdisk. downloaded and installed 3dmark...
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    hitachi 7k1000.c 4x500g raid 0 performance

    thought this might make a good reference. ICH10R chipset on the msi x58m mobo, i7 920@3.5ghz with 12gb of ddr3 1600 was hoping somebody with a similar setup using samsung f3's could post to compare? the raid volume is 200gb with 64kb stripe size. write cache enabled...
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    New build; what do ya think?

    Copy/Pasted my post made elsewhere.