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    Asus P8H67-M PRO and acceptable ram?

    I just bought this motherboard and am looking to find ram now. DDR3 1333 is max I believe it can handle and on the ASUS website they list many different types of acceptable ram however not if the ones I had picked out would be 100% compatible any input would be helpful thank you.
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    LRG Shirt Size XL Ultra Violet Ink Changes Colors - Ends 9/20 - $18.00

    Lifted Research Group LRG Shirt Size Extra Large Ultra Violet Ink Changes Colors Ends at 1:48 Pacific time on 9/20 - $18.00
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    The North Face Khumbu Fleece size XL - Ends 9/3 1:15PST - $22.50

    Looks great!
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    DC Shoes Apparel Division Jacket Black Size XL - Ends 9/3 13:15PST - $19.50

    In great condition only worn a few times
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    Background photos for phones?

    Might be off topic but is there thread around here for those? If not, here's one I made for my northwest people. Look at my post below.
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    Facetime App for Droid and iPhone

    Looking for a facetime app that uses wifi that has a droid and iphone version, any suggestions?
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    New to the DSLR world

    I just purchased my first DSLR the Nikon D3100. I am going to start off taking landscape and nature photos and I know that I need to upgrade to a better lens soon, any suggestions for this model? All suggestions greatly appreciated.. :) Here is one of my first photos I am happy with..
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    Cheap or free photo editing software?

    I was curious if anyone here knew of a good photo editing software similar to photoshop that is either on the cheap or free side? all suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Tethering and Verizon

    I have an iPhone 4 and I was thinking about unlocking it just for the soul purpose of getting an app to run tethering from it. Would this work or does Verizon have this secured where you would have to pay for there tethering services?
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    Free Buffet @ Hometown, Old country, or Country Kitchen

    Sign up to be a member and receive a free buffet at hometown buffet, old country, or country kitchen
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    Laptop HD > Desktop? Help!!

    My laptop took a crash.. I was wondering how i could hook up my laptop hd to my desktop is this possible?
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    need help with laptop

    Hey guys, so i was using my laptop the other day and during the middle of writing an email the screen went white, so i turned it off and turned it back on and everything seemed to be working however nothing came on the screen it was dark no color in it and no bios prompt nothing. i did...
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    Reason* Audio program

    So i have reason im tryin to use it to make some drum and bass backgrounds.. Anybody know of any good tutorials i could benefit from? Or any good advice?
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    help my power supply blew up

    Alright i have a RAIDMAX 350w Power supply i had it in my computer for under a month brand new and one day after it had been off for a couple hours i turned it on and it litarlly lit up like a christmas tree, now it did nothing to any of my hardware everything had to of been hooked up right cuz...
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    k7s5a bios info?

    Im lookin for the newest version of cheepos bios for the ecs k7s5a and the most recent i can find is from early 03 an was curious if there was a newer version out like one that has the 200/200 fsb option