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    zotac 2070s vs msi 2070s ventus

    the zotac is 499 and the msi is 509. I have a gift card from amazon so it has to be purchased from there. I would have preferred the FE but such is life. I am looking for performance/reliability and followed by cooling/noise. It will be in a closed case with no window so i dont care about looks...
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    1080TI's coming down yet?

    I have seen a few 1070s and 1080s go to *almost msrp. However no sub $800 1080TIs just yet. Meanwhile, shopping at a mall in Northern California.
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    Need a 4TB drive for external backup

    I have few older machines from windows 7 era that I would like to condense. I will keep the originals in the respective machines but basically do a CTRL V on all their my docs folders into the new external. I am thinking about at a WB 4TB black but Newegg keeps reviews keep reporting dying...
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    Win10 update kills BT?

    I had my BT headphones working this morning, then it started to crash youtube/firefox. Windows prompted me to update so I restarted and then I lost connection and have yet to reconnect. I have tried to uninstall the drivers and let windows reinstall, but still no go. I have no idea if I should...
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    blu ray player software recommendations

    My just got my daughter an external blu-ray drive for xmas. I was hoping they included software for blu-ray playback. They did not. I tried to use quicktime and VLC with no dice. I heared PowerDVD will work. Also googled some other apps and they require internet to search for AACS libraries...
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    Best 27in gsync monitor?

    Is it only between the Acer and ASUS? Which would you recommend and why?
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    OC failed months out?

    So I usually run the standard software OC from Asus 24/7. Today after a few months I got my first hard lock up. It would not boot or even go into bios. I cleared the CMOS and the prompt told me my OC had failed. I reverted to stock in the BIOS and got it running again. Any Ideas on whats...
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    Full size PC with the cost/performance of a NUC?

    I am basically looking for a ~$600 box that runs on an I5. I figure buying my own PSU, mobo etc would cost more individually vs buying a pre-made. This will be for my wife who streams and does homework with our 11yr old. This was the model I was looking for: Intel NUC Kit NUC6i5SYH...
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    2 phones 1 SIM

    I have Sprint and an S5. I already preordered a Note 7. Can I still use the S5 by swapping the SIM out? I plan to use the Note7 for all my normal activities, but use the S5 for runs and bike rides. It would suck to drop my new Note when my S5 can be cannon fodder.
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    Looking for a Mac Laptop

    I need a new Mac laptop for my daughter as required for her school(private school, 6th grade). I hear there will be a lot of multimedia projects via keynote and maybe Iphoto/Imovie. I'm thinking about about a 13" macbook air 8gigs ram i5 256 ssd. I could go slower with 4gigs but I think the...
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    I can't enable Wifi

    I recently gave my old rig to my wife to replace her laptop. Specs are in the sig. This box has been running primarily wired but the Wifi is failing me now. I have tried to enable my wireless connection but its greyed out. I have tried updating drivers with the right click method. I even tried...
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    [warm] Corsair Strafe RGB silent version $30 off

    Corsair - Strafe RGB MX Silent Gaming Keyboard - Black 129.99 on sale. CA tax is brutal but same with amazon nowadays. Free shipping is nice.
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    intel 750 1.2TB AIC only game in town?

    I haven't been checking lately but seems there aren't any larger capacity drives >1TB. Where are the consumer rivals from Samsung, Toshiba/crucial and Sandisk?
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    CPU only VS GPU same render times?

    I downloaded a trial version of sony movie studio 13. I ran the same video from my gopro into movie studio. A 3 minute realtime mp4 video took ~4.35mins to render into a 1080P mp4 file. I ran it 2 times each and still came out the same whether I using the 970gtx or not. Full specs of my rig in...
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    Web browsers sluggish on win 10

    I just built a new box and its snappy except anything using firefox or edge on windows 10. Netflix, Origin Battlelog and youtube are all super slow. This is a scratch build so I have a full retail copy of windows 10 loaded fresh. My laptop which is circa 2013 is a win 10 upgrade and it works...
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    Best way for fresh Win10 on laptop

    My wife has a lenovo laptop that originally started as a windows 7 machine. I have since gotten it upgraded to Win10. I think some of the lenovo bloatware apps are not win10 compatible and giving me errors. Whats the best way to do get a fresh install of Win10?
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    asus x99 questions

    I just picked up at an asus X99-m and I am looking for an M.2 SSD to go with it. I noticed that they only have a few listed as compatible so far: Plextor PX-G128M6E Sandisk SD6PP4M-128G Sandisk SD6PP4M-256G Samsung XP941 MZ-HPU128T Liteon LJT-128B1P-2260-128GB...
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    smallish air cooler for 5820k

    Originally I was going to build a 4790k ITX system. I just picked up a cyrorig C1 cooler. Now I have a 5820 coming with a matx mobo and case. I would like to get a slightly taller cooler that is somewhat compact and has a single 120mm fan, that is quiet. I am currently looking at the...
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    choppy mp4 playback

    I currently use Windows Media Player as my default player for video. It seems like my PC won't do playback 1080p@60fps from my go pro hero 3+ black edition. I have video from my Samsung S5 1080p@30fps and AVCHD from my Sony NEX5 that plays just fine. Is there any simple way to convert MP4...
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    new system, new ssds, need advise

    I am planning on doing a new build since my current one is about 5 years old. I am dreading the transfer of all my files to the new ssd.I have to do a fresh install because all my drivers and even OS will be different. I am planning to get a small 256gb m.2 drive for a boot drive. I only want...
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    ITX mobo and M.2

    I am looking to upgrade since I still have a platter system. Is there anything other than the asrock board? I noticed it only supports 2 channels. I would like to pair it with a samsung or corsair stick in the 500mb-1tb range if possible.
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    Looking for a TV

    I purchased a samsung u6400 65" from B&H photo on black friday to take advantage of the sale. Unfortunately it came with a defective screen and they are out. I have an RMA but I can only get a refund. Right now nothing is on sale but I still would like a TV. Is there anything I should be...
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    Looking for MITX z97 mobo with on/off

    I am currently looking to do update my rig and I can't decided on a case. I would like to leave it out for an extended time (months). Are there any MITX boards with On/OFF and reset? The only one that I have seen is the ASUS VII impact. It seems like a waste since im not going to OC.
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    why so much contract hate?

    So my contract is up. I am currently with Sprint. I was looking forward to getting an LTE phone, since I lost my old S2 and I am currently using my older S1. Looks like they are doing the dumb Tmobil thing where there are no more contracts and you pay the phone up front or installments. A top...
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    Looking for a new carrier

    My contract is up and I am waiting on the new big screen Iphone. I've had android devices since the HTC evo. Now with streaming and other apps, I need to jump ship to ios. For some reason, Crunchyroll and other apps seem to roll out content faster on apple before android. I have a premium...
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    School me on mobile hotspots

    Are there any solutions that are priced to replace home wired systems? I am interested in those mobile hot spot things for mobile wifi. I would basically hook up my phone, tablet, laptop for 24/7 connectivity. I know security would be concern always being on the airwaves. Is there a solution...
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    Need a new router

    My dlink 4300's wifi crapped out on me. It won't send a signal anymore. I need a new router that has a built in gig switch for 2 hardwired desktops.I will also have 2 laptops,2 tablets, 2 phones and a PS3 hooked up via wifi part time. No more than 3 using wifi at the same time. Max budget is $150.00
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    Adobe flash and sound issue

    A week ago it seems during the last update tuesday my flash got hosed. When I go to youtube or any other flash site the audio is really low. It seems that any thing that uses flash(like Youtube), creates a new volume section and its always set on minimum. Every time I have to manually raise the...
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    any high PPI 20/24" displays out?

    All this talk about retna this and retna that on smartphones and tablets, what about PC displays. I know tons of people viewing all types of media on their laptops as well as their desktops. Any word from someone like Dell or Samsung?
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    Need a new 120mm fan locally/amazon

    My stock fan on my SG05 is getting noisy after 2+ years. I want to get a local fan with minimal fuss. Fortunately I have frys,microcenter, and svc relatively close by. Amazon is also an option since I have prime. What should I get? I'm not sure they have yate loons or sycthes that I am used to.
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    Video Noob needs help

    Up until now, I have been using Windows Movie Maker. Most of my clips were coming out my Sony HD Handycam. They come out in AVCHD format I think and range from 250-900gb. After editing in WMM, I output them to .WMV and they are under 500mb for Youtube. This is all great, but now I have Sony...
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    best non netbook for $400

    Im looking for a basic notebook for around $400ish. It will be a gift for my GF. It needs to do office and web. The most important thing would have to be reliability.
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    pc wont boot after power outage

    My GF pc kicked the bucket after a power outage. It won't turn on. I am assuming its the mobo. Nothing spins, cpu fan, hd and dvd rom are all still when you press the power button. The PSU has a green led at the back so I assume its still getting power. How hard would it be to replace an OEM HP...
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    need a phone for mom

    I showed up at my mom's house and showed her my new EVO, and she was like 'oh why can't you buy me one like that. Does it have a keyboard like a droid?' First off she only knows about the droid because her coworker has it and showed it off. My mom needs a simple slider or flip phone to replace...
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    problems with my Dlink 4300

    I move to a new house and it seems I can no longer log onto my router using the default it says that the server is taking too long to respond. I have the same router at my moms house and it seems to be working fine. I still get on the net and I am posting using it right now. I am...
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    GPU List

    There are other lists on other sites but there isn't really one here. I am not going to go into custom or oem overclocked versions like the XXX versions. Here goes: HD5970 HD5870 GTX295 HD5850 4870x2 GTX285 4850X2 GTX280 HD4890 HD5770 GTX275 GTX260 216sp( 55NM) GTX260 CORE 216 GTX260 HD4870...
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    5850 vapor x?

    Anyone know if they will release a 5850 version of vapor x? I would love to have those coolers and a possibly smaller pcb since its not a reference design.
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    EVGA P55 micro price increase?

    I see the raised the price on it from ~135 to ~165ish because they came out with a new budget full size atx board called the P55V ( i guess for value). Unfortunately I was going to use my GC and now that its here, the price overbudget. Are there any good micro p55 sli boards out there besides...
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    current matx cases for 5870?

    What are the current cases that will fit a 5870 without serious modifications to the case? Will it fit in a TJ08?
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    which EVGA p55 mobo

    evga p55 le or evga p55 micro...