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    no display from new card

    whats the likelyhood of 2 brand new cards from newegg being bad?
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    no display from new card

    have pulled and reinstalled the card several times, have reset the cmos via jumper pins twice, Tested the 6+2 with a voltmeter and all have correct voltages. Im at a loss
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    no display from new card

    there is only one power connector on the video card
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    no display from new card

    we have tried 3 different HDMI cables before we tested them with the Xbox. Not a modular power supply, and his monitor only has HDMI, plug in his old card and the system works. I am wondering if it could be the 6+2 connector.. anyone know what voltages what wires should have? Should be able to...
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    no display from new card

    have reset Cmos, still no change
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    no display from new card

    the motherboard is on the latest bios, He bought the mobo/cpu from a friend and was fully updated and operational when pulled from the system.
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    no display from new card

    Get no display at all, no post, nothing at allno post, no bios .. nada
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    no display from new card

    have plugged and unplugged it several times, still nothing
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    no display from new card

    the card has 3 display ports, and only 1 HDMI, monitor and cord are good as tested with his Xbox via HDMI
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    no display from new card

    the PS only has a 6+2 power for PCIe, same thing plugged in or unplugged motherboard is ASrock b450M steel legend Ryzen 7 2700X 16gb Gskill tridentZ RGB ram thermaltake 700W power supply, not sure the exact model , smart RGB if that helps
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    no display from new card

    friend of mine is working on building a system, we put it together a couple weeks ago and got no display from his card . checked and double checked everything. Finally decided to throw in his really really old video card from a previous build in there and it took a while, 45 seconds or so and...
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    Win 10, 20 min restart time, 1 min powerup

    I have had a problem for a while, if i restart the computer, it comes up the the win logo and the spinning circle and takes about 20 min to boot back up to the OS.. but if i shut it down, turn off power supply for about 30 seconds and power back up, it takes less than 1 min to get back up...
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    Florida Inmates Spent $11.3 Million on MP3s. Now Prisons Are Taking the Players.

    my only problem with this whole thing, what the fuck are they doing with mp3 players and tablets? Its a god damn prison, if you are a criminal and are in prison, it is supposed to be a punishment, not a god damned vacation.
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    Warcraft Players Are Removing Their Shoulder Armor to Protest Their Evil Warchief

    i have played off and on since vanilla and never really kept up with or cared about the lore, i just wanna kill shit and get gears
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    Starbucks May Allow Customers to Pay for Coffee with Bitcoin

    they could take monopoly money, still wouldnt pay what they want for a cup of coffee..
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    Cox Communications Sued for in Excess of $1 Billion for Ignoring Piracy by Customers

    all artists now know they dont make any money from record sales, its all live shows and merch. And sure cox, as well as suddenlink and other will give you a slap on the wrist, thats about all that is needed considering the "crime" . and yes, i would download a god damned car if i could..
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    Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE Clothes Will Track Your Location

    is tommy hilfiger still a big deal, i remember those clothes being a big deal in the 90s, but nothing really since then
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    364 Idaho Inmates Hacked Their Prison Tablets for Free Credits

    this is just my opinion, but jail/prison is supposed to be a punishment, it should be something to be feared. People should be scared to commit crimes and get caught. Jail/prison shouldnt be a walk in the park.
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    A Short Lesson in How Binary Code Works

    actually pretty interesting to think how far computers have come in the last 40 years, same concept, just greatly multiplied
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    lock keyboard ?

    my cats are constantly getting on my keyboard dong all sorts of unknown stuff. Is there a good easy way to lock keyboard when i am away from my desk on windows 10?
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    Here’s Elon Musk’s “Submarine” for Rescuing Trapped Thailand Kids

    i think its awesome that someone like Musk is willing to try to help with this,
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    Netflix Is the Number One Choice for TV Viewing

    i havent paid for cable tv in years.. matter of fact, i havent turned on a tv in my house to watch tv in years. Watch everything from my pc
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    Netflix Is the Number One Choice for TV Viewing

    most everything good on netflix to watch, i already have downloaded, of course thats just my experience
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    Netflix Is the Number One Choice for TV Viewing

    i have netflix, and to be honest there isnt a whole lot on there worth watching.
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    Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair Build and Size

    i have been looking for a new office chair, but my cats seem to love my chair as much as i do, so they would trash anything nice
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    MoviePass to Introduce Surge Pricing on Popular Movies by July

    tickets are the cheap part of seeing a movie in the theater, its the drinks and popcorn that gets ya.. get me a pass for popcorn/candy and drinks for $10 a month.. haha
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    Boyfriend Urged On Woman in Fatal YouTube Stunt, New Evidence Shows

    tha fuck they think was gonna happen....
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    Analyst: 66% of Console Players Still Prefer Physical Games over Digital

    problem is that they in such a hurry to push a game to market, they start printing and working on physical games before the game is finished. they will finish the game while production of physical copies is already being done, you get the unfinished game on your physical copy and have to...
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    Analyst: 66% of Console Players Still Prefer Physical Games over Digital

    really prefer digital on consoles, no discs to keep track of, no having to switch discs when i change games, besides when you buy the discs, you still have to download the whole damn game anyways. Only time i buy discs for games is used games on the cheap.
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    guy was a dumb ass, his own fault...
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    Walmart Selling Lots of Counterfeit Products

    ebay, amazon, walmart, fakes are everywhere, some things i dont care if its a cheap knock off, but other things, i was a quality authentic product
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    James Cameron Hopes for “Avengers” Fatigue

    i feel the same way, all there is anymore is crappy remakes and comic book movies, very hard to find a good movie with an original story.
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    Google Bans the Term 'Kodi' From Autocomplete

    are you kidding me.. google is going to make me type ALL 4 LETTERS.. how dare they....
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    damn.. that seems to work as well...thanks
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    added ultrasurf extention to chrome, and so far so good
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    i am wired directly into a modem/router combo. I can access the sites on my mobile device just fine
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    uninstalled it and still same problem
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    I can try uninstalling it .. just ran it and it came up with nothing and yeah, i dont mind people knowing what city i live in
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    what do you mean by my location is in the shortcut bar?