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    Hot? Microcenter has made the 3600XT effectively the same price as the 3600X

    Good luck finding a good motherboard in stock. I jumped on a similar deal right before there was a shortage back in April.
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    Watch Dogs 2 free for joining July 12 video stream

    I clicked that link p05ta1 shared yesterday and logged in through there. I checked my Uplay app this morning and it appeared under "install"
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    Watch Dogs 2 free for joining July 12 video stream

    I got it to show up in Uplay.
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    Watch Dogs 2 free for joining July 12 video stream

    I got through past the login page but it's stuck at the page where it says "welcome back".
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    Optimus watercooling, has anyone used their products?

    Finally slapped mine on today. Sitting at a cool ~40 "ish" degrees C on my 3900x and the much more enjoyable hum of a D5 pump. I had the stock AMD Wrath cooler so anything was seriously better.
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    Optimus watercooling, has anyone used their products?

    I haven't installed it yet. But here are some pics. Quality is outstanding.
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    Optimus watercooling, has anyone used their products?

    Back from the dead but I thought I should reply I ordered a nickle plated AMD Foundation with a black aluminum hold-down plate and acrylic top on April 16th. It just got here today. They just updated their site today about shipping delays.
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    Where to find a DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B in 2017

    I have one laying around for you to buy. PM me. Also have memory and a XP 2600+ if you want.
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    Introducing HDMI 2.1 Specification

    Thank you Mr. Internet Police. I just know some vendors will try to fool dolts into buying high priced cables now that there is a new spec. I just read the comments.
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    Introducing HDMI 2.1 Specification

    This is great! But what is even more entertaining is I'm waiting for the hilariously overpriced HDMI 2.1 cable reviews on Best Buy.
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    R9 290 upgrade

    If 1080p is the max your current monitor will go, I'd stick with it for the time being.
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    Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2 Release Notes

    I always do a clean install. Tried you way anyway and it didn't work. Still getting a message saying general wattman settings restored after system failure. Going back to 16.8.3.
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    Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2 Release Notes

    My crossfire 290x setup crashes everytimeI launch a DX11 game with any 16.9.x series driver. Sometimes a stupid message appears that "WattMan restored my default power settings." WTF?! Just stock clocks here - no overclock or voltage adjustments. I thought WattMan was only supposed to come up...
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    Creative Labs US Storewide Sale (25% off at checkout) 3 days only.

    I did post on the title that it was only for 3 days starting on that Friday I posted it.
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    Creative Labs US Storewide Sale (25% off at checkout) 3 days only.

    This is me right now. Crossfire/SLI makes you realize how much space you don't have .
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    Creative Labs US Storewide Sale (25% off at checkout) 3 days only.

    Eyeballing that X7 since you can get it for $100 off at checkout. Pretty nice discount if you ask me. Creative Labs (United States of America) | Sound Blaster, Gaming Headsets, Speakers, Headphones Use LABOR25 at checkout!
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    Sound Blaster Z and Windows 10

    I think I solved it. I had to manually disable the High Definition Audio Bus. I remember AMD software would turn it off but I guess when the windows update happened, it did something to the drivers and forced a generic HDMI audio driver to be installed. Switched the output slider to headphone...
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    Sound Blaster Z and Windows 10

    I'm just not getting any sound through the analog headphone output.
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    Sound Blaster Z and Windows 10

    Looks like the new anniversary update broke it again. Yey Microsoft-doesn't-work
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    Overheating ROG Strix 1080 - what to do?

    He said he did not initially test them out as SLI but rather one at a time.
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    PSA: the crimson driver may lock your gpu fans at a random percentage!

    Is it the 15.11.1 beta on the site? I guess it's up now.
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    What laptops don't come preloaded with bloatware?

    The HP Spectre x360 is plain jane Windows 8.1 and nothing else. I know the windows store has a couple of laptops that are considered "premium" and have nothing but the operating system. Any HP also has a minimal reformat option which will format the OS partition with nothing but the OS and...
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    Terry Makedon tweets, " Catalyst Today"

    Boom. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Ok, FINALLY putting in my 295x2 and 290x...

    Have you tried plugging in one card at a time to see if it will post? Also, I know the power connections are very specific on the 295x2. I don't see your power supply listed on your specs either. Let us know and maybe we can help you out a little more.
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    Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem $69.99 - Ebay (NewEgg)

    Cool. But I hear The SB6183 is the new model that supports 16x4 bonded channels. Cable companies are requiring this upgrade if you have the 100/200/300Mbs option in your area.
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    Is 16' too long for a Displayport cable?

    I got the same cable from Amazon. It works fine for me. I am running 120 Hhz from it too.
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    The correct way of applying thermal paste

    "Next we want to show you how to watercool your pc!" /Dumps pc in bucket of water.
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    H220X Performance

    Truth. Last excuse was stupid. I wouldn't hold your breath on this and just go out and build your own water-cooled system.
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    Sapphire's 8 GB R9 290X

    This is the solution for the 1 displayport to multi out.!
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    swiftech new aio water cooler?

    So many delays that most people gave up. Last time they said it would be at the end of May. But guess what? It's the end of May already.
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    How did this happen?

    Where is your pump inlet located in your loop? It seems like pressure from the pump if the inlet is right after your GPU's. Do you have a reservoir installed as well?
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    290/290x availability thread

    It's going down! Yey!
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    Does your card down clock if display is >60Hz?

    At 120Hz it's fine.
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    Sapphire Warranty

    They go through based in Walnut, CA if you are in the US. I had to RMA a 290x last month due to a faulty displayport output but got it a replacement within a week. The communication was okay during the whole process. Not making excuses but there is some random flash flooding...
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    Does your card down clock if display is >60Hz?

    My 290x and previous 6970 would always run the VRAM at full speed when I had the refresh rate at 144hz. Anything lower than that and it downclocked the VRAM to 150Hz when idle. I agree its annoying but I don't know if this is a hardware of software thing.
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    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 PC version announced

    I was yelling at the screen a couple of times. Okay... A lot of times. I only saw two bells at the beginning and was getting frustrated. And then I realized how useful the mist was. I felt stupid. But it was all worth it when I set fire to the bird to get the "original recipe" achievement...
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    Sound Blaster ZxR for $165. NewEgg

    I originally got this at the suggested MSRP when it was only out for three months. Worth it to me since supposedly got a good set of cans. If you can find the ZX for a decent deal, I would bite on that aswell but some say the Burr-Brown DAC and TI amp are worth the upgrade to the next up. Right...
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    NZXT H630 + Swiftech MCR320 Drive?

    It's fine. I got the H220 inside the H630. It's snug but it works.
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    Sound Blaster ZxR for $165. NewEgg

    The ZxR has optical in/out but no coaxial. Your speakers would be fine though since you have both. Creative includes an optical cable in the box if you get the non-oem.
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    One fan doesn't spin - MSI Gaming R9 280X

    I'd check if they would cross ship you one. But they would need to put a hold on a card till they get your defective one back.