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    A build for Streaming Hi Definition Gaming

    Hey guys, I haven't seen anyone posting up about a build for a computer that will be doing Hi Definition console game streaming (or streaming at all for that matter). I've tried streaming with my current computer which is about 3 years old. If I really lower the quality of the stream, it runs...
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    Laptop Recommendation??

    Sorry if this belongs in another forum, but this seemed like the closest... Ok I'll try to make this short. I'm looking for a laptop. Not doing anything fancy with it other then a little video edited. I'm a competitive gamer and it would be how I would record matches in good quality as...
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    Video Capture Device for XP 64

    Are there any that work? USB or otherwise? I have a Dazzle DVC-100 that I used when I had regular XP home, but there are no drivers for the 64 bit version as Pinnacle has seem to completely ignore getting support for it. Is there anyway I can get this to work on XP 64 or what product can I buy...
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    Hard Drive being reconized as Floppy Drive

    I just got this hard drive and instead of it being detect as a hard drive, it's being detected as floppy drive. I've never seen this before. What could be the issue??? Thanks in advance.
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    Multiple Hard Drive Setup

    I just finished building my new computer and it runs great, but I'm thinking about running multiple hard drives for even better performance. Right now I'm running a 300gb drive as my main drive and an 80gb drive that I only run games off of. I was thinking about : A 100gb drive for my OS and...
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    Dual Monitors, different resolutions

    I have an XFX 8800GT. I'm trying to run dual monitors both running at different resolutions without using physical panning. Is that possible? I'm running a monitor that I want to use at 1440 x 900 and the other monitor is actually an HDTV that I can only run at 1024 x 768 max (maybe because I'm...
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    GA-P35-DS3P USB Ports not working

    They work until I install the software that it came with. Then it stops. Are the ones on this CD the most recent ones?
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    Power Problems

    Ok, just hooked up everything to my new computer and everything seemed ok, but after i installed the video card drivers and restarted, I got a message saying that my videocard is not getting enough power. I have a Corsair VX 550w power supply. At the moment, I'm running two hard drives. One of...
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    Good 2 x 2GB RAM for Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P

    I search and I didn't see much on this, but if I missed it, sorry in advance. I plan on ordering the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P tomorrow, but I want to make sure I get RAM that works with that board. I checked the Gigabyte website and looked at they're Supported Memory list, but i didn't see any...
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    Help me bulid a new pc!

    I know, you see these a lot, but I hope you guys wouldn't mind helping me out. I haven't built a computer in a very long time cause the one I have now has lasted me so long, but I think it's finally time to make a change. The list below is what I came up with. I never know if the motherboard...
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    Video Capturing Help

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    Xbox360 Video Question

    Ok, here's what I want to do. I want to be able to play video files that are on my computer, on my TV. I use to have a modded xbox in which I would just transfer the files from my pc to my xbox and play them in Xbox Media Center. By my xbox is just about dead right now. I'm looking for another...
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    Static Type Noise

    I'm getting this static noise from my speakers. It seems to be reacting to my hard drive or something. Anytime I do almost anything like scrolling my browser window or a program loading up, you hear this static scratchy sound. I unplugged the speakers and put in another pair, same static. What...
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    Time going really fast...

    The time in Windows is going really fast on my computer. I'd say it's going about twice as fast as real time. What can be wrong?
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    Best Buy has Monitors for Cheap...

    I'm looking to get a 19 incher. I seen a Viewsonic on Newegg I was about to get, but just today, Best Buy has a DVI 19 inch Westinghouse Monitor for $249. Now I don't know jack about monitors so, I can't really tell what the difference is. I do plan on gaming with this monitor, but I won't be...
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    Computer keeps restarting...

    My moms computer keeps restarting. The only OS I seem to be able to get on it is 98SE. When I try to install XP, I get up to the actual installing part and it with either restart, or i'd get a blue screen with a bunch of info. But it's seems that every time I get that blue screen, it's a...
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    CPU Latch....not latching....

    Ok, I have this processor and this motherboard. I put the processor in the slot, but the latch won't come down. It won't come down even half way. Is there a compatibility issue I missed or am I doing something wrong?
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    Computer for Mother

    My mom is bugging me to build her a computer for about $800. I went to Newegg and came up with this combonation of items. Already have mouse and keyboard. She just wants to go online and email and other basic crap. No games, no overclocking, nothing special. What do you guys think? Linkworld...
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    Can't save as anything except Bitmap

    I'm really getting mad yo. Everytime I go to save a file, mainly gifs, it will only let me save as a Bitmap with the file name as untitled. What is going on? I thought it might be a browser problem, what's why I posted it here. I'm using IE 6.
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    Nero Problem

    Everytime I try to burn it tell me "Could Not Perform Fixation" I'm running XP. What should I do to get this to work?