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  1. Rune75

    Storagewhore wants quality ITX case /w 6+ x3.5in

    Looking for a small-ish quality case that is made for ITX (perhaps mATX) with a bunch of storage... 6 or more 3.5inch internal slots. I'll use a modular PSU and crimp my own cables. Video card... Well, so long as a GTX 1070 mini (Just under 7inches long) fits, we're golden. Ideas?
  2. Rune75

    Decent 21+" screen for under 150?

    Looking for recomendations on a cheap but decent monitor. 1080p or better and HDMI are required. Ideas? Expanded a bit. I want something to use while editing my Raspberry Pi / RetroPie when it's not hooked up to the TV and to hook up to my HTPC while my gf is gaming on the TV. Perhaps some...
  3. Rune75

    Building Cables - Silicone wires ok?

    I have a Corsair RM650i in an ITX build. For the fun of it, I will completely replace the actual wire on the SATA power cables, the 8pin CPU cable, and the 8pin PCIE cable to better fit my case. I am looking at using flexible silicone wire to smoothly get around a few bends. Also, would 18AWG...
  4. Rune75

    24 pin cable - How short is TOO short?

    I've got a 18+10pin to 20+4pin cable on my Corsair RM650i p/s and it's stupidly long... Would there be any issues with making / buying a cable that is closer to 5 inches long?
  5. Rune75

    2600k/p8z68-Pro needs replaced. Help needed

    Looking for board chip ram for under 450$... Coming from i7 2600k / asus p8z68 Pro / DDR3... Anything will be an upgrade, I'm sure. Only requirement is current gen mATX with onboard HDMI out... Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. Rune75

    Motorola SB6121 will not pass UDP

    I am triying to use my favorite sharing program between my work and home computers. It's called AirDC. It needs TCP and UDP connections to function. Problem is, my Motorola SB6121 seems to have stopped passing UDP. Everything else works fine. Here's what I know: I'm on Comcast Blast Plus...
  7. Rune75

    ASUS Zen UX31A Touch info?

    Looking for the exact model number of the Asus Zen UX31A Touch ultrabook. Specifically, the 1.9GHz / 256GB SSD model. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Rune75

    High qual XLR mic for podcasts & more

    I record a podcast that has decent sound, but I'm stepping up the equipment to clear up some of the muddy audio along with acoustic tiles for a small room. I want a small mixer that can handle 4 XLR mics and plug into my computer to record the streams... Visited my local music store and I'm...
  9. Rune75

    New Podcaster Needs Recomendations

    Me and my buddy Dustin have 13 podcasts under our belts now... He is in Boise and I'm in Seattle. We skype our chats and both of us are using Blue Yeti USB mics set to cartoid with padded mic stands. I cut the background audio as much as possible, but there is always a lot background noise. Of...
  10. Rune75

    StorageWhore wants to go ITX

    I want to go small(er). Going from ATX mobo, 10x5.25 bay full tower, and 12 HHDs to ITX with close to the same storage capability. I do not want a dedicated graphics card. Been thinking of buying a bitfenix prodigy case and mounting more HDD above the mobo from the top of the case. I would...
  11. Rune75

    Remove camera from Droid?

    Here's the deal. My job does not allow us to have camera phones. We can physically remove the camera from the phone, break the lens, squirt some JB Weld over the lens, or be a lil shifty and get a phone case that blocks the camera. Any info on any of those options would be awesome.
  12. Rune75

    ZOMG! HD3! iPhone Killer?? Check it out! ZOMG!
  13. Rune75

    Favorite IM software for Winmo 6 / 6.5?

    I use MSN ICQ AIM and yahoo quite regularly on my hacked Omnia with 6.5. I currently use Palringo but it is my understanding that they are going to a paid subscription model. I am wondering what everyone else uses on Winmo and perhaps save myself some money, get a better all in one package, or...
  14. Rune75

    Official release for Omnia 2?

    I admit it... I am sort of an Omnia/WinMo whore. Does anyone know when the Omnia 2 is really coming out? I need some OLED goodness.
  15. Rune75

    360 & BB replacement question

    I finally got a RRoD on my 360 Elite. I'm getting a gift card for the original price from BestBuy when I send in my broken console so I can buy another 360... But do I really have to send in my hard drive too? I got a shyte load of live games, music, etc... I don't want to lose it all. Ideas?
  16. Rune75

    Pairing GPS /w BT to truck stereo /w BT

    I have a 07 Dakota Laramie that has a BlueTooth enabled stereo. I currently use the BT to pair my phone & stereo. Now I see a bunch of BT enabled GPS on the market but it seems they only sync to phones. Will any BT enabled GPS pair with a stereo so I can get that tinny sounding voice onto my...
  17. Rune75

    Ports needed for 360 xbx Live?

    Im stuck in a condo in san diego for a month courtesy of the .GOV but there is a problem. This place has the intarweb locked down in strange ways (I can finally get to MOST subdomains and large sites like I am having problems convincing the indian techs on the phone that I need...
  18. Rune75

    SPEAKERS: Snell VS Elan

    I have a friend that manages a good A/V store in my area. He always said he would hook me up if I wanted some speakers. Now is the time to buy and Im asking you guys for some quick info. My living room is tiny at about 12x 20 feet but I have no neighbors close to me. I will be hooking the...
  19. Rune75

    mulit SATA HDD card knowledge needed

    I am building a computer for file storage and some gaming and HTPC duty thrown in. It will be based on AMD's quadcore. With this in mind, I am looking for hardware solutions for many (12-16) SATA 500GB or larger hard drives. Any suggestions for SATA cards? I am looking towards a WD Raptor...
  20. Rune75

    Double points if you gotta shop at BB

    Like the title says... If you're in their reward program, dont forget to get as much as you can from them. Apple, Bose, and any digital SLR camera not included...
  21. Rune75

    Cheap PCI SATA card recomendations?

    Ok, I'd like to buy a good (read: cheap) PCI based SATA card. Needs 2 connections but 4 would be nice also IDE is not needed. SATA 150 or better and must accept 400GB hard drives. Wow, this sounds like some strange personals ad. Anyways, I just need something to tide me over until I buy my...
  22. Rune75

    Smallest 1GB flash MP3 Player?

    MobiBLU DAH-1500i Seems pretty kewl to me in a gimicky sort of way. Any thoughts?
  23. Rune75

    [H] main page install language pack?

    Say it isint so! But for the last day (2 days?) when I turn on IE (but not FF), it gives me a box asking if I want to install a language pack... What gives, guys? Sorry, but this really irks me for some reason.
  24. Rune75

    [H]ard BB peeps please help

    I need constructive information, please no thread crapping. I have sent my Toshiba P25-s509 laptop off to service 3 times now. Once for LCD issues (they actually replaced the LCD / mobo / keyboard). Ever since I got it back, it had problems turning on but I did not worry about it much until...
  25. Rune75

    member post count question

    The theme is RAM doubling, right? Question: Why is there no 256 level?
  26. Rune75

    Cheap 1GB Flash based MP3 player: Ideas?

    I was thinking of gettin a 1GB Sandisk or iRiver flash memory MP3 player... I dont want to use a HD based player cause I will be movin around and Im sure it will be dropped more than once... I dont want FM radio but I do want an LCD screen so the ugly lil apple shuffle is out. Of course, Im a...
  27. Rune75

    Lappy warranty problem @BB

    Ok... 1st thing, Im not trying to rip off the store or anything Im just tired of this seemingly jinxed lappy. I bought a Toshiba P25-S509 @BestBuy in March '04 with the 3 year warranty and Ive had it in for repair 2x now each time taking well over 2 weeks and Im about to have to send it in...
  28. Rune75

    Replacement Mac cases?

    Is there any person, place, or website I could buy either an old Apple or new Mac (iMac?) case? I figure somebody around here would have the goods or links for me. I dont care if there are broken components inside of them. Thanks in advance! ~Wes
  29. Rune75

    Quality lefty mouse ever?

    Hey guys (and a few gals, Im sure)... Anyone in the know out there that has heard about good mices for lefties such as myself? I can use right handed intellimouse but when ya get some fancy new-fangled mouse like the MX700, its just a no-go. Logitech / MS / Razor etc, take notice: make a...
  30. Rune75

    Hoontech SB DB 3

    Im about to buy a Hoontech SB DB 3 to hook up to my Audigy Gamer. It seems to just move all the wanted functionality of the old live drive from the front 5.25 slot to the back of the puter (where it should be). Im wondering if anyone has experience with these little gizmos? Thoughts? Ideas...
  31. Rune75

    Logitech Laser Mouse

    Sounds great and all, but will there be a LEFT handed version? I know that might sound silly, but damn I wish I could use an MX700. Anyone know *any* lefty mice for FPS gamers?
  32. Rune75

    Virus gives Page Not Found in IE

    Hey guys... I work for a mom and pop puter store as a tech and Im having some serious virus/trogen problems as of late. I can dial out and connect to various ISPs but I get Page Not Found when going to websites in IE or other browsers and no net connection for any other program. Ive detached...