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    PS3 impressions. Let's hear what you think!

    How are people playing or going to play at 1080p at all? There are virtually zero plasma and LCD's for sale that can even do 1080p and almost all do 720p at best and a cheap version of 1080i. The best plasma and LCD's for the money do 720p and a ghetto 1080i. These are all sets from zero dollars...
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    Wii sales numbers

    Don't forget Nintendo makes money on consoles and games whereas Sony and Microsoft have started the trends of losing money on the console and lots of it. Despite the higher cost of the PS3 Nintendo is making more profit they even made alot of profit off the gamecube :).
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    HOT? G15 Gaming keyboard $55

    Got this this week and similar to a recent poster above me stated it's well made looks great and seems fine. I try not to do much work at home concerning typing I hope...
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    Nobody Plays Quake 4 Multiplayer?

    Yea I played Quake 4 MP for like 2 days and couldn't stick with it it sucked so hard. I played mainly FEAR and had a ton of more fun in MP than I ever did in Q4. Anyways now that FEAR wore off it's back to WoW Star Wars Empire at War and BFME2 the three games eating up my time :p. I gotta say...
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    Is 7900GT (GTX?) going to kill X1900XTX?

    If you think he is trying to start a flame war and trolling then why did you guys take the bait and get upset? Honestly
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    NVIDIA GeForce 7900 Series Preview @ [H] Enthusiast

    This was a superb review kudos the the [H] team. The widescreen eval was spot on I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sections in the review seemed very fair and provided the exact information most people want or look for in a review which is an experienced opinion with some facts. From the...
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    Empire at War

    Well the bomber method is just zerging which most are used to in an rts. Bombers don't need to worry about shields anyways... One thing though is against a human opponent corvettes take almost as long as fighters and bombers to build the corellian and tartans are easy builds because...
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    As the usual saying goes in the ATI forum wait for the drivers to mature rofl... :eek:
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    My New 7900GTX Pic

    Haha I need this while at work mmm
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    Wow Nvidia sure has come around with hard launching a line of vid cards. They keep quiet till they have something worth talking about hmmm. I am glad ATI is coming around with crossfire and losing the dongle and soon to be master cards only way they will get any share is if Nvidia screws up...
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    IDF: Woodcrest beats down Opteron like a mangy flea-ridden dog, benchmarks to follow

    Would love to see that so we can get rid of all these xeons at work hehe.
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    "Oh I've always liked Intel, AMD was just a hobby..."

    I bought my AMD mobo and CPU because for the same or a wee bit less money and effort I could have a game multimedia machine powerhouse (X2 4800+) My last cpu was a 2.4 c which was fine but agp only :(. I favor Asus boards which is what I have for my amd and the last 3 boards at the least for my...
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    HOT: Star Trek TNG and DS9 full series collections for $314 each at DDD.

    Yea you never know what you are getting through amazon either if you go the used route. So far Amazon and DDDVD haven't proved to me they suck :).
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    Empire at War

    Oh yea space battles lag bad once you bring in all flleets full force at a station. Empire with some Imperials spacing in as well as some cruisers or corvs once they unload the fighters good god :). The game isn't bad simple rock paper scissors unit wise one of the better SW games I think the...
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    HOT: Star Trek TNG and DS9 full series collections for $314 each at DDD.

    I bought the DS9 Series and yes they pretty much go for 80-100+ dollars a season unless you find used or cloned copies. This is a very good deal I almost bought the TNG set too but DS9 = fave.
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    1900XTX is currently better than the 7800GTX512.. will that hold true down the road?

    ATI doesn't really optimize their drivers much past present generation. If it's a new hot title they might optimize for it but if it's like 4 months after a release I doubt it. Cases where you keep up to date drivers and play the same game you will lose performance in some cases. I am sure this...
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    Is 7900GT (GTX?) going to kill X1900XTX?

    You are comparing a ATI card that is basically two gens newer considering x1800 was a next gen due to release time. Yes it should be better than a 7800 256mb it has twice the ram clocked higher and alot more on it. It won't look as good next to a 512mb GTX but who cares honestly since that is a...
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    7800GTX 256 MB or X1800XT 512 MB

    X1800XT is discontinued no point in buying one. I would go with the X1800XT over the 256mb GTX if I fit the following criteria... - I don't run Linux - I don't care about support - I like crashing to desktop in popular games - I like to watercool or don't mind fan noise 7800GTX 256mb...
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    Nvidia 7900GTX 512

    Specs shown earlier and tests show the 7900 dominating x1800 x1900 cards This is the card to have. I want a DX10 card which is what I will buy when they come out I won't upgrade again till then. Nvidia looks like hasn't moved anything up because there was no need with the x1800 being slower...
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    Empire at War

    Rebels have the best land units overall the tanks roll over infantry and smoke any unit and keeping gliders for walkers and just harassing almost invincible. Space rebels and empire can own hard. I am leaning towards rebels though for simple pwnage and higher pop cap :). Rebels leave x and...
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    Why you should always...

    Usually you will attract more particles by having your computer near the floor/carpet and near entryways. Easiest way to clean your computer is to use light filters on all intakes makes cleaning easier of course. I have seen spiders and ants mainly inside cases through my years not much...
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    Yea it will run like crap not to mention not really be a next gen title considering they already dropped the shadows to lame levels. Oh well there goes one of the selling points in a game like this which is immersion/storyline :/
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    Empire at War

    This game uses securerom not starforce just an FYI I know someone asked. The game itself is considerably light on the install compared to battle for middle earth 2 which the demo only allowed skirmish with two races and two maps which for 1.5 gigs of space was horrible. BFME2 looks great but...
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    What I would like to see in WoW either in an Expansion or patch

    Raising the level cap is the worst idea ever and I can tell most of the time these people are EQ players. PVP would be great if it similar in many ways to DAOC which is what I was hoping WoW would mimic. Why pvp when you don't play enough to ever attain a decent rank for gear? Gear is also...
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    I think people forget to realize that comparing an X850 PE or the like ATI card is a little unfair in comparison to this newer card and in general the Nvidia 6 series. These Nvidia cards support SM3 when available and will provide a better experience and IQ compared. We are talking about...
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    Nvidia 7900GTX

    I am sure Dell probably takes alot of supply considering the sheer size and volume they can do.
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    X1900 Benches!

    You are probably right that it should be better optimized to handle current and future games perhaps a better analogy of sorts like comparing the clockspeed of Nvidia's 5 or 6 series to the 7 series and even the X800 series ATI cards to the X1k series in current games such as FEAR Quake 4...
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    X1800XT improving quite a bit vs 512meg GTX

    Right but my post looks vaguely familiar does it not?
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    X1900XT in stock!!!!!!!!!!

    That's sweet I hope you get that card and get to play with it god I wouldn't be able to sleep with new electronics in route :(.
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    X1300 512mb Crossfire

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    Nvidia driver settings question

    I never noticed a difference when I had mine set to high quality playing at 1600x1200 or 1920x1200 though.
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    FEAR and 3dmark06 issues

    Check the fear boards official ones they have stickies of any problems for the devs to respond to. This could be one of them I am at work atm but will link you once I get a chance :).
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    ATI`s 4 GPU solution!

    Um I can't tell what that is? Is it even an ATI card?
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    X1800XT improving quite a bit vs 512meg GTX

    I haven't seen anything leading to the XT's even coming close to the 512mb GTX cards in SLI. Doubt they ever will either and please no weird odd firingsquad links the only time I ever heard of that site is when someone that prefers ATI links to them which is fine for "their" opinion. [H] real...
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    X1800XT improving quite a bit vs 512meg GTX

    I couldn't have said that in a simpler more straight forward way than what you did.
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    X1800XT improving quite a bit vs 512meg GTX

    The ATI cards X1800XT's look more washed out and dim on a 2405 than the 512mb GTX's as for imaging other I can't say I actually notice anything but in general the Nvidia cards seem to have a sharper picture on the 2405 LCD and are brighter/crisp. The drivers and support are the only major...
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    Do you think a 6800 Ultra can run Hellgate: London @ 1920x1200, Max Detail, No AA/AF

    This is so true considering if you don't stay above 50-60 fps during huge fights your gonna die probably :). That is if you play against anyone good.
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    X1800XT improving quite a bit vs 512meg GTX

    The reason ATI did this is because from what it looks like they can't figure out a better way than Nvidia's. ATI has probably done some odd things in regards to the master cards and perhaps the motherboards. Nvidia seems to have it in such a way to where it's mostly software controlled to an...
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    7800 GTX 512MB sightings

    My eVga's stock came 550/1.7 not sure what you are talking about. I have mine running at 575/1.8 not much I think auto detect was like 581/1.92 or something forget but both run at the above speed.
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    Nvidia 7900GTX

    You can only step up once.