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  1. androsforever

    New 27 inch 1440p display for gaming (Mostly MMOs, RTS)

    A friend of mine is asking me for advice on a new 27 inch monitor to mostly play WoW and other RTS games on. I was thinking of recommending him something along the lines of an IPS with less blur as possible, I don't think 3D is vital to him but I imagine it would be an added bonus. His...
  2. androsforever

    Questions about new CPU - AMD fx 8320/8350 8 core

    Looking to build a new PC from the ground up and am finding the fx8320/8350 to be a great value for the money. I am wondering if the 1mb l2 cache per core is going to be a problem. I will be using mostly Cinema 4d, and other 3d rendering programs, non professional gaming. Feel free to...
  3. androsforever

    Looking for advice on a new Keyboard/mouse combo for gaming

    I've been using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse for the last year and although it's decent, I often feel like I have some very noticeable input delay, especially on my keyboard inputs. I am using an Eizo fg2421 as my Monitor, running in 120hz mode (no turbo 240hz as that increases...
  4. androsforever

    Have to replace the polarizer film on my Qnix qx2710

    I accidentally damaged the polarizer film on my korean monitor and need to get it replaced. It's a 27 inch display and I am having a really tough time finding a seller for this kind of monitor polarizers. What would you recommend I do?
  5. androsforever

    Qnix qx2710 Polarizer Film Replacement Question

    Getting a polarizer replacement for my Qnix qx2710 off this site I am wondering which "degree angle film" I am supposed to choose?
  6. androsforever

    Philips gioco 238g4dhsd

    Wondering why there are no threads for this monitor I have owned it for a couple of weeks and I can vouch for it's very good AH-IPS colors and very good horizontal viewing angles. Would like to hear some opinions on it from others...
  7. androsforever

    Looking for Glossy AMVA+ Monitor and some opinions

    I've read online that there are several AMVA+ Panels, like the Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU, that can reach 120hz and have a very decent image quality compared to an IPS, and a greater contrast. I am looking for something like that but with a Glossy screen and possibly Nvidia 3d vision compatible...
  8. androsforever

    Glossy 1080p IPS that I can overclock to 120Hz safely and effectively

    Looking for a 1920by1080 or preferably 1920by1200 Glossy IPS screen that I can overclock to 120Hz (nvidia stereo 3d compatible?) safely and without great loss of image quality. Preferably around 23 inches. Looking to use it mostly for gaming, not looking for one of those 1440p South Korean...
  9. androsforever

    Looking for more Glossy IPS Monitors

    The Dell S2740L and Dell S2440L look amazing to me and am looking to buy the 24 inch one for around 220 Euro. I believe they have the same specs and technology, just the size is the difference correct? Could you share some other glossy IPS monitors of this quality? Thanks.
  10. androsforever

    Need New Monitor Advice! Coming from a TV desktop display

    I've been using my Kuro as a desktop for my PC and it's worked out great so far while watching games and movies. However it's always a pain whenever I have to do Desktop work as the scaling becomes noticeable on text etc. I would like to buy a new Monitor instead and here are my important...