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    Verizon FIOS / Moca Network

    The existing network consists of a verizon router (G3100) connected to the ONT via coax. Verizon limits the coax connection to 100mbps/100mpbs. Primary goal is to connect a router to the ONT via ethernet for increased speed (200mbps/200mbps) and also allow the use of my own router (Unifi Dream...
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    2500k Upgrade Build

    Its time to upgrade from the 2500k I've been running at 5Ghz. I'm seeing high processor utilization with the GTX 1080 that is overclocked to 2.0Ghz so I'm looking to smooth things out a bit and increase minimum FPS. I'm pretty set on an 8600k, I'm not convinced that for gaming the 8700k is worth...
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    Low 802.11AC connection speeds

    I just upgraded my home network to an Edgerouter X and a Unifi UAP-AC-PRO. My main goal was to increase reliability and also to upgrade to AC for the increased speed in local file transfers. I setup the UAP-AC-PRO and tested everything in a before and after situation and everything was as...
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    Black screen at boot

    I've narrowed the problem down to the graphics driver. Running version 335.23 (default driver for windows 8.1) everything runs fine. When i try to update the driver it installs ok, but when I restart I get the spinning circle for loading windows, then just a black screen. I can't get to the...
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    Can't take ownership of a folder?

    I've got a folder in windows 8 that I can't get access to. When I right click, i can't see the size, contents, security permission anything. When I go to the advanced security settings I get this. Any idea how to take ownership of this thing? I've got no read or write access to it and can't...
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    Slow network transfer speeds

    Here is my setup: 2-Desktop PCs 2-Qualcomm Atheros AR938x wireless cards, both connected on 5Ghz network at 450 Mbps Router-E4200, latest firmware, the only 5Ghz network in the area One PC has a drive bender drive pool on it that I'm trying to read/write from. Testing the pool w/ crystal...
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    Windows 8 Sleep

    I'm dual booting windows 8 and 7 right now. Sleep works fine in windows 7, not so much in 8. When I try to wake it from sleep I just get a black screen. No mouse, keyboard, nothing so I have to hard reset. Sometimes it'll wake itself up from sleep and do this too. Every time it does this. Any ideas?
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    BF3 sli stutter

    Anyone else getting microstutter in BF3? Any fixes? I checked the performance graph and its much smoother without sli, but also kills the framerate. I'm running 2x GTX460 1GB and a 2500k at 5.2Ghz. w/ sli: w/o sli:
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    Can't install windows 7 SP1

    I first discovered the issue when the machine wouldn't install SP1 with the error 0x80073701 ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING. So I downloaded the system update readiness tool and here is what the error is: ================================= Checking System Update Readiness. Binary Version...
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    802.11n low connection speed

    I've got a HP netbook with an Atheros AR9285 wireless card that will only connect to my router at 75 Mbps. It doesn't matter if its right next to the router or a room away. The router is an E4200 running on mixed mode, auto channel, 2.4 Ghz, but the netbook is usually the only device connected...
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    flooded case

    I had a case that ended up in about two feet of water in a basement about two years ago. Its been empty since but I'd like to use it again. Do I need to worry about if anything happened to it? potentially shorting anything out?
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    P95/IBT stable but still get regular crashes

    I can pass about 20 runs of IBT and I did about 16 hours of prime 95 and everything passed fine @ 3.7Ghz. Try to load up battlefield 3 and it will blue screen or hard lock almost instantly. Also get reboots just browsing the web. I read somewhere LLC can cause this but tried turning it off and...
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    Infinite boot loop after sleep

    I've had my computer at 3.5Ghz and its been rock solid stable, sleep and everything. The instant I try to go past 3.5, I can't wake from sleep anymore. It just goes into the infinite boot loop. I can go 20 runs of IBT and 9+ hrs of P95 at 3.7, but it still won't wake up from sleep. It will...
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    Windows 7 Reformat

    Haven't reformatted in ages but my SSD is getting full so I figure its a good chance to. Is allowing the Win 7 install dvd to reformat the drive the way to go? Will it align it properly? Also I remember there being issues with people installing ahci drivers etc. Should I just leave it with...
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    Notebook hangs after login

    I've got a Lenovo notebook here that hangs after login. Its running xp sp3. it'll boot into safemode with no networking ok. I ran chkdsk and ccleaner to try to disable anything i didn't think should be starting up but no luck so far. After disabling a few startup items it did boot fine once...
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    Can't wake up from sleep after OC

    I had everything working fine at 3.5Ghz then went for 3.6Ghz. I can pass 10 runs of IBT and 9+ hrs of p95 no problem. But it always goes into infinite boot loop when waking up from sleep now. Any idea which voltage/what could be causing this? Its only an issue at 3.6Ghz+ Edit: I've tried...
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    Static from speakers?

    I'm using the onboard audio with a set of older creative 2.1 speakers. I used to only get it occasionally but now i get it more often than not. Whether there is something actually playing from the speakers or not there is like a staticy noise. Any ideas what this is coming from? Thanks!
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    Temps too high on Hyper212+

    Right now I'm running a Q9450 @ 3.5Ghz using 1.296V according to cpu-z. Using intel burn test I get max temps of about 79C. Playing BC2 it gets up to almost 70C. I'm using a CM Hyper212+ which I have reseated a couple times without any better results, but i'm starting to wonder if I'm using too...
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    GTX260 SLI worth it?

    Right now I'm using a single GTX260 @ 710Mhz core/1200MHz memory on a 1680x1050 monitor. I can pick up a used GTX260 for a little over $100. Would I see much of a performance gain to be worth it? I mainly play BC2 and a few other games less frequently. I would have to use the sli patch to run it...
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    Recommend a sub $300 netbook

    The cheaper the better but I'm pretty useless as far as netbooks go and I want to spend my money wisely. I'm hoping to find a deal this weekend on something but would be willing to look at used. Will mostly be used for internet/music/videos/office and some light school/work stuff (things like...
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    .net framework issue? Can't install office/live

    I've got a computer that I am trying to install Office 2010 and Windows Live Photo Gallery running Win 7 x86. During the Office install I get error 2908 about halfway through the install. I tried searching and tried a few solutions but nothing works. Some things suggest it being related to...
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    Samsung monitor buzzing

    Had the monitor a couple years and this just started up. It makes a loud high pitch buzzing noise. Google'd around and looks like it may be a transformer dealing with brightness and adjusting brightness may fix it. Well tried that but changing the brightness setting does nothing to the screen or...
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    Prepaid phones/calling card

    Right now I am on a shared family plan and running out of minutes for the month. I'll be using more minutes but temporarily and not enough to change the plan. Whats the cheapest option for a temp solution? Can I use a regular calling card on my phone or will i be charged minutes? Can I buy any...
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    Old OEM BIOS update

    I am using an emachines T6524 as an HTPC. I just bought an HD5450 to use with it so it can play HD content. Problem is, it will not post with it in. I am thinking since this board has never been updated it may be a BIOS issue dealing with the backwards compatibility of PCI-E. Problem is...
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    Reccomened me a TV (~$700)

    I'm moving to Seattle on Friday and its time to leave the free 27" CRT behind. Hoping someone can reccommend me a good tv. I am willing to pay a little bit more to pick it up locally (best buy/target/whatever) so I can have it sooner/don't have to deal with shipping. I'm looking to spend...
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    Intel burn test question

    I just replaced my motherboard with a ud3p and was doing a bit of testing to make sure 3.2ghz is stable again. I noticed in IBT that I was getting ~34 GFlops, when before I think I was getting more like 44 or so. Is this something to worry about? Is there a setting I am overlooking? Everything...
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    Choppy 720p playback

    I am using an old computer as an HTPC on a standard def tube TV. Last night I tried playing back two different 720p videos and it was super choppy the entire time. I am using win 7, playing back with VLC, video was .mkv. The computer is an AMD 3500+ (2.2ghz single core) and a 7600gt w/ 2gb...
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    X25-V Upgrade worth it?

    I have the upgrade bug and have been thinking about an SSD. I can either look at numbers all day and never be sure or ask the people who have actually used them. I am not sure I am ready to spend the $200+ on an SSD yet so I am wondering if the 40GB X25-V is worth the upgrade? I am currently...
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    Push-Pull on Hyper 212+

    Right now I am just running my Hyper 212+ with a fan in push. I have an extra fan that I want to use on the heatsink also. I don't want to run them both at full speed all the time and would like to leave the stock one hooked up to the 4 pin header and the other is a 3 pin. Would it be better to...
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    XP Sata drivers

    Looking for a bit of help here with AHCI drivers for xp-64. I have never used n-lite before and can't seem to get it right. I am using these drivers to do it. I am doing multiple driver folder, selectiong the folder, using textmode drivers and then selecting all of the drivers to add. Whenever...
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    Batch convert pdf to tiff or jpg

    I have a large number of pdfs (about 160 total), all single page that I need converted into .tiffs or .jpg. Is there an easy way to do this or a small free program that can do it (needs to be done at work)? Thanks in advance.
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    Board holding me back? Q9450

    I have a Q9450 running on an EP35-DS3L with 2x2GB Gskill DDR21066. I have gotten it stable at 3.2Ghz with 1.2875v in bios (1.216 in cpuz) and +.1v for GMCH. It took 1.3475v, +.2v gmch and +.1v fsb to get it stable at 3.4Ghz. With +.1v gmch it would run like 4 passes of IBT then blue screen...
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    Downgrade windows 7 version?

    I currently have ultimate installed and I am wondering if there is any way to "downgrade" this to professional without reinstalling? I have tried googling it but have only found things about upgrading versions.
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    Best way to move windows partition?

    I have 2 drives, 1 640GB and 1 320GB. Right now I am running a dual boot with vista on the 320gb drive and windows 7 on a small partition (120gb) on the 640GB drive. I want to get rid of vista and put windows 7 on the 320GB drive by itself and use the 640GB drive for just storage. Is there an...
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    High idle temps

    I just got a used Q9450 today and I am having some trouble already. I am getting idle temps of about 45-50C across the cores according to real temp. This is on all stock settings, no OC. I am using an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro, which should be plenty to keep it cool at stock settings...
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    DIR-625 Bandwidth monitor

    I have the D-Link dir-625 router. I am running my PC off LAN and a couple laptops on wireless. Is there any way to monitor/record my montly bandwidth usage in GBs for the entire network? I use comcast who has a 250GB limit, I have never had a problem with this, but just curious how much I am...
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    GTX 260 stuck in 3D clocks

    I have done a lot of searching and haven't been able to come up with an answer as to whether there is a solution or not. My gtx 260 stays in 3d clocks at all times with 2 monitors activated. I tried disabling the 2nd monitor, and there's the 2d clocks kicking in. Is there anyway to get the 2d...
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    Upgrade to E6300 or E7500 worth it?

    I am running my E2200 right now a 3.0Ghz on about 1.4v or so. Would it be worth upgrading to an E6300 for 84$ or the E7500 for 120$? The E6300 has twice the cache, while the 7500 has 3x the cache. At this point i don't think I would want to spend more than that on a dual core processor. Or am...
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    PS enough for gtx260?

    With all the good deals on GTX260s lately it has been tempting to upgrade. I am not sure my power supply can handle it though. Most 260s call for about 36 amps, but thats usually with a high end processor. Is a corsair vx450 enough? Here is my spec: VX450 - 33A on +12v rail e2200 at 3.0 ghz...
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    Install Windows 7 RC without bootloader?

    Is there anyway to install the Win 7 RC without the bootloader, or have the bootloader installed to just its partition? I know with ubuntu there is just a checkbox to have it install grub to its own partition, not the MBR. Anyway to do this? I am using the vista boot-loader know and would like...