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  1. HiCZoK

    Hyper Cloud X Orbit S Headset

    Cab I join the thread? looking for wireless headphone (dont care about mic) which uses usb dongle to connect to ps4 or pc (ps4 slim dont have optical so that's either controller jack or usb dongle). Hyperx Flight seems like one of best choices right now. What is so special about that wired AKG...
  2. HiCZoK

    Non-MSI B450 board that is compatible with Zen 2?

    Lol I can totally vouch to NOT get msi b450. 3700x not booting way too often and the bios suuuuucks.
  3. HiCZoK

    Best Budget X570 Motherboard?

    Ordered gigabyte x570 elite after how terrible the experience with msi b450 tomahawk was. Hope the gigabyte is good
  4. HiCZoK

    I need new Computer Headphones... recommendations?

    I always recommend Koss Porta Pro. The sound is so unbelievably good compared to much more expensive headphones. The headphone is light and does not press on the ears at all. Good sound, comfort, no sweat. Ofcourse no isolation. You hear everything, everyone hears what You listen to
  5. HiCZoK

    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    I just wish there was a way to run that ancient Cellfactor demo. Sure You can launch it with physx disabled in .ini but I want full hpysx! And I always wanted to run "Hangar of Doom" demo but it never launched :( Physx came, went and I never got a chance to play those
  6. HiCZoK

    144 is the new 60?

    I am fine with 60fps. 60fps got bad rep because of double buffered vsync, while in fact triple buffer vsync and/or use of RTSS 60fps cap, lowers the input lag A LOT. I am all for graphics and image quality and the fact is, 60hz monitors still do offer a bit better image quality and uniformity...
  7. HiCZoK

    Eizo FS2434 vs EV2451 vs Benq EW277HDR

    Hey! Did not wanted to create separate topic for this but after all I have a hard time deciding. Monitor for singleplayer games, dark souls, bloodborne and many sp games like new metro exodus. I am ok with 60hz since those games are either locked to 60fps (soulsborne) or are very demanding...
  8. HiCZoK

    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    Mouse feel is one thing but visually 60fps and 144fps is about the same with good motion blur... I just had the ad27qd for testing and was surprised how well it played on my friend's 60hz monitor with motion blur. Motion blur really is the answer here... at least for LOOKS. feel is a different topic
  9. HiCZoK

    4k display and already regretting it

    I've tested 27" 1080p ips to 27" 4k ips. Hp 27ea to lg 27uk650 and I returned the 4k. So - the difference IS there but mostly on desktop, text, dslr pictures and when watching hires yt videos in small window. Difference in windows fonts. 4k with 200% scaling to 100% 1080p on 1080p. Just so it is...
  10. HiCZoK

    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    Anyone with Ben EW277HDR ? Would be a pretty good monitor only if it had vesa mount. Overall.... - send help!!! I've returned ad27qd. In theory a perfect monitor but it maaaany had issues with displayport interface, no signal issues, hdr freezing and problems... and quite a lot of corner ips...
  11. HiCZoK

    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    This is interesting.... Samsung S27R750Q a FLAT 27" 144hz VA?! No freesync though... BassTek - I am also thinking aobut CHG70 but 27" version. I've read that 32" version have too bad pixel alignment and the lg is a bit big and...
  12. HiCZoK

    Should I Wait to Buy a 27in Gaming Monitor?

    Just have ad27qd. Very nice quality and picture quality. The monitor is better than xv272up for sure. Buuuut I have issues with dp interface. The monitor becomes unresponsive when I launch some hdr games and I cannot even turn it off
  13. HiCZoK

    2K or 4K Monitor. Is 27" to small for 4K ?

    4k with 150% scaling is the same size as 1440p1440p at 27. Look very clean but in games there are no difference
  14. HiCZoK

    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    This topic is a sad descent into madness. I just wish they started making crt's again. Crt with freesync would be just balls
  15. HiCZoK

    DUAL Layer LCD Display Info Thread (Mono LCD as Backlight)

    xm311k 45k usd :O And it's just a layer blocking out the backlight lol. All of this is pretty simple sounding... I am surprised we are stuck with the crap we are... the push for stupid pointless 4k and huge 75" tv's is bad. I just want 27"-32" monitor. no bigger, no smaller.... That dual layer...
  16. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    Well the monitor does not have gamma settings and comes with it set to around 2... so f this monitor
  17. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    No such thing as standard 1080p 144hz IPS panel. There are only 3 models with 1080p ips at 144hz and this is the only 16:9 model. Others are LG34uc79 and 89. Seeing benchmarks for rtx 2060 and 2070... seems like 1080p is here to stay for longer if I want high graphic settings. So there might be...
  18. HiCZoK

    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    Hey guys. Anyone uses aoc c27g1? What is the best freesync 1080p 144hz model?
  19. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    Its great. Ive compared it all
  20. HiCZoK

    VRR/Freesync Nvidia Display test thread

    Hoq do 144hz 1080p monitors work? Aoc c27g1? Asus vg279q?
  21. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    for work I would get 4k and do not look back. Even with 150% scaling, 4k for work is amazing
  22. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    4k 150 or 200% looks great on desktop. But scaling sucks and I can't run stuff at 4k or even 1440p with framerates over 60fps. I had lg 27uk650 and Acer xv272u... still went back to 1080p because too much of my content is at this res and it's easier to drive. It is undeniable though - that 150%...
  23. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty?

    Anyone tried this one so far? I would love for it to be good. Price is good, freesync now works on nvidia, it's ips, 1080p means great compatibility with ps4 and 1080p locked pc games as well as great performance... looks like a win and only competes with 1080p 144hz va curved monitors and tn...
  24. HiCZoK

    Razer is making a 27" 1440p... and it's GLOSSY!!!

    Wouldn't this be the only glossy 1440p? Shame we don't have 1080/1440/2160p glossy monitors. I would take full glossy, mirror finish even at 1080p 60. For all we know, razer might be just gluing glossy coating on matte one like Dell does... As for comments" meh not 240h, meh no hdr" -240hz at...
  25. HiCZoK

    OLED HDMI 2.1 VRR LG 2019 models!!!!

    whatever. Next consoles will be 4k30 anyway. Maybe some games 60fps. and on pc, the best hardware now gives you 4k60... but I wouldnt want 55" on my desk
  26. HiCZoK

    A very insightful article on Nano IPS

    So it's a pc monitor
  27. HiCZoK

    OLED HDMI 2.1 VRR LG 2019 models!!!!

    I would say it is worth buying freesync monitor more than gsync now. If Intel and tvs start all using freesync, nvidia one day will break and do it too
  28. HiCZoK

    Calibration Horrors: Win10-->nVidia-->TN based Dell S2417DG

    s2417dg... I would shoot myself in the head rather than try to calibrate Dell tn gamma
  29. HiCZoK

    Best Value 4K Monitor

    I dont know about dell... They have very bad qc and build quality since 17 series but who knows. I've heard a lot of recommendations for lg 27uk 600/650/850 series. Anyone have experience? How does it look and how does it scales 1080p?
  30. HiCZoK

    ACER NITRO VG270UP - 27", 1440p, 144hz, 100/120hz strobing 27", 1440p, 144hz, 100/120hz strobing, freesync. Very good review results (translate) and most importantly - 400$ price. Stand is not adjustable but the monitor does have vesa mount. Cannot find it anywhere for sale yet. Good to see some...
  31. HiCZoK

    ASUS VG279Q - 144hz, 1080p IPS. Late to the paty? Just came out about a month ago unnoticed. A late to the party, 1080p IPS panel(On Asus site it says IPS so LG?) with 144hz, Freesync and some strobing modes (no idea if it's 120hz strobing or 144) I personally think it is pretty interesting proposition...
  32. HiCZoK

    Acer Nitro XV273K - 27", 4k, 144Hz, Strobing, 10-bit, 97%+ DCI-P3, HDR 400, Freesync/"Gsync"

    Now that we have Acer Nitro topic.. Is VG270KBMIIPX the same but 60hz? because it's over 2 times cheaper. No adjustable stand but has vesa mounting holes. This makes it 100$ cheaper than lg 27uk600 when it comes to 4k 60 monitors but it's newer ? edit: the 1440p version is 144hz and has...
  33. HiCZoK

    Acer Nitro XV273K - 27", 4k, 144Hz, Strobing, 10-bit, 97%+ DCI-P3, HDR 400, Freesync/"Gsync"

    Not many talk about it because there is no point to 4k 144hz if best cards can do about 60 in new games. I am all in searching for 4k monitor for ps4 and pc but 4k 60 with best possible iq. 144hz would be nice option for old games but not for twice the price of 60hz models
  34. HiCZoK

    Interpolation test image?

    Hey. Anyone have link to resolution interpolation test image? always uses it in their reviews. like this: edit: btw - It looks like lg 27uk850 have just as good 1080p scaling as 4k eizo monitor...
  35. HiCZoK

    IPS monitors look terrible compared to an HDR television

    There is one 384 dimming zones dell up2718q I think
  36. HiCZoK

    OLED monitor news

    Only news. It will still be years and monitors will be 2k+ in price
  37. HiCZoK

    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    I am honestly starting to think the pc market is too small for all of these monitors and other stuff. We used to have 800 pages discussions in few months about simple monitors like samsung 226bw 10 years ago. Now, all this gear is unreviewed and way too expensive for some person to be reviewing...
  38. HiCZoK

    43" 4K 60hz vs 27~32" 1440p G-sync 165hz?

    I mean.. a lot of games are locked to 30 or 60. Even on pc.... and then there are consoles. Playing God of War is the better, the bigger the screen is + 4k. I would say - for a single player gamer, 60fps is just fine. Even 30 is fine really with controller. But for competitive play? nah, go high...
  39. HiCZoK

    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    This is pretty interesting. 4k va from iiyama and it offers close to perfect 1080p scaling. anyone here tried it? The price is about the same as 27" 4k ips models. Iiyama is a pretty safe bet for VA monitors at least when it comes to motion. Gamma can be a hit or miss but this model scores 2.3...
  40. HiCZoK


    Anyone can post a pic or tell me how ps4 1080p games look on such a curved 1440p ultrawide? I am not sure if I want curved ultrawide or flat or just a flat 27" 4k :p hz dont matter.