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    Quake 4 Ray Traced - perhaps an RPU PPU combo is the future?

    Thanks for the polite critisism. Thats exactly what I meant when I said it may require multiples of that number... But yeah, I was just counting the primary rays. I am making alot of assumptions and I was thinking that much like a GPU has pipelines an RPU could have ray pipelines. It would...
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    Quake 4 Ray Traced - perhaps an RPU PPU combo is the future?

    textures are getting better all the time... but there are different ways of going about things... used to be complex objects required high poly models (at the expense of FPS), but now lots of devs like to use low poly models and use detailed bump maps and textures. The difference is making a...
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    Mobo not booting...Please help me!!

    when you reset the cmos, how did you do it? procedure (to be thurough) 1) power off (switch off at power supply, leave power cable connected, it supplies a ground source.) 2) move reset jumper to reset. 3) switch power supply back to on, hit power button on front (fans should spin for...
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    when in [H] going to do a review of bad aXe2

    so in other words, all the reviews for the previus versions of the board, do not do this version justice? it seems that a LOT of people turn down the bad axe 2 because of problems with bad axe1... to me that sounds like it could be a good point for a review of bad axe2 or atleast a comparo to...
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    Built my first PC, no sound, plz help

    I would remove the legacy audio device and the audio codecs in the add/remove hardware thingy, then go to your bios (not familiar with your bios) and set it to non-windows OS change hardware config to manual, reboot, then set it back to windows OS and automatic hardware config. that usually...
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    what happens if i try to install a sound card while the pc is running...?

    I've done both... I stick my hands into fans all the time... just something fun about things you shouldnt do I guess... I have also unknowingly stuck PCI cards in and pulled them out wile the PC is running... I was trying to decide on locations for PCI cards on a new build, so I was puting...
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    Which physics engine can do a holodeck?

    I've heard that if chuck norris licks your nVidia 8800 it can do a holodeck...
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    PPU's a fad that will never happen?

    yes and no.... yes... they redesigned CPU's to do floating point... no... now they are called graphics cards and ppu's...
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    Which physics engine can do a holodeck?

    I thought it was funny....
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    SLI on 975x?

    I havnt been paying much attention to tech news lately as I've been buisy with school... with the rescent 680i problems I've been wondering if anyone has had any luck with SLI running on intel's 975x platform? It is supposedly possible... I'll never run Nvidia unless it'll run SLI on an...
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    New PhysX PCIe Cards?

    Thats probubly why the pci version is dropping in price...
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    Ageia Lowers Prices

    doesnt sound good to me... the PCI bridge has enough noise as it is, it doesnt need any extension cords making more!
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    without knowing the complexities of any of the internals, I would say why couldnt they make a pcmcia PPU? I know they never will (not soon anyways), but its probubly possible. Lets see if anyone ever makes a PCI-E PPU first?
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    Submersion cooling

    I do that on every car i buy... (before the first time I change the oil) because who knows how the last guy treated it. The ATF seems to take the sludge right out... Oil doesnt wear out. Like you said, it gets contaminated. but yeah, I never did really bother to look up what oil all...
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    Submersion cooling

    no detergents in motor oil... thats why it turns to sludge. transmission fluid on the other hand.... eats oil... so you have actually used motor oil sniper? I'm interested now...
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    Flexible Heat Pipes

    The link I posted earlyer is what the military uses... Its a substance that slowly melts at 55*F by melting, the solution maintains a constant 55*F until it has completely melted. it lasts about 3 hours according to them. As far as water cooling, it will work, but only as long as the ambiant...
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    Do people really need 60+ FPS?

    Does your television screen flicker? thats 30FPS. Do florescent lights flicker? thats (I think) 60Hz. How about regular light bulbs? 120Hz. Lets estimate that you have a ping of about 100ms. Thats basicly 10Hz. unless your framerate drops to 10FPS your internet connection is the...
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    Onboard sounds vs Sound Card (P5W DH)

    I dont know about your specific board, but most onboard sound solutions are more succeptible to interference. Like that buzzing when you move your mouse? Me nither. have a spare PCI slot? Does it block any airflow? what kind / how many speakers do you have? EDIT: heh... noticed that...
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    Submersion cooling

    LoL good joke, but you'd wanna do the opposite... 5w20 would be good.
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    Flexible Heat Pipes

    it gets pritty hot in the warehouse... I'd like to cool all of the hotspots (armpits, neck, etc) But I'd start with wc underware... I dono... maybe its just me, but I dont like sweaty balls...
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    Why you wish the PPU to fail.

    I'm glad to see alot of inteligent replys. The way I see it, most of the people against the PPU, are against it because they dont want to be left out if the game dev's adopt it in their future favorit games.
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    Flexible Heat Pipes

    I've been considering the same thing.... I want to make water cooled underwear for work. I'm thinking a small pump and peltier powered by a 9v battery. The only problem is, what would you use for a heatsink? a water block could be mighty uncomfortable... maybe a water block with a heat...
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    Why you wish the PPU to fail.

    I'm bored at work, so its lets start an interesting thread time. Why is it that so many are screaming it'll fail, I hope it never sells, its useless, its worthless, its not worth $5, blah blah blah. please tell my why its worthless and why it will hurt the consumer.
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    Has anyone used the Ageia SDK yet?

    I'm wondering (after all his antics) wich post it was that finally got him the ban??? It wont be the same without him... on topic: I'm downloading the sdk now... I'm too lazy to do anything with it for now, but school is starting monday, so that'll get me a little more motivated.
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    So you have $300.00 TODAY, what do you do to enhance gaming?

    everyone bitches that the PPU is useless... I was just going to say, as long as we are talking useless hardware we minaswell throw in the killernic and the soundblaster X-Fi...
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    [PPUGame] JointTaskForce SP demo out

    I got all excited and downloaded it. The movie looks cool, but when I launch the game all I get is a small corner of the setup screen that sais (I think) start game and setup. I suppose it doesnt help that my laptop only does 1024x768. Its probubly set up for all you assholes that game at...
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    boiled peltier sandwich...

    no cool factor points for you!
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    So you have $300.00 TODAY, what do you do to enhance gaming?

    Actually I'd probubly get a 20" widescreen LCD... Its a pain in the ass to game on my projector in the mornings when the light shines in the windows...
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    So you have $300.00 TODAY, what do you do to enhance gaming?

    When I am building the first things I pick out are a PSU and Mobo... The last thing you want to do is dish out all your budget on crossfire/sli and throw in a $50 PSU and some lame mobo as an afterthought....
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    How many gamers would it take to "force" adoption of the PPU?

    How many people own an X-Fi? For that matter, how many people own a sound card that cost over $20??? over $50? over $75? hell over $150? I love sound blaster sound cards, but I find it hard to justify a $200 X-Fi. But obviusly there are enough people out there who buy them, because...
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    So I won a PhysX Card.....

    glad to see that you've done any reading on the subject... Search this forum for info or links to Cell Factor. Its an FPS, and the gameplay is a bit refreshing compared to games that are out now. Joint task force is an RTS, it looks pritty good... the demo comes out tomorrow....
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    So you have $300.00 TODAY, what do you do to enhance gaming?

    I think this survey is asking a loaded question. I didnt read the rest of the posts in this thread. I havnt been on here in a while, and I didnt feel like it. A PPU does nothing for older games. And by older I mean anything that is out right now (unless you count poorly implemented...
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    Has anyone used the Ageia SDK yet?

    argh... I'm just going to have to download it and see for myself... cant be much harder than opengl crap (wich isnt that hard) what compiler are you guys using by the way? I personally like MS's compiler...
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    CellFactor: Revolution announced

    it only makes sence to release it for the 360 and ps3 then...
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    QUcik Javascript question

    somebody's always gotta do it better LoL. I havnt done any js in a long time.
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    QUcik Javascript question

    <form name="form1" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="page.php" method="post"> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /> <input type="hidden" name="xxx" value="" /> </form> <script language = javascript> var variable = contents; =...
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    Do I need CSS? That and some other questions...

    The simplest answer is that css is a pain in the ass if you dont understand it. Basicly CSS is a set of rules that your page will follow. You can give any of your elements (links, text, pictures, etc) attributes. You can also assign names and classes to make sub classes of elements. There...
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    boiled peltier sandwich...

    good idea, but then I minaswell use it to cool the boiler directly...
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    Will hype kill the PPU.

    The smartest answer to a question you dont know is: I dont know. But we are not that smart... thats why we are here... Will Ageia succeed? My wishfully thinking crystal ball suggests yes. But it has most definetly been wrong before. I dont think hype will kill it... But I do...
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    CellFactor: Revolution announced

    I do seem to remember talks of Agiea and the 360 possibly being bed partners... I dont remember anything specific tho, just that they get along well...