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    Cisco Security Manager to deploy IOS images?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with a customer of mine that wants to run CSM 3.3 SP1 for a couple of major reasons - 1. To deploy IOS upgrade to over 900 routers 2. Change PSK on the DMVPN tunnels every 6/12 months. I've been banging my head against a wall looking for any books on the...
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    Happy Holidays from Cisco

    One of my co workers sent this to me today, check it out. It involves some Logos and some singing.
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    I have a weird situation that I am wondering the legalities of. Basically the place I used to work for part time - they laid me off due to not wanting any part timers working at the facility in any department. They laid off the network guy that actually does work, Me! Long story short, I...
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    Dell Manged Switches

    Does anyone have any experience with Dell Managed switches? I took an IT position PT that has a bunch of 3448 switches and Adtran routers (yuck). There is no documentation to speak of, and I have been charged with setting up VLANs... is there a way to find where the switches are plugged into...
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    Cisco MARS Certifications

    Is anyone familiar with Cisco MARS and any training courses/certifications? I've been charged with getting to know the MARS box to support it. Another thing, anyone taken the CCSP bootcamps? Do they go over MARS in the IDS portion of the boot camp? How hard was it? I've been supporting...
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    Trixbox and IPCop - Phones from remote locations

    I've got a problem, I have a Trixbox setup on my orange subnet of my IPCop. (See network "diagram" below). It works great from inside the firewall, and over site to site VPNs. I can call out to a SIP provider and can call in from them as well. The only issue I am having is with phones...
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    DST Fallout

    Just wondering if any other SysAdmins had any problems with the DST change after they "supposedly" patched everything. I keep running into problems with CallManager (we handle multiple customers). Mainly phone loads on Java based (7941/7961/7970) phones. That being said, anyone else wanna...
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    DS/Wii Integration

    Has anyone heard of any details with the DS and Wii integration ? I can't find anything online, unless I'm searching for the wrong phrase. It is mentioned when you read about the Wii, but not even Nintendo's site says any details! :confused:
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    CCSP Certification order?

    Got a question for those of you that have taken the CCSP certification... what order do you guys suggest to take the 5 tests? I've decided to go with 642-511 CSVPN, not the HIPS test. I've been studying for the 642-522 SNPA so far, only because thats the only book I could find in the store...