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    Amazon’s First Ever Prime Day Breaks Global Records

    I definitely wasn't impressed about the sale but I just knew something in my wishlist would have drop some kind of percentage... #FAIL
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    this seems real nice..
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    $2000 Photography equipment question/help.

    I say start with the nikon D5200 I have a d7100 and canon t2i but this is something I did with the d5200 and a 50mm 1.8 get a 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 and a 17-50mm 2.8 a decent light 3 piece light kit...
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    Zotac GTX Titan X

    I hope its soon... Im not in a hurry to upgrade but then again I don't really know what I want. I wonder how many people are actually waiting for it
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    Zotac GTX Titan X

    So what do we think about this? Who thinks it'll be under $999 but worth what it cost?,29189.html
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    corsair bulldog?

    Does anyone know what Corsair bulldog is going to be?
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    DRAM Prices Lowest In 26 Months

    I know it felt good purchasing my 16gb 8x2 of ddr3 1866 of Kingston HyperX Fury for $119 on amazon prime earlier this year and a 32g kit is looking very tempting with these prices
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    Top 10 Games that you played in the past year. 2015 Edition.

    Tomb Raider Far Cry 4 Crysis 3 GTA V Wolfenstine New Order Wolfenstine New Blood Ryse: Son of Rome Need for Speed Hot Pursuit StarCraft II Age of Empires 3
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    Amazon Prime Now Adds 1-Hour Delivery From Local Stores In NYC

    I love my amazon prime I do wish they had a more organized movie listing... I don't know how they gonna pull off hour delivery in NY though... it takes a hour to cross the street better yet delivering a package..
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    The Gamers That Were Prosecuted For Stealing Virtual Items

    some people really need lives.. .like it doesn't have to be that serious if you don't make it that serious
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    No frills mechanical keyboard

    I still have my eyes set on the corsair k70
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    Silk Road Was “The Most Responsible” Drug Market In History

    I say don't legalize it but decriminalize it... its sad when you get more time for petty possession then a white collar theft of thousands or even millions
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    Do I upgrade video card or a waste of $20.

    what about something like a GT 610
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    The greatest keyboard of all time

    it does look good but its not for me
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    Computer seized by police, how to check/clean for keyloggers or any other malware?

    dang this is too juicy not to know any details... I say scrap the hard drive and install a fresh new one and clean OS install
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    Samsung Magician v.4.6

    No not that Im aware of I commented on another thread about it
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    Corsair Mech k70

    Does anybody have either of these keyboads? Im looking for a keyboard but never used a mechanical one and im looking at these two but I dont know the difference. I like the red backlight because it matches my Corsair M45 mouse. Can someone who has either of these share their experiences...
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    4x8GB Memory recommendations for Asus RIVBE + i7 3960X + Adobe Premiere? Thanks!

    With memory the popular brands with at least 1600 speed will get you by just fine... I have 16g of kingston fury 1866 and it handles premiere pro 2014 well... I do see where it caps off at times when I have a multilayer timeline during rendering but I still have fast export times. The major...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Thanks everyone for turning this discussion around my intent was not to start a flame war I just wanted some genuine feedback about how people felt and really wanted to hear from the AMD users if they were satisfied with what they were using. In the future when the budget allows I may build an...
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    Samsung Magician v.4.6

    Does anybody have any feedback about performance with Aprils firmware fix on the Samsung 840 Evos?
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Your post was hostile and rude and being the person I am to show you how cool I am i'll just respond with this and allow you to be simulated by your perverted remarks... All I was doing was making my point that in my experience with what I use my PC for I don't see how it could get any faster or...
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    I use a D7100 with a 35mm 1.8G and a 50mm AIS 2.0
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    Silicon Power SSDs

    It works fine when its running its just if I need to video edit and use that drive I cannot soft boot. I need to hard boot all the way down wait about 60secs then start up and it'll be cool.
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    for me it was the budget I was looking at intel since I was on an outdated system but I just couldn't cough up the $300 at one time for a I7 processor, i5s wasn't impressing me with video editing so it was either fx83xx or i7 and I had 4 disk drives to transfer over and SSDs to add so I needed...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    well it does when you save up and buy your parts over time that's my build below I used an Athlon II x4 645 for about 3 years before I became a gamer for video editing and with my GPU I produced a lot of projects with my old machine and saved up for parts over time...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    This was not a bait thread I just wanted to know peoples input and I wanted to hear from the AMD users about their performance and if they feel like their machines are not fast enough because they don't have intel or are they content with their machines because it does what they need it to do.
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    Whats the problem with AMD

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    Whats the problem with AMD

    hostility is not my intent it just bothers me when people act like AMD cpus are not good enough when they are good enough... they get the job done very well... especially in my business video editing... they told me I had to have the top of the line i7 and wouldn't cut it but I have been...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    I have to defend my purchase because it does what yours do any day any time... I cant speak for the chips that those people used in those benches but I do know when I turn my game on, my real time experience compares to the numbers im seeing in those top benches I see people post in these talk...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Im telling you now my performance in those games looks exactly like the the i5 in those games and others... in GTA 5 alone Im at a smooth 60fps average and my chip only has the turbo boost to 3.8
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    Silicon Power SSDs

    both the drive and the mobo has the latest firmware... that last mobo firmware update fixed the slow usb3 speeds and the ssd when I contacted silicon power confirmed it was one of their newer drives. I guess the saying you get what you pay for comes true in this situation because at the time...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    that gets a +1
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    show me a benchmark where the I5 beats a bulldozer with more then 10 frames in a game
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Your wrong about an i3 its not even in the ballpark... nobody games with i3s that's serious but serious gamers can game with an fx8350 and achieve the same the same things... and areas where I5s beat the a bulldozer its not $50 to $80 worth of performance its like 2-7 frames more.. I rather use...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    You'll spend more on a i5 setup then an AMD fx83xx unless you get a weak intel mobo the one good thing I can say about intel is the cheaper boards are still decent whereas I wouldn't get a 970 980 chipset for my bulldozer but you loose out on other features like I have all 8 of my sata ports...
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    It comes down to real life situations is my point... I haven't seen one person say they can play GTA V on ultra with a i3 and playable frame rates but I run my 8320 stock and I pull in 60fps easily my gtx 970 barely sweats
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    I don't care what benchmark or reviews you post no one can ever convince me that any i3 can out perform my FX8320 ever
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    I guess my gripe is a person can post a question asking is their AMD setup will get the job done and most likely the answer is yes with questions about integrity of the other parts considered in the setup but there is always someone that mentions either to spend more with an I5 system or get an...