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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Guess Im one of the few who still owns a REV A00. No issues as of yet.
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I have a U3011 Rev A00 and have had zero issues. I love the thing.
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Damn, makes me wanna keep my U3011 Rev A00; at least until Rev A02 comes out that is.
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    Gaming on 16:9 vs. 16:10

    Dell U3011 16:10 30" gamin glory! You guys can rage on me now.
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    Questions re: HP ZR30w and Dell U3011

    Vega is correct...there is a thread with 900+ replies on the the U3011 where pretty much all of your questions can be answered.
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    LGA 1155 and 2011 details.

    Man that sux, yet another socket! Jk fellas ;) I cant wait to upgrade old faithful: an EVGA 780i + Q9550 + 480GTX! I cant wait for Sandy Bridge!
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Blue Rays look amazing on my U3011 and I agree with the assesment the guys over at made about the scaler with regards to the PS3. "The picture quality is pretty good although the scaling from the PS3 resolution to Dell U3011’s 2560x1600 makes the picture appear a bit...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Right on man. If ever return mine, which I doubt, I'll be looking for one built in México. My wife and I truly love our display. We purchased the 5 year warranty with it so if it dies we'll be covered.
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    U3011 or ZR30W?

    I own a U3011 and I've played the following games with ZERO so called input lag: - PC - BFBC2 Fallout3 Bioshock Bioshock2 ModernWarfare 1 & 2 - PS3 - Uncharted Im not a pro gamer, but who is. Through the years I've "upgraded" my displays, as no doubt most of you have, always...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Cant argue with that seeing how ATI 6950's/6970's are out and on the cheap.
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Dell has a pretty robust return program from what I've read on this forum. One guy mentioned that he returned his U3011 22 times before he found the "right one". I have not returned mine, but apparently you ask for a replacement, they ship it to you, then after you receive your new one, you...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I was wondering if you could tell us where your U3011 was built? Only if you do not mind of course. Mine was built in china rev00 and it has some uniformity issues only noticeable in an all black blackground and a pitch black room, but here is the wasteland...No uniformity issues in game...
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    Klipsch 5.1 Promedia vs. Logitech Z-5500

    Hey I have some Klipsch speakers and love them....uhhm yeah nevermind. I just noticed the dates on this thread. I was about to do a search for Klipsch Promedia Ultras because I've never heard of them lol.
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    Dell U2311H

    I dont mean to sound like a dick; however, just look outside, at some grass at the park, maybe even some brightly colored flowers at your local super market. Then compare what you see with the colors on your monitor. Thats how you'll know. And more importantly, if YOU are happy with the...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Yes. I actually play bfbc2 using 1xAA. Still looks awesome;however, Im looking to buy a second 480/580 gtx. No blinking issues with any of the LEDs on my display.
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I just played bfbc2 for 5 hours straight and my U3011 is on par with my old NEC 90gx2. In other words I cannot detect any input lag or any response time related issues. It is good to go. The only "problem" I've had is realzing that I "need" another 480 gtx to max out ALL display settings...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    That is correct I am currently running an EVGA 480 GTX. My vibrance setting was set at 50% by default. This is a moot point seeing how you'll be returning the U3011, but I was going to suggest you post some pictures of your monitor but oh well. By the way you mentioned something about a...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I read through your posts and I understand your pain. I recently purchased a U3011 and thought something was odd about it too. In my case it was just WAY TOO bright out of the box and reds in particular seemed overly saturated. In an effort to fix these issues I started jacking around...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I received my U3011 on the 21st of this month. So far I have not had a chance to mess with it at all because I need to work to pay for it; however, this thing is bad ass! It is almost too big ( I said almost).
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    About to Purchase Dell U3011

    OK dell has a somewhat better offer of $200 off on the U3011 right now. May be a good time to buy one.
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    About to Purchase Dell U3011

    Outstanding! I would love to hear your impressions after you receive it, if you do not mind of course. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on this one soon!
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    About to Purchase Dell U3011

    Im about to to order a U3011 as well, but the guy at Dell said it would not arrive until Dec 6 :(. Man I hope you are right. I too have the same ghosting concerns with this monitor. Not to mention that black friday is just around the corner. Im gonna be upset (not for long) if I pay full...
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    Hello, It was going for $60 shipped, but sale is pending.

    Hello, It was going for $60 shipped, but sale is pending.
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    Any other high-end wireless mice to consider?

    I've been eyeballing the Performance MX. My G7 has also seen better days.
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    Juice on my G15 keyboard

    Give it some time to dry. About the only thing that may happen is a sugary film underneath the rubber domes that will prevent the keys from making contact. I dont thing you fried the thing, unless of course some of the fluid reached the LCD. As far as using a dishwasher that is a first for...
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    Should I upgrade my CPU on my current motherboard? E6600

    Im in the same boat man. I think Im just going to upgrade my video card. My E6600 is water cooled and been running at 3.3 for a long ass time. So no need to spend any more money on cpu's. At least for the time being. i7 not yet.
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    Anyone ever order a retail 920 and get...

    Was this issue resolved?
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    Ok, so I've tried both ATI and nVidia

    Same here my two evga 8800 gtx's were great buys; but, If I had to choose I would go with ATI for a change.
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    Bad Company 2

    In the server list, can anybody else see pings?
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    Best Soundcard for 2.1 audio

    HT Omega Halo for headphones, but Im currently using it in a 2.1 setup and its amazing. It comes with a built in headphone amp. HT Omega Claro Plus+ for anything else.
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Klipsch Pro Media and Denon AH-D2000
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    $2,000.00 New Build

    You may not be wanting to water cool this rig now, but later on you just might. With that said, a bigger case may come in handy. Just my .02 : ).
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    What is the most unreliable piece of computer hardware

    I'd say power supplies as well, cheap power supplies. I spent good money on a PC Power and Cooling Unit. No issues.
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    Project: Death SPIN (4x 5870's, SSD's, Water-Cooled, OC'ed, and Pimp Painted)

    Just looked at this workblog...Im hooked!
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    Deck Legend

    I can only comment on Cherry brown switches since I own a FILCO Majestouch which Im selling. Not illuminated but, Cherry MX browns are great for gaming and typing. Why am I selling it you may ask? Not illuminated.
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    Das Bling - Adventures in Sleeving

    Yellow, red, and black cables are ugly man. Sleeving is the way to go!
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    Banchetto 101

    I hear you brother...I have three attack cats that love to climb on stuff. Here is their leader. OP uses Dust Off; I'd have to keep him out of my media room lol.
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    New Lian-Li coming in April

    Looks expensive to me.
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    Good case for water cooling?

    TJ-07...I have the TJ-09. Did not think I was going to water cool at the time of purchase. I had to mount the PA120.3 on the back as such.
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    Banchetto 101

    My cats would love this thing. ; )