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    Absolutely still relevant for those that don't want or can't use a cloud backup and want/need the convenience of a tape-like cartridge function. Which means primarily the smaller side of the SMB realm. Otherwise, for easy and frequent physical movement of data from one location to another...
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    EqualLogic: replacing disk with off-the-shelf disks?

    Actually, the SAN is probably has a low enough Firmware installed that 3rd party drives aren't blocked. He's not advertising it with Dell support, so there's no "bad boy" scenario here. Their support the offer in the description is an in-house support.
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    This is exactly why I always advocate against calling Comcast for residential billing/hardware issues and ALWAYS walk in the door at the local office. You're almost guaranteed a native english speaker with a vested interest in getting your problem solved correctly.
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    Moving From SBS 2008 To Hosted Exchange

    ^ What k1pp3r said. Unless they have a metric ton of stuff in the public folder, It's almost just as fast to do Public Folders manually.
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    Moving From SBS 2008 To Hosted Exchange

    It's per user/mailbox. En mass, you can get it for $10ish through disti/partners. It's more than worth it. Mainly because you can do it all remotely, i.e. sitting on the couch with a beer doing the pre-load. Once the Cutover has been made, run another pass and it'll pick up and migrate any...
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    HBA or onboard SATA

    Using FreeNAS, it'll end up as a ZFS volume anyway and it doesn't care as long as it can see the Disks. So as long as they are all on SATA3 ports, it's all good. How many disks are we talking here?
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    Samsung Rapid Mode

    In short, it sounds really god, but provides no real world benefit, especially if you have less than 8GB Ram. I've seen it create low memory conditions in the past.
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    Google WiFi, Open Mesh made simple?

    One thing that you'll need to understand is that WiFi already suffers compared to wired connections as it is. Adding an extender/connecting through one, only halves that bandwidth again. i.e. it'll never be FAST. Usable? yes. Fast? no. It doesn't matter the type/brand or anything else...
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    Google WiFi, Open Mesh made simple?

    Yeah, Open Mesh is pretty easy. and there is a TON of stuff on Youtube.
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    Ubiquiti for guest network in business environment

    Yes you can, but with the P2P bridge in place, the APs would be not be utilizing the mesh aspect. Each would be an autonomous AP.
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    Ubiquiti for guest network in business environment

    Open Mesh gear can act as repeaters when connecting with other Open Mesh, rather than functioning as generic repeater. So, you'd need an initial device first as close to the outside of the building as possible and then the remote unit in the other building. And, no the HS does not come with an...
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    Ubiquiti for guest network in business environment

    You can VLAN it out or the Ubiquiti's can do a dedicated Guest network isolating all of its traffic to the internet only. Depending on the Range to the neighbor needed, you might look into Open Mesh which offers a more flexible guest SSID and has Easy Mesh functionality baked in. If you are...
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    vMotion w/Affinity Rules

    Are there enough resources on any other host to hold all associated VMs?
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    hdmi over ip solutions

    Does it need to be "Over IP" or just Cat 5e/6?
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    Samsung 850 EVO

    Macrium or the Samsung cloning software works great, just make sure to clean up your OS install before you clone. The 850 is a good choice for most casual users as well. Can't really go wrong.
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    Can the new version of Veeam effectively backup a Physical Exchange server?

    Actually just spoke with my Veeam rep about physical backups this afternoon. As I understand it, they have an unmanaged physical agent now called Veeam Endpoint Protection which as been public for a couple years now. The managed version of that is due out by December with it's management tool...
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    how to get ipfire physically connected

    You will probably have to reboot the cable modem after it is connected. Residential Cable modems will typically only provide 1 single DHCP IP address and that's to the first MAC address it sees. In this case it'll be your Asus router, so once you have the IPFire box connected, reboot your...
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    To RAID0 2x 512GB 950 Pro NVME's or not?

    ^ Well said. As an owner of many different SATA SSDs and a few different m.2 sata and NVMe drives, I'd concur with sinsisterDei's comment. The speed different does exist, but it's nowhere near the gap that exists between spinner and even a current gen SATA SSD.
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    When will price drop on Samsung 850 Pro 1TB?

    I'd imagine that it'll be right around the time that the 960 series debuts in sometime in October.
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    3x1TB RAID 5 vs 2x2TB RAID 1?

    I'm not a big fan of Raid 5 without an online spare especially with larger size drives. That being said, 2x2TB in Raid 1 will leave an additional HDD slot open for expandability. My ultimate recommendation would be for 4 x 2TB in RAID 6 or 4 x 1TB in RAID 6 if cost is that much of a factor...
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    To RAID0 2x 512GB 950 Pro NVME's or not?

    Or wait for the 960 Series. Samsung looks to be releasing the 960 EVO in an m.2 NVMe flavor as well. I'd bet that by the time those debut, the pricetag for a 1TB drive will be less than your current 2 x 950Pros. We can't search the forum right now, but there was an article in the News section...
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    What needs 802.3at PoE+ ??

    There are some Access Control devices that require POE as well. Pretty much if it is POE and either has an audio amplifier or a motor of some sort, you can bet POE+
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    What are the most reliable brand of PCIe adapter that converts m.2 to PCIe?

    Nope. I bought it based on the 96 reviews with a VERY high average rating. Works fine. It's $20, pull the trigger and be happy ;)
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    What are the most reliable brand of PCIe adapter that converts m.2 to PCIe?

    I've got an SM951 connected to this and it works great and is detected as NVMe as well.
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    EqualLogic: replacing disk with off-the-shelf disks?

    I've had a number of clients that originally purchased PS4000 and PS6000s with 250GB or 500GB drives end up swapping out all of their drives under warranty for newer 1TB units. The purchased 4TB or 8TB Raw units and ended p with 16TB after they swapped the last drives. of course you have to...
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    Domain Folder Redirection

    Almost universally, I do: My Docs, Favorites (almost useless, but some still insist on IE), and sometimes Pictures depending on the user and their function. Combine this with the express policy that nothing on the desktops (C: Drive) is protected, "If it matters or you want it backed up, keep...
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    Small office (Quick books) hardware advice

    That depends as much as on other factors besides Quickbooks, like centralized file sharing, security (Active Directory, etc). QB is easy enough to run on a server or another desktop. Just make sure that if you will be using multi-user mode, that you connect the users using the UNC path. In my...
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    Moving a Windows 2012r2 shared folder

    Agreed with Vengance. Robocopy has switches to preserve permissions, timestamps, etc.
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    Imitation Guns Banned From Games Convention Over Security Fears

    This is exactly the reason. With public events, Insurance and liability has as strong of a voice as the core idea of the event.
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    Self-Healing Fabric That Can Repair Itself

    So they coated a textile with a water-activated adhesive. How is this revolutionary?
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    VLAN & Subnetting solution

    Well... Unfortunately the switch that you have will not support any common method of what you are asking for in your OP.
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    VLAN & Subnetting solution

    That is commonly accomplished with LLDP assigning VLAN by device type or VLAN assignment via OUI (first 6 digits of the MAC). Do you already have existing switches? If so, what are they?
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    Need an advice

    Why for? I've had nothing but good luck with them.
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    Enterasys B5K125-48P2
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    how to replace failed drive on my Dell server? (scsi raid 5)

    In this scenario, Turn everything off, NOW! with 2 failed drives, you will not get any usable information from the array. If it is truly important, contact a data recovery facility for a quote of recovering data from the drives. It WILL be very expensive, but if you do not have any backups...
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    Need an advice

    850 Evo. Mainstream vendor with a solid history of performance and reliability, or Sandisk such as those mentioned above.
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    Network slowed down!

    Personally I'd sell them and look at some OpenMesh gear. I've had great luck with the MR1750 (similar specs to the AC Pro). But cloud managed and more feature rich.
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    Network slowed down!

    Ahh. There we go then. I went through 3 1st Gen AC units myself before getting one that was operational, and now it's sitting on a shelf collecting dust. So I only halfheartedly followed the updates. My apologies for the misinformation about the features. The lack of bandwidth steering was...
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    Network slowed down!

    They do, but you need to use a newer version of the software first and then upgrade the FW. You'll find that those have dismal 5Ghz range and performance though...
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    30+TB of data in NTFS, yet NAS only supports Btrfs/EXT4...

    Or copy the data to a holding location and wipe/reformat the existing drives in RAID within the Snyology. This or new drives are your only options. Synology/QNAP/NAS devices are all built on highly customized Linux kernels. JBOD with NTFS drives is barking WAY up the wrong tree.