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    HP Reverb G2

    Not any Sims. Playing Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Super Hot... you know. The normal stuff. Tranpose is pretty dope as well. HL:A will be free with the Index. That's why I haven't purchased it yet. What about you?
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    HP Reverb G2

    I dunno man. I'm rocking the Samsung Odyssey+ right now and I always feel like if I had just a little more FOV, the experience would be even better. I have an order in for the Index. Placed the order on 4/9. Still waiting. I would def be interested in saving the money if this had a wider FOV. I...
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    HP Reverb G2

    I'm very interested in this but I'd really like a wider FOV. Only ones with a wider FOV is the Pimax which has a ton of issues and the Value Index which has a huge back log right now.
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    Just started playing this game. Man it is something else. The combination of the music of the game and you watching yourself in VR is like something else I've never seen or felt before in a video game.
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    3 pack Corsair LL120 RGB w/ Lighting node pro - 31.99 (Amazon)

    I posted that on reddit. Glad some of you guys got some orders as well. Still dunno if it was an error or not because even this morning, people were getting it at that price through Prime Now. You would think Amazon would know about it at that point if it was indeed an error.
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    Team T-Force 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000 $104.99

    I have these very same sticks in my rig and they work fine. But I don't overclock or do anything crazy so, not sure how much this post will help people decide.
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    Recommendations Needed - HTPC - Micro/Mini ATX - Low Profile Case/Mobo/PSU Combo

    The sentry is going to be the smallest ITX case to date that still accepts a 2 slot GPU. It's not out yet though and it's going to cost over $200.
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    A build for Streaming Hi Definition Gaming

    The Samsung is my OS drive. I found the issue. The program I was using (Adobe Flash Media Encoder) is a huge resource hog. That's what had my cpu running at 99%. I asked around and was told that with a quad core, I should be able to stream no problem. I switched to Wirecast and its much...
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    A build for Streaming Hi Definition Gaming That is pretty much the video card I have now. Since it's 3 years old, I will say that I do not have software that is optimized for Nvidia cards.The hard drives I am reusing are relatively new. Maybe 3 or 4 months old. One is a 1TB...
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    A build for Streaming Hi Definition Gaming

    Just to give more info, I'll answer the stickied questions also. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc A little gaming, but not too much. Mainly to HOST high definition streams. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Roughly $700...
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    A build for Streaming Hi Definition Gaming

    Hey guys, I haven't seen anyone posting up about a build for a computer that will be doing Hi Definition console game streaming (or streaming at all for that matter). I've tried streaming with my current computer which is about 3 years old. If I really lower the quality of the stream, it runs...
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    4 Ubisoft Games for 9.99 One Day Only

    Beyond Good and Evil is an awesome game. Definitely treat yourself to that game if you can. I would buy it, but I already have it for ps2.
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    Today only Assasins Creed 9.99 on steam

    The game is good. It can get repetitive after a while though. You end up back tracking to the same places you already been to to kill someone. The same places, just a different targets. I'd definitely say its worth ten bucks though. You will not be wasting your money if you purchase it.
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    Potential Hot Deals to come: Circuit City to close all stores by 3/31

    Just came from my local CC. Just 10% off of everything in the store, 20% off of some accessories... Nothing worth mentioning. Probably have to wait for a few weeks before they really slash prices.
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    Laptop Recommendation??

    Sorry if this belongs in another forum, but this seemed like the closest... Ok I'll try to make this short. I'm looking for a laptop. Not doing anything fancy with it other then a little video edited. I'm a competitive gamer and it would be how I would record matches in good quality as...
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    PS3/XBox, Fallout 3, CoD world at war $40 in Target weekly ad

    You sure this deal is for Fallout 3? You go to and check the weekly ad, it has a picture of Fallout 3, but it says Fallout 2.
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    *****BLACK Friday*****

    Assassin's Creed, PC Version, $9.99 at Best Buy. Very good deal. Also Dead Space for ps3, $30 at Target.
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    Free phone upgrades at Best Buy

    Any deals on smartphones?
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    Video Capture Device for XP 64

    Are there any that work? USB or otherwise? I have a Dazzle DVC-100 that I used when I had regular XP home, but there are no drivers for the 64 bit version as Pinnacle has seem to completely ignore getting support for it. Is there anyway I can get this to work on XP 64 or what product can I buy...
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    Hard Drive being reconized as Floppy Drive

    I (as the user) did NOT set the drive to A. I installed it and it automatically went to that letter. I will try all those things before I send it back. But I don't get why it's such a stretch to think that it might be incompatible when other people are having similar issues. Just read the...
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    Hard Drive being reconized as Floppy Drive

    It shows up in my BIOS as a hard drive. In XP64 it shows as Floppy drive letter A and most importantly, the drive will not format. Since it shows as a floppy drive, I can't format it in XP64. But if I try to do it while doing a new Windows install, it goes through the motions. The drive trys to...
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    Hard Drive being reconized as Floppy Drive

    Wow..., I stumped hardocp? lol, it seems that this specific WD hard drive has compatibility issues with P35 mobos, which is what I have. RMA time.
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    Hard Drive being reconized as Floppy Drive

    I just got this hard drive and instead of it being detect as a hard drive, it's being detected as floppy drive. I've never seen this before. What could be the issue??? Thanks in advance.
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    Multiple Hard Drive Setup

    If it's that little of an increase then I'll just get a normal 100gb and maybe a 160gb for the games I'll be playing. I don't need a 500 - 750 GB drive. I'll probably still run 3 hard drives. Thanks!
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    Multiple Hard Drive Setup

    I just finished building my new computer and it runs great, but I'm thinking about running multiple hard drives for even better performance. Right now I'm running a 300gb drive as my main drive and an 80gb drive that I only run games off of. I was thinking about : A 100gb drive for my OS and...
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    modifying the antec 900

    I have an Antec 900 case and I love it. But I'd like to change all LED's from blue to red. How would I go about doing that? Should I just buy new fans? Sorry if this is a newbish question, but I never did anything like that before and since this thread was already here, I didn't see a point in...
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    Another round of cheap pc games at Target

    Absolutely nothing on sale at my local Target.
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    Circuit City 50% Off games 19.99 and under

    Hmmm..., I guess I can go back to the store tomorrow and make a big fuss about it and demand they get the correct price. Is it really that serious though?
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    Circuit City 50% Off games 19.99 and under

    I truly hit the jackpot... Alien Shooter Vengence - $2.19 Battlefield 1942 : The Complete Collection - $3.50 Company of Heroes : Opposing Forces - $10.00 Darwinia - $1.29 Diablo 2 : LOD - $10.00 Fable - $8.00 Ghost Recon : AW 2 - $10.00 Overlord - $8.50 Shadow Grounds - 3.58 Splinter...
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    Circuit City 50% Off games 19.99 and under

    I'd just like to repeat what I said before..., I GOT FABLE, FOR $8. That is highway robbery for a game like that. If you're lucky enough to find it, pick it up! I see everyone talking about CoH:OF, so I might have to get that. They have at least another 3 copies at my store. I have the original...
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    Circuit City 50% Off games 19.99 and under

    I just came back from my local CC. They had a TON of games left. Like no one knows about the sale. I got Splinter Cell : Double Agent for $2.62 and Fable for $8.
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    Warm? Antec 90; $70 after MIR

    I have this case. I have all the fans on low speed setting and it's not loud at all.
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    Vista Home Premium $99 Free Shipping

    I was at CompUSA the other day and they have this for $80. Same $99 price, but 20% off.
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    Quake Wars for $19.95 at Best Buy

    Is this deal in stores too? Shopping at and going to a Best Buy store is like shopping in two different galaxies.
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    Bioshock PC 24.99 YMMV

    Relax dude. No one is getting "snarky". I was just trying to inform people. 90% of websites have Bioshock best game of 2007 and the other 10% have it in the top 3 behind Call of Duty 4 and Crysis. No ones trying to show how big their "e-shlong" is. Majority usually rules. If you don't think it's...
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    Bioshock PC 24.99 YMMV

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    Dual Monitors, different resolutions

    I have an XFX 8800GT. I'm trying to run dual monitors both running at different resolutions without using physical panning. Is that possible? I'm running a monitor that I want to use at 1440 x 900 and the other monitor is actually an HDTV that I can only run at 1024 x 768 max (maybe because I'm...
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    Bioshock PC 24.99 YMMV

    Just came from Target over here in Orange, CT. It's $24.99. When you get there, there is no mention of it. The display says the regular $49.99 price. But when you scan it, it comes up at $24.99. So if you go there and you see it says $49.99, don't be discouraged! Scan it. It'll probably ring up...
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    Bioshock PC 24.99 YMMV

    Game of the year worth $10? Ok...