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    How do I unlock my case?

    I need to dust the inside of my computer and the case lock magically locked itself last time I opened the panel. Now I'm unable to open the case as I don't have the keys.. How do I get in? :( EDIT: Problem solved. Key found.
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    MacBook external hard-drive won't mount

    I built a 320Gb external hard-drive this afternoon by putting a SATA Seagate drive in an i-rocks external cradle. Both had really good reviews on Newegg. When I plug it into my MacBook, I get a series of problems. Either: 1) The drive will function normally for a few minutes and then stop...
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    Cold Heat Soldering Tool

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    Fastest CD-RW rewrite speed?

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    Any diagnostics on a non-boot MSI K9N Neo-F?

    I build a system yesterday for my little brother's birthday. It consisted of the following brand-new parts. It is important to note that the last chipset I worked with was an NForce 2 (two years ago almost to the day), so I'm a little out of the loop here. Socket AM2 AMD X2 4200+ (with a...
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    Fastest CD-RW rewrite speed?

    I burn a recurring internet program (RvB, for the curious) for a friend who only has dial-up. However, it takes me forever to burn the damn things because the rewrite speed is only 4x. My CD-burner (Sony something) is 52x24x52. I just looked on newegg, and I can only find 4x for 700Mb CDRWs...
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    Wireless headphones: any good?

    I was talking to my brother, and he says he wants wireless headphones. I think they'll mainly be connected to the laptop in his dorm room, and he can just walk around without worrying about cables. Anyone have any experience with them? What about interference? I've always heard that wireless...
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    $200 Upgrades?

    My brother wants his computer upgrading for Christmas. However, I don't know where to put the money (<$200) for the most effective upgrades. You guys have any clue? Here's the specs: CPU - AMD AXP 2100+ @ stock (I don't really want to overclock) Mobo - Shuttle MN31N (nForce 2) RAM - Mushkin...
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    Color Enhancement

    I'm usually a purist when it comes to taking shots, but I've noticed that they my pictures aren't as vibrant as I'd like them to be. I think the more vibrant the colors are, the more eye-catching (the exception here is black and white photography, which has it's own value). Here's a picture I...
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    Let's all go to the zoo

    My dad and little brother decided to take a trip down to the zoo, so I let them borrow my camera. They took better shots than me! I'll blame the light. :D Powershot A95, probably auto mode. Seal! Tiger! Giraffe! (oh my) Goat! Lorikeets! I really like these...
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    Any way to make a CD Drive act like a floppy drive?

    I need a floppy drive to install some SATA drivers during Windows XP setup (third party drivers, when you hit F6 during the setup booting). However, I don't have a working floppy drive (this floppy drive is at least 4 or 5 years old; another computer isn't recognizing my floppy drive in Windows...
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    XP not detecting new SATA HDD

    I just got a refurbished Samsung SpinPoint 160Gb hard-drive from Newegg. The drive is shown with the correct amount of space during boot-up and the device properties for the SATA controller shows the drive correctly (see image below). However, Windows isn't letting me use the drive. The My...
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    ExamPrep software error message, Windows at fault

    When I try to run student.exe, the examprep software, I get an error that says the following: 16 bit Windows Subsystem "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."...
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    Price Difference between A85 and A95 worth it? (Special Case in thread)

    I have a $100 GC to OfficeMax. It was what I got out of returning my old camera after it randomly stopped working (it was a $99 cheapie about the same time of year in 2002, imagine what it's like now). OfficeMax, out of the entire A series, only stocks the A75 for $199.98 and the A85 for...
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    ALT Codes for underused symbols

    I know a few ALT codes, but I wanted to post an infinity sign today, and the character map said that the code was "U+221E." How would I go about typing that? Whenever I get to typing the E, it will hop to whatever is assigned "e" as a hotkey. Anyone have any advice?
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    USB Thumbdrives > Floppies

    I rarely post new threads, but something piqued my attention when I was replying to another thread in this forum, so here goes nothing. People don't like to burn a single document onto a 80-minute CD-R. It's a huge waste of space, and CD-Rs, while plentiful, are still too expensive to just...
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    Anyone have an alternative to WeatherBug?

    Desktop Weather, from the Weather Channel. It looks nice, even if it is ad-supported. No spyware as well. My only gripe is if it's like WeatherBug. I. Hate. WeatherBug. :D This said, anyone know any alternatives to WeatherBug? Great idea, just terrible implentation. I don't know why I...
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    Java under FireFox, fails miserably

    My father has been trying the telecommute thing for when he's on call. It uses a java client [IBM Host On-Demand 7.0 (Thin)], that connects to the mainframe. However, he's been having some issues with it under FireFox that he's asked me to attempt to solve. I'm stumped. Here's the issue: When...
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    FireFox and the history

    I don't like the history. I never have, never will. I'm sure a large percentage of the people here probably agree. However, since I switched from 0.8 to 0.9.X, the history has been rearing its ugly head again. :) On the options, I have history set on "0," and "do not save any form...
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    Who wants to support the [H]?

    After seeing a thread in the Forum Help & Feedback forum, I realized that the [H] needs some buttons (88x31 pixels), so the websites that link here have something uniquely-[H] to put in, rather than just [H]ard|OCP. This has Kyle's approval. He has also agreed to provide some sort of...
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    Read vs. Un-read threads in CP

    First, I'm running Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2. Occasionally, the CP will "forget" which threads I've read, so they will still show up in bold (for example, I have a thread in my CP right now, marked as unread, that I'm the latest poster in). It's annoying, as I have to go through and open every...
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    Forum Order

    There's been so much arguing about the order of the forums, so I think it's best to settle it once and for all. Let's just have a vote, and then see what the administrators think, and end this. Post your opinions here as well as voting. I previously wanted General Hardware at the top, but I...
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    Static with SoundStorm + Antec Lansing 2.1

    I recently bought a new motherboard, the Shuttle MN31N, and am using the onboard sound with powered 2.1 speakers, the Altec-Lansing ATP3s. The system is mostly used for gaming. The problem is the sound quality is absolutely awful. It is filled with static, and is difficult to understand. The...
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    128Mb isn't enough, I need to upgrade

    First, the specs: AXP 2200+ @ Stock (will always run at stock) Shuttle MN31N (dual-channel support with the NFII) 128Mb Generic DDR-2100 5400RPM Maxtor 40Gb ATi Radeon 9000Pro 128Mb Windows XP Professional On-board sound, wireless networking through USB device. I know that 128Mb is...
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    1 post every 33 seconds glitch

    This has already happened twice, so I don't think it's an isolated issue. Occasionally, when I try to post, I get the "the administrator has specified that you may only post once every 33 seconds" error. Then, I wait 34 seconds (just to be sure :D), and it then says "this post is a duplicate...
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    Keylogger detector?

    There was a program I think I found here a few months ago, but I lost it when I reformatted. What it does it is like adaware or S&D, but for keyloggers. I tried a Google search to no avail. It was either freeware, or a trial, if that helps. Anyone know where I can find it? :confused:
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    Computer Audio

    Why isn't the name of the forum just "Audio" versus Computer Audio so it encompasses everything from surround sound gaming, to portable listening, and even to sound cards? Let's say I have a question about "burning in" headphones for my stereo. Would I place the thread in G[H], or Computer...
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    MSI Hates me, I need a new Socket A mobo

    My MSI board kicked my ass, as did both of the replacements. I'm honestly thinking about running it over with a car, that's how much pain and suffering it has caused me. KT4 Ultra, I bid you.. adieu. I'll spare you the details. What I need is a Socket A motherboard to accomodate the following...
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    General Hardware in the middle of the page?

    General Hardware should be the forum that gets the most traffic. It appeals to the widest audience. However, traffic is surprisingly low. The videocard forum (which is at the top of the screen), for example, currently has 42 people viewing (at 2:44AM EST). G[H] has 6 people viewing. I know this...
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    Disabling CPU Internal Cache - Bad idea?

    I'm having stability issues, and this MSI guide here suggests I disable the internal cache. My forte really lies with graphics cards, so I don't really know what that woulld mean. I know the process for disabling it with my motherboard and BIOS, but what effect would that have?
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    Computer refuses to POST

    The specs: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with the retail HS Arctic Silver Ceramique (yes, applied in a thin layer :p) MSI KT4 Ultra Corsair ValueRam PC2700 512Mb ATi Radeon 9000 Pro Turbolink 420W PSU Maxtor 36Gb HDD CD CD-RW On-board sound, on-board networking First, I was using a generic...
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    Free shipping (on orders >$35) at ThinkGeek

    Found this while looking around: Looking to top off your caffeine stash? Don't want to pay oodles in shipping? Now's your chance. :D Link to a case of Bawls for $27.99. Add another $8 in items, and it qualifies for free shipping. Deal ends 4/30.
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    Cold Heat Soldering Tool

    I saw this in the course of my regular travels: It looks really nice. It runs on AA, and goes from "holy-crap-that-is-really-hot" to touch-safe in less than 5 seconds. All for $20, as well. Anyone tried this thing out?
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    Download manager in Firefox

    How do I turn off the download manager in Firefox? I hate to say it, but Firefox can be really unstable (random crashing for opening up a website), and when it crashes I lose my downloads. This isn't all that big of a problem, unless I'm download some 450Mb game demo off a download queue (like...
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    Embedded RealPlayer links - how do I get around them?

    I use RP-Alternative, but it doesn't pick up embedded links. Is there any way I could play them without getting RP10? Or, anyone know where I can get another, less-intrusive version of RealPlayer?
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    X-Hour is right now! (9PM EST) VERY time sensitive. At 10PM, this will be gone. ZALMAN SALE CNPS7000A-CU CPU Cooler - $28.50 ZM80C-HP VGA Cooler - $18.00 5.1 Surround Headphones - $38.00 Get 'em while its hot! edit: dead. Mods can close this if they want.
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    Right Speaker on Altec-Lansing ATP3

    Lately, my right speaker will cut out,and usually turns to static. It's only fixed by jiggling the wire, and thats a mediocre solution at best. Has anyone else ever heard of this problem? Altec-Lansing suggests RMA'ing it, but its expensive to ship. The plug for the right channel looks like a...
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    Huge refurb update at newegg!

    Click that link up top. Crazy amounts of stuff.. I think every category may have been updated. (except for the barebones).
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    Error with video and audio

    This has appeared a few times at random occasions, all of them today. It appears to be impossible to recreate. What happens is it freezes up, and the screen does what is shown above, and the speakers make a sound like a jackhammer. AMD 2400+ @ stock MSI KT4 Ultra Sapphire R9000P 64Mb @...
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    I'm thinking my R9600 Pro is just being lazy

    I hate threads like this too, but this has totally confused me. Yes, I know of the vast conspiracy against ATi by Futuremark, but I'd like the conspiracy theorists to sit this one out. The system specs: AMD Athlon XP 2200+ EPoX 8K9A2+ BBA Radeon 9600 Pro 128Mb 512Mb PC2700 Corsair...